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Reviews: The Spirit #5, The Brave & The Bold #3, Hellblazer #231, & Shadowpact #12

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:34 pm

Yes, they’re late. Yes, I drank the last of the soda and didn’t put anymore in the fridge. Yes, I slept with your girlfriend!!…..Title: The Spirit #5Writer: Darwyn CookeArtist: Darwyn CookePublisher: DCA bird-lovin’ Tim Burton look-alike is selling beans to kids with manga and the Spirit. Confused? Puzzled? Good. Let’s continue…That’s the jist of the [...]
ImageYes, they’re late. Yes, I drank the last of the soda and didn’t put anymore in the fridge. Yes, I slept with your girlfriend!!…..

Title: The Spirit #5
Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Publisher: DC

A bird-lovin’ Tim Burton look-alike is selling beans to kids with manga and the Spirit. Confused? Puzzled? Good. Let’s continue…

That’s the jist of the story as the Spirit finds out that his image is being used to sell canned beans in this story that I wish I came up with. What the Spirit finds out is that the only thing the businessman, Mr. Carrion, loves more than making money is his pet vulture, Julia, which freaks the Spirit out. One of Carrion’s workers however sells him out to The Cossack, a local third person-speaking mob boss, who then tries to intimidate Carrion into giving him control of the company until Julia, the Spirit, and the Spirit’s partner, Ebony White, rush in and save the day.

Cooke, once again, creates a knockout story in this series. My only problem however is that I enjoyed the versions of Cossack and Carrion more in the Batman/ The Spirit one-shot however it’s only a small problem. Do yourself a favor and check this book out if you’re not already.

Image Title: John Constantine: Hellblazer #231
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Leonardo Manco
Publisher: Vertigo/ DC

A local goon has John Constantine handcuffed to a post of a dock waiting for the tide to come in and drown Constantine however Constantine has different plans.

At the end of the last issue, John successfully brought back all of the people the goon has killed in a similar pattern to scare him into letting him go until the guy blows his brains out. So now John’s stuck with dead people waiting for him to join them. He manages to lsave himself but the zombies threaten to harm the goon’s boss’s daughter, who is one of the zombies, as revenge. Since the guy promised John whatever he wants, he decides to save her.

He makes a spell so daughter can go to the afterlife straight to…… hell with her cursing him all the way down. Afterwards, the dead goon comes back to life (or unlife or whaever zombies are) and gets his due as Constantine promises to get what he deserves too.

While Diggle’s first issue was good, this was even better. He has a great understanding of John Constantine as it’s downright cold to knowingly send your boss’s daughter to hell. And Manco’s art is perfect for the series.

Image Title: The Brave & The Bold #3
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: George Perez
Publisher: DC

The last issue ends….. I have no clue… Anyways, this issue begins with the current Blue Beetle and Batman in the snow in El Paso, Texas because it always snows there (like I said, I forget what happened in the last issue but I’m sure it explained it). The Double B’s (or is it triple B’s?) go into the city where Batman is batmaning (v. when one does tough guy act to scare criminals and teenage accomplices) a criminal when Blue Beetle figures out who probably has it.

While that’s happening, Supergirl, after being marooned by Green Lantern, is trying to find a ride off of Ventura so She-Supes saves Lobo’s butt from being killed for parking his bike on the governor (I need to try that out) and recruits him. Batman and the Blue Beetle are then shown at La Dama’s house as the guy they’re after is in there trying to sell his weapon to her. The Lord of Time and the Fatal Five crash the party and demand the weapon and then a battle ensues with it ending with Batman and Tharok merging together. Somehow.

While I don’t know what happened last issue, I do know this was a really good issue and a great series. Waid does a great job of creating an interest story with some laughs and Perez does a great job of visually telling the story. Damn good stuff if you ask me.

Image Title: Shadowpact #12
Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Tom Derenick
Publisher: DC

This issue tells the story of Nightmaster, Shadowpact’s leader, after getting stabbed with his own sword. Turns out Nightmaster use to be Jim Rook, 60’s rock band frontman, instead of Jim Rook, Nightmaster. One day, him and his girlfriend stumble upon a store that magically transports them to another world where he becomes Nightmaster. Later, his giflfriend breaks up with him and he turns the store into a bookstore. He works there for over 30 years until he discovers a door that leads to a bar (since when are Big Barda and Mr. Miracle considered magic-users?). He becomes the bartender for the owner, Whomer Boz, until Boz’s death and the creation of the Shadowpact (go read the trades, you lazy bums). Jim finally dies and his spirit moves on until the spirit of his sword, who’s his father, tells him to go back into his knnnnnnnigget butt.

Willingham’s good. Derenick’s good. And Detective Chimp shows up for a bit. Screw all of you who want a longer review, I’m tired.

[url=, The Brave & The Bold #3, Hellblazer #231, & Shadowpact #12]To discuss[/url].

Posted originally: 2007-04-25 19:34:26

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