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Toy Shed: G.I. Joe Wave 8

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:12 am

No Zechs isn't a Real American Hero, but he does review some of the latest batch of G.I Joe 25th Anniversary figures. Other than that, he really belongs to Cobra, the ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.


Yet again, we return to the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary series, but instead of vehicles, I turn my attention to the figures. To be specific Flint (Tiger Force), Roadblock (cartoon version), and Major Bludd. Pretty much like all 25th anniversary figures they come with a profile card, which you can cut from the back and a stand. The figures in this wave are mostly repaints (save for Bludd and Snake-Eyes in Arctic Gear). So the question you're probably asking, should I go out and get a set that's mostly full of repainted figures? Well it all depends if you: A, Have any of the original. B, Are a fan of the character. Or C, Are just obsessed with them and have to get everyone of them.

That said, I'll start with the repainted figure first, Flint in his Tiger Force incarnation. A call back to the early 90s, when Hasbro released two sets. All of them were just repaints as well (both figures and vehicles). The first was the Python Patrol, the Cobra side of things. About the only thing I can recall from those where the Crimson Guard, Tele-Vipers, Cobra Officers, and a Joe plane (I forgot what it was called) but was now a Cobra vehicle. On the Joe side you had Tiger Force, which where led by Flint and had repainted Joe figures.

The current 25th Anniversary version captures this era but surprisingly is only ninety-percent a repainted Imagefigure. From the head, body, and legs are all like the original with slight recoloring done to show he's part of Tiger Force now. So then, what was changed from the original figure to this? His arms. The original 25th Anniversary Flint had no gloves and the hand molds where different (Flint's hands articulated a few inches away from the wrist while TF Flint articulates at the wrist).

He gets the same weapons as with the original release (shotgun and handgun), and gets to pocket the latter firearm in a holster. The newly added articulation to the figure really is nice, as you can position both weapons on Flint's left hand as if he's actually pulling the trigger. All of which, adds to the awesomeness that is this particular Flint figure. He truly is a must buy for those who missed out on the first Flint (because he's every bit superior to the original).

Next we come to the second released figure of the cartoon accurate set (the first was Cobra Commander and in future releases there will be toon accurate Serpentor, Snake-Eyes, B.A.T., and Major Bludd), ImageRoadblock. The toon version of Roadblock at first looks like a new mold, but really its just the same one now with added vest on his chest. He does come with a new weapon instead of his old one (a smaller machine gun which can be attached to a stand so it can be used for ground machine gunner) so that does that still make him an awesome figure? Well it depends. If you have the Roadblock figure from the first 25th Anniversary five pack or the single re-release of the figure, I say pass on this. However, if you don't have that figure then buy this one. The figure has about the same articulation as the original and is a pretty decent mold. The only surprising thing when I got the figure was a lack in helmet (which clearly was on the promotional photo for this figure). So what happened? Good question, but given that I did not have the original I'm pretty happy with this figure. So really, a lukewarm must buy if only for the reasons I stated earlier.

Finally, there is Major Bludd who’s about the only really new mold of the set I found (even if he does share Zartan's body armor mold). And quite honestly, he's VERY disappointing. From head to toe he's an awesome mold, but the really lacking feature on him is his left arm which you has no articulation whatsoever. His right arm doesn't have this problem. So why Hasbro did this is beyond me. Even more disconcerting, is the fact that his right hand can be removed quite easily (thus making him the second figure I've bought Joe wise with removable limbs, the first one being Serpentor). As if articulation couldn't be any worse, he can't even sit properly, unlike other Joe figures. It really make's me mad given how long a wait Cobra fans had to for this Imagefigure and we get this really shoddy figure.

And then there are his weapons, carrying over from his original are removable and attachable missiles from his back pack to his rocket gun. Now honestly, while this does seem cool at first, the darn pack, which the missiles are stored on, are a pain in the neck. Numerous times, I put the missiles back on the pack and the moment I picked the figure up or a simple motion the missiles fell off. As if things can't be any worse, add the fact they’re small and the fear of losing small missiles become apparent. So alas as pictured here, I simply just put the missiles in a small ziplock bag and gave the Major a BETTER weapon.

About the only real feature I enjoyed on this figure would be the dog tags on his neck. I would pass on the figure. The only way you may want this figure is to keep it in the packaging because loose this figure is just plain horrible and I wait till maybe the toon version of Bludd is released. Maybe Hasbro will correct him like they did to TF Flint. So AVOID BUYING THIS FIGURE AT ALL COSTS!

Of course, the urge to stop buying these figures is too strong and the only way I'm stopping is when Hasbro ends the line next year (just in time for the Joe movie). Still, it horrifies me a little if Hasbro gets a little lax on the villains that are in future lines (Scrap-Iron and Nemesis Enforcer I'm looking at you). But then again I really hope they modify certain molds to even greater perfection like they did Flint. So in the end:

Flint (Tiger Force): BUY IT

Roadblock (Cartoon version): Buyable, but only for the hardcore fan or one who didn't get the previous figure.

Major Bludd: SKIP IT!!

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