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New! Op/Ed Sections on the Outhouse

Postby LOLtron » Mon Jul 07, 2008 12:05 pm

Hi Everyone. I’m Keb. I’m kind of cool. I’m also the editor of the new op/ed section here at the Outhouse. It’s new and shiny. I just wanted to give you a heads-up of what’s going on with it.Right now, there are four writers (including myself), three of them will be appearing monthly, [...]
and I will be appearing weekly, with new opinion-esque columns about comics and stuff. Every Monday we’ll be hitting you with rotten vegetables and moldy cheese, and maybe a new fresh article or two.

Today, I’m kicking off the new and improved and signifcantly shorter Peeing in Your Shower (I changed a word), which now attempts to look at comics as something literary, and my aim, personally, is to give readers a different understanding of how comics can be read. Mostly, people read for entertainment, but I’m looking beyond the entertainment values and into comics as a form of literary expression. It all sounds very pretentious but I hope it comes off as fun. And it all happens every week!

Every second Monday of the month, everyone’s favourite poster (or at least one of mine) Starlord, will be giving you six hundred or so words on comics from the satirical perspective of a gay man. If you know Starlord, and I think we all do, his category should be bookmarked and read often.

On the third Monday of each month, newcomer Forbush Man will be giving us the perspective of a comic-reading teenager who finds comics and teens as a kind of dying trend. Forbie’s work will attempt to identify and isolate the missing links between teens and comics and try to make sense of these missing links. These will be the kinds of columns you share with your loved ones.

Finally, on the 4th week of every month, Lucretius will be looking at the non-comic fanboy experience, including movies, video games, message boards, the internet, the comic shop and the conventions and how they all affect how we read the comics we read. I would call it an exciting and introspective column that you should at least check out.

Also, beginning next month, Victor C, the board’s very own Toolverine, will deliver The College Perspective (pending title) on a monthly basis. Vic hasn’t made any promises, but I know his stuff is good. He’s written for the site before and besides, I know you all vote Toolverine.

You will all enjoy these columns and maybe even get something out of them. Do you know why? Because I said so! Remember, we’re writing these for you guys, not for mass public consumption, so show us some support!


Posted originally: 2008-07-07 17:05:51


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