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Your Top Modern Characters part 90

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:46 am

Three characters that all received first place votes.



66. Kasper Cole (47 points - 1 first place slot)

Year first appeared: 2002

"My favorite character, his look was cool, he was one of the most realistic characters in the Marvel Universe (imo). I'd have loved this to have been Ultimate Black Panther."

Kevin "Kasper" Cole was the son of NYPD hero cop Black Jack Cole and Ruth Cole, a New York Jew. As a teenager, he saw his father supposedly framed for drug offenses. Kasper once believed this was because Black Jack had refused to go along with corrupt superiors. But it turns out that Black Jack had secretly been Kibuka, the mythical leader of the 66 Bridges gang. Kasper became a narcotics cop in the 74th Precinct's Organized Crime Control Bureau, supporting both his mother and his girlfriend Gwen; he still pined for his high school sweetheart Grace, but stayed with Gwen when she became pregnant with his child

Heisting a damaged Black Panther costume from his partner and Black Panther ally police Sergeant Michael Tork, Cole assumes the mantle of the missing and presumably dead Black Panther after being framed by his superior officer. Mistakenly identified as the "Panther-masked vigilante", a title the police had ascribed to Kasper due to his recent actions, Tork was seemingly murdered. But Tork's death turned out to be a ruse orchestrated by the DEA and facilitated by T'Challa. Seeking to control his own destiny, Kasper offered to find Sal's kidnapped son in return for assistance in tracking down Kibuk

Advised by the Falcon that he needed to be more than just a man in a cat suit to achieve his goals, Kasper sought permission to eat the heart-shaped herb and gain enhanced powers like T'Challa by undertaking the Rite of Ascension. The villainous Erik Killmonger, offered him another option, a synthetic version of the heart-shaped herb and help finding Sal's son, in return for Kasper dropping the Black Panther identity, becoming a White Tiger of the Panther Cult, and doing a favor for Killmonger in the future. Kasper accepted, but then tracked down the boy using his newly enhanced senses and help from Queen Divine Justice and Everett Ross, thus lessening his debt to Killmonger. Afterwards, Kasper took on the identity of the White Tiger (no relation to the kung-fu chick with the same name). He continues to chase promotion, allied with The Crew against the 66 Bridges and Triage.

In becoming the White Tiger, Kasper’s physiology was enhanced due to a special variant of a mystical heart-shaped herb. Kasper's agility, speed, and reflexes have been enhanced, and his senses have been sharpened to a superhuman level. Unfortunately, Kasper has yet to learn to cope with the overwhelming sensations his enhanced senses give him, which often leads him into fits of vomiting or crippling over-stimulation.


65. Ultimate Captain America (47 points - 1 first place slot)

Year first appeared: 2002

In the Ultimate universe, Captain America's origin was much the same-he became a hero due to the Super-Soldier serum and fought in World War II. His sidekick Bucky photographs him and writes articles about him but isn't a costumed fighter. Eventually, a prototype hydrogen bomb that he was disarming explodes and throws him into the Atlantic Ocean, putting him in suspended animation. He is discovered fifty years later by Tony Stark, and becomes a hero. He is a little different-he is more conservative and a little more violent than the 616 version, using sidearms and explosives. He is still an amazing physical fighter and has a pure adamantium shield. Cap is selected to join the Ultimates, the Ultimate version of the Avengers, and he becomes team leader. He dates Wasp. Later, it appears he has betrayed the team, so S.H.I.E.L.D. catches him and incarcerates him before learning Black Widow did it. She leads the Liberators to destroy America. Cap joins the resistance and kills the Liberator's leader.

Later Nick Fury would ask Cap to train the supposed mutant the Black Panther, he dose so but later finds out that Fury lied to him and that Fury is not letting the Panther go home, so with the help of Tony Stark, Steve makes himself a Black Panther and joins The Ultimates as the Panther and allows T'Challa to go home, but later in the Savage Lands while battling the Juggernaut the rest of the team finds out that the Black Panther they know has been Cap the whole time. When the ULTIMATUM Wave hits New York City Cap is saved by Iron Man but collapses and is taking to the Triskelion and put on life support, Cap later joins Thor in Valhalla helping him fight Hela the goddess of death for Valkyrie’s soul.


64. Buffy (47 points - 2 first place slot)

Year first appeared: 2002

Never read the comic, not a big fan of the show. I know, I know, I am in the minority here. So for this I just thought a write up on the new Season 8 stuff? Sound good? Good, cuz that’s what you are gonna get.

Buffy and Xander now lead command-central, which is situated at a citadel in Scotland. At their disposal are a wide array of psychics, seers, witches, and Slayers, along with a vast amount of technology. There are 1,800 Slayers worldwide according to Buffy, almost 500 of who are working with the Scoobies, separated into 10 squads. Squads include Andrew's in Southern Italy, Giles' in England, Vi's in New York, Robin's in Cleveland, Ohio and another led by Rona in another U.S. state. For Buffy's protection and because her name is feared worldwide, two decoys are put in place: one partying in Rome and one on a mission in demonic underground caverns.

In the wake of Sunnydale's destruction, elements within the U.S. government view them as an army akin to terrorist cells and characterize Buffy as a "charismatic, uncompromising and completely destructive" leader. General Voll, a member of a mystically aware Initiative-like government project, describes fear of their resources, power, and ideology. The government has teamed with Sunnydale survivor/powerful witch Amy Madison and Season 6 villain Warren Mears. Simultaneously, an evil British socialite Slayer called Lady Genevieve Savidge plots to usurp Buffy's place in the Slayer hierarchy, and a shrewd cabal of Japanese vampires scheme to reverse the global activation of Potential Slayers in "Chosen". The appearances of these villains so far appear connected to "Twilight", the enigmatic Big Bad of the season, a masked person who plans to destroy all of the Slayers and bring an end to the era of magic.

A subplot involves the repercussions of Dawn's college relationship with a boy named Kenny, whom she cheated on, losing her virginity to his roommate. Consequently, Dawn has been cursed with mystical transformations: first into a giant and later a centaur; her friends are unable to reverse them. Among the core group, Buffy is for a time romantically drawn to a female Slayer named Satsu, and Xander to Slayer Renée; Willow's relationship with the core group is more estranged, while she protectively withholds Kennedy from her friends. Giles and Buffy, at odds, have momentarily fallen from speaking terms with one another. Giles now works with Faith, in trying to prevent more Slayers from going rogue.


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