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10/08/08 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials...le Spoils!!

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:52 am

OK, so work sucked this week, and these are, again, regrettably a day late. But STILL packed with tasty culinary resplendence and reviewy goodness! Image
WONDER WOMAN #25 -- well, I thought WW's battle with the Queen of Fables wrapped up a mite too quickly, and the scene at the end with the mom who hated her in the previous issue bordered on over-saccharine cheesiness, but I still enjoyed this issue; Gail packed in her trademark humor (Wondy watching and commenting on the movie scenes the QoF played out before her was pretty great), some quick action, and the usual great characterization, and I for one am glad she's going ahead and tackling the issue of WW-as-mom; decent art by Chang in a fill-in role, and a nice start to the meal; liked it.


DETECTIVE #849 -- I hate Hush; HATE him; his original story was merely pretty fanwank, and his second storyline was an ugly abortion; but I'll be damned if this storyline hasn't gotten better with each issImageue; Bats enters Arkham and "interrogates" Scarecrow in Joker's cell (scene of the arc right here), attacks Hush at his hospital hideout, gets played for a sap, sees that Hush has given himself Bruce's face (now I'll admit, this was dumb in Face-Off, it'd dumb now, but I still liked it here), and ends up on Hush's operating table immobile but conscious approaching death by heart removal; crisp and refreshing, really enjoyed it.


ACTION COMICS #870 -- OK, I freely admit I was predisposed to being critical of this book b/c I don't like the fact they're killing {Pa, but even despite that, this was just a BAD comic; Brainiac Imagethreatens Lois, Supes Hulks out, sends Kara to stop the missile heading to the sun, throws Brainiac to Earth where he basically shits his pants over germs and Supes kicks his head, Kara saves sun, Brainiac sends new missile to Kent farm, Pa saves Ma, has heart attack, Supes plants Kandor at the Fortress of Solitude, hears ma scream, Pa's dead, the end; this book took me about 3 minutes to read, the scene shifts were jarring, Brainiac turned from badass into a complete stooge in about 1 panel, and the death at the end was completely pointless, ridiculously foreshadowed for about the last year and a half, and wasn't even that well-written; I know a lot of fan have eaten this crap up, but IMO giving Action to Johns and Donner was a HORRIBLE mistake; I'm done with this book; HATED it.


TRINITY #19 -- the perfect palate-cleanser after the disappointment that was Action; the lead this month is all Tarot and Gangbuster and a certain member of Her Majesty's Secret Service who you can call Freddie, and the backup is just a random pregnant woman who for some reason "remembers" there was a Wonder Woman; not really much forward plot movement here, still more set-up/insight into the new status quo minus the Trinity, but Busiek, Nicieza, Bags, Norton & crew still make it damn enjoyable to read; loved it.


1st entree:
ImageFC REVELATIONS #3 -- Rucka's getting a little heavy into the whole exploration of faith and divinity, etc etc, and Tan's art is definitely starting to slip from earlier issue, but this remains one damn good read; while I'm getting a bit tired of the whole "God's not letting me use my powers" excuse, you gotta power Spectre down somewhat I guess, or else these stories are pointless, but here Spec, the Radiant, and Question find shelter in a Gotham church, while Cain (Vandal Savage) and his followers and the people possessed by Anti-Life (including Batwoman) march on Gotham to find and exact vengeance on the Spectre; next issue should be a slobber-knocker; I have my problems with some of the characters in this story, and the art is not my usual cuppa, but I continue to like it.


2nd Entree: Image
GREEN LANTERN #35 -- well, this "Secret Origin" arc took 7 long issues, roughly 2 of which had any real action to speak of in them at all, and felt to me like wasted time when I would rather the franchise had moved quicker to the Red Lanterns stuff, but by the end I did enjoy it; Hal & Sinestro's "chat" with the Guardians was great here, the art was gorgeous as always, and the strategy/manipulation of 5 inversions is masterful...not only did they cause Abin Sur's death, but their threats of chaos on Korugar obviously lead to Sinestro further tightening his control and thus leading to his downfall...those guys on Ysmault are sharp and EVIL; looking much more forward to the Rise of the Red Lanterns, but this was good on its own; loved it.


GL CORPS #29 -- ah,'s everywhere around us; we get the Zamorans sending out beacons tImageo Oa, a newly wed couple torn apart by a pissed-off (and hungry) Mongul, we have a pregnant GL and her partner in the search for Kryb, Guy and Tora have a date and a relationship talk (that does NOT go well  ), Kyle steals a glance at Natu, Arisia's still hanging out with Sodam Yat, and our just-widowed newlywed becomes a new Star Sapphire; oh yeah, and Saanek is hunting the Anti-Monitor; the usual good art from Gleason, the usual good character bits from Tomasi, and this book, as usual, is great fun; loved it.


The Cherry on Top:
SECRET SIX #2 -- book of the week for the Blue Plates; Catman faces off with Batman above the stImagereets of Gotham for a discussion and some fisticuffs, while Scandal leads the rest of the team into Alcatraz to break out Tarantula (that bitch needs to die), and the mysterious Junior puts out a bounty on Tarantula and the Six that attracts a whole bunch of meta-killers (female Crazy-Quilt...YAY!); I don't remember Mammoth ever being as dumb as he's portrayed here (although he's certainly never been a rocket scientist either), but I'll let it slide b/c the rest of this book was great; the usual solid Six action, the usual dark and light humor (Bats eats Mexican...that's gotta be tough on patrol  ), and the usual fun all around; LOVED it.

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