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Toy Shed: Cobra Commander/Tripwire Two Pack

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:02 am

Yes, yet again Zechs is looking at more G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary figures. This time it's the Cobra Commander and Tripwire two pack (the fourth two pack he's bought of the 25th Anniversary series). He promises it'll be the last G.I. Joe review until he gets the Rise Serpertor set. Or a B.A.T. Or a Firebat. Or Wraith. Or Flint in Cobra Officer uniform. Ok Zechs' cannot make guarantees other than next week will be Joe free. Ok, for a while now I've been waiting for the wave of these latest two packs, but above all else this one in particular. Why? Cause the hooded Cobra Commander in this set looked far superior to the one we got originally. I really wasn't a fact of the ball joints and his head mold was just way off compared to the accuracy the other 25th Anniversary figures had. Plus like any nerd I hated he didn't have the Cobra symbol on his forehead. But enough on the figure of the past let's talk about the current one that comes with the Joe Tripwire.

This Cobra Commander is in truth just a remold of a Crimson Guard figure with a new head mold, a cape, and a belt strap with a sword and gun on it. Honestly, considering the previous hooded Commander again, it sucked, this one is a far and away a vast improvement. But again, the Crimson Guard mold was an awesome mold to begin with. Well save for one feature, which returns and puzzles me. Hasbro used the same mold so exactly that CC has the same gun holster on his right leg as the Guardsman do. However, why did Hasbro even have to leave this feature on? Quite puzzling and really is annoying that he has this feature. If you add the revolver, it barely can stay straight due to the belt above with the gun holster on it. Still, a minor nitpick.

Overall, this Cobra Commander is probably the most worthwhile of them all. The articulation rules (he doesn't have one of his hands balled up in a fist), the detail is superior (he actually has eyes now compared to just black globes slightly painted on), and come on he, comes with a Cobra spaced sword. How cool is that?

Tripwire the other figure in this set is also greatly detailed as his Cobra counterpart. The neatest little detail I loved on him was his backpack, which has detachable mines that can be used. But there's just something lacking on Tripwire. Oh yes, he has no other weapons, but the mines. Sure he has a mine detector that hooks up to his backpack, but really it holds the figure back a little given the darn thing that goes into his back can get easily loosened with the slightest of moves. And with the darn sweeper, his pose ability becomes limited to that arm since he can only have one real good pose or else the darn wire strapped to his back will pop out.

Other than this annoying problem, he also has the same level of articulation as Cobra Commander. Much like Major Bludd before him, I rather just put safely away the sweeper and just give him his own weapon from one of the old Joes.

In the end I would label this set a MUST BUY given you get a really sweet Cobra Commander figure and a decent Tripwire figure. Though, just a warning Tripwire is going to be released in single packs in an upcoming wave with *gasp* a part of the MASS Device. But honestly, nothing else more which kind of sucks since it's basically the same figure. So save yourself some money and just get this.

G.I. Joe Cobra Commander and Tripwire Two Pack: BUY IT!

By themselves:

Cobra Commander (with new hood and cape): BUY IT!

Tripwire: BUY IT! (But really only get this dude once, avoid the single pack when he's released.)


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