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Your Top Modern Characters part 29

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:56 am

Just two characters here, and one I thought would be higher up. I am sure many of you feel he was robbed.
246. Two Characters (10 points each)


Year first appeared: 2004

Tyreese, his daughter Julie, and her boyfriend Chris, joined Rick's group shortly after they left the outskirts of Atlanta in search of a safe haven. Tyreese was a pro football player until he was forced to retire due to an injury. He is much like Rick in many ways which sometimes causes them to come to conflict with each other. His signature weapon is a hammer and he does not seem to be ale to learn how to shoot.

Tyreese started an affair with Carol from Rick's group shortly after he joined the group, but after a sexual encounter with Michonne they have broken up. Carol couldn't cope up with Tyreese's betrayal and she attempted to commit suicide. This situation forced Rick to confront Tyreese and this lead to a fight between them, deteriorating their friendship.

After the traumatic experience that Michonne, Rick and Glenn suffered in Woodbury, Tyreese not only gained more importance in the leading decisions that concerned the group but also made peace with his friend Rick. Some time later, the Governor's attacked the prison, and wounded Rick. Michonne and Tyreese decided to kill the Governor alone before the prison suffered another assault. Sadly, Tyreese get caught and executed in front of the prison by an enraged Governor, where Rick and the rest of the group witnessed powerless the death of his friend.



Year first appeared: 2007

Kenshin’s real name was “Shinta.” His parents died due to “Cholera” (A bacteria gained through consuming contaminated food and water) when he was 8 years old. A parentless Shinta was then sold to slavery at the age of 10. Shinta befriends three slave girls named Sakura, Akane, and Kasumi, who treat like a little brother. Unfortunately, while the slave caravan was on the road, thieves attacked them. The thieves would kill everyone and worked their way to Shinta. However, the three girls tried their best to protect Shinta from the killing. Just as they were going to kill Shinta, a swordsman named Hiko Seijuro kills all the thieves swiftly. Shinta was the only one from the caravan left, and Hiko tells Shinta to go to a nearby village. A week later Hiko decided to visit Shinta at that village but discovers that he never showed up. Assuming that Shinta had committed suicide, he decides to check out the area of the killing again. When Hiko arrived, he discovers that Shinta had buried everyone, including the thieves, with his bare hands. Shinta’s heart and determination caught the eye of Hiko and he decides to take him in as his pupil, and renamed him Kenshin (translated as The Heart of the Sword). Hiko then begins to train Kenshin the art of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu in the mountains.


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