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Your Top Marvel Villains part 30

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:53 am

ImageFour great characters coming up, all of them should've been in the Top 50 in my opinion, but nope. So, if these people are not in the Top 50 then, who is?!?!?!? Oh, and I wanna thank Kid Impulse with some help on my workload. He wrote up the most of the 74th slots entry for me. Thanks dude!!

75. The Leader (42 points) Image

"A peerless scientific mind that controls both cutting edge technology and an army of mindless humanoids. Only the Leader's immense ego and fixation on Hulk prevents him from taking over the world at the speed of thought."

When an ordinary laborer was moving a load of waste material in the sub-cellar of a chemical research plant, a one-in-a-million freak accident occurred as an experimental gamma ray cylinder exploded.

The trapped laborer was helplessly caught in the blast. For about a minute his entire body was bombarded by the mysterious gamma rays, one of the strongest forces known to man.

Although a fraction of the dosage he received would have been enough to kill a dozen men, from some inexplicable reason the laborer survived. He seemed completely unharmed. Yet, he was different. After leaving the observation ward, he read every book he could find. He studied like a man possessed and remembered everything he read. His mind absorbed knowledge like a sponge.

A few days later, the long-term effects of the gamma rays finally took place and he went unconscious. When he awoke, he did not suspect what happened to him, but when he looked into the mirror, he knew that he had become something more than human.

The once unskilled laborer had been transformed by the gamma rays into one of the greatest brains that ever lived.

"My former name is meaningless now! I choose to be known simply as... The Leader!"

I really miss his huge forehead, Marvel really needs to bring that back.


74. Arcade (43 points) Image

Another Pyro Effect? Probably yes, but I knew he would be high. Something bout Arcade brings smiles to the faces of the readers. He is always good for a laugh when he tries to kill people with giant bumper cars and destructive jack-in-the-boxes.

Little is known about the villain known as Arcade. It is known he came from a wealthy family who, depending on the telling were from either Texas or Beverly Hills. At the age of 18 (or 21, again, depending on the telling) his father cut off his allowance so the future super villain murdered him and inherited his money. He took on work as an independent assassin but grew tired with the mundane methods of murder so with his vast wealth, he built Murderworld, a deathtrap filled amusement park where the victim always has a way out, if they’re smart enough. Ably accompanied by his two lovely assistants Ms. Locke and Ms. Chambers, Arcade holds the record for battling more heroes than any other villain (Except for Doctor Doom, but c’mon, that’s DOOM!).

Most recently, he has done battle with The Thing, Wolverine and Black Cat and X-Factor Investigations, turning the entire Mutant Town into the newest Murderworld before blowing it up at the end of the story. Arcade has a talent for escape and a thirst for a challenge, so who knows where he’ll turn up next, but at least we know it’ll be fun.


73. Klaw (43 points) Image

The criminal scientist Ulysses Klaw, sought to steal the sound-absorbing ore known as Vibranium from Wakanda to power his sound transducer, a device capable of converting sound into solid mass. In the process of his crime he killed the Wakandan king T'Chaka.

T'Chaka's son T'Challa (Black Panther I) used Klaw's own weapon against him, disintegrating the right hand of his father's killer. The criminal scientist swore revenge and would later return to Wakanda to challenge the Black Panther and his new allies the Fantastic Four. Facing defeat Klaw decided to gamble on a bid to become superhumanly powerful by leaping into his sound converter, a decision that converted him into a being of pure sound. He would return again and again, constantly plaguing the African leader and his allies as the master of sound called Klaw.

Klaw was rescued by Crimson Cowl, and joined the Masters of Evil in a plot to capture the Avengers. They were successful, although they later escaped, and defeated Klaw.

During "Secret Wars" Klaw was resurrected and given the power to make real things out of sound, not just images. At the end of that series, he was presumed dead, which we know is so not true. Presumed dead and actual dead are two different things in the world of comics. But, you already knew that.


72. Enchantress (43 points) Image

"One of the few very powerful female villains, alluring, great relationship with Thor"

A native of Asgard, Amora left as an adolescent to the land of the Norms to apprentice with the sorceress Karnilla. Expelled for her lack of discipline Amora traveled through the realm studying with other mages and wizards. Mastering the mystical arts Amora aspired to rule Asgard and came into conflict with the leader of the Norse gods Odin and his heir Thor. Although Amora could enchant any man or god into loving her, she desired the true love of Thor more than any other, a love he would not willingly give in to one so evil as the Enchantress.

Amora is an Asgardian Goddess, making her near ageless and granting her superhuman strength (able to lift c. 25 tons), speed, stamina, and durability, although she rarely relies on her physical prowess. Amora often prefers to use sorcery and seduction to achieve her goals. While Amora is noted as lacking discipline, she is still very adept in the use of sorcery and is able to manipulate ambient magical energy for a variety of effects including powerful bolts of energy, protective shields, illusions, levitation, teleportation, conjuration, inter-dimensional travel, transmutation, regeneration, time-disruption, mind control, sleep induction, and the implantation of suggestions in people's mind without them noticing (An example would be when she made Captain America accept Wonder Man into the Avengers). Amora has also used her advanced sorcery to not only enhance her natural beauty and allure, but also to enchant her lips so that any person she kisses can become her slave for about a weeks time unless she kisses them again. Amora is also capable of seducing both sexes with a hypnotic glare that she has used to control both Thor and Volcana to name a few. As a sorceress, Amora's power is often derived from Asgardian sources, so any prolonged absence from Asgard will diminish her powers, although they never completely fade. The Enchantress also has a gifted intellect, and possesses extensive knowledge of Asgardian mystic and amatory arts. She has received extensive training in sorcery by Karnilla and various Asgardian mages and wizards and she is a master of both natural and supernatural seduction. Amora has been shown to occasionally use various mystical artifacts, potions, or powerful objects, such as the crystalline gem in which she entrapped the soul of Valkyrie.


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