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Cat Scratch Corner: Youngblood #1

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:31 am

Once again, here is Cat-Scratch with a synopsis and review of a blast from the past.  This time, Cat-Scratch takes a look back at Youngblood #1.ImageYoungblood issue #1 volume 1.Published by Image Comics (Malibu Comics) in 1992.Plotted And Drawn by Rob LiefeldDialogue by Hank Kanalz

The Story :
"Youngblood Home Team"

The story opens with Jeff Terrel aka Shaft being attacked while out on a lunch date with his girlfriend. Bedrock is at home having a home cooked meal. Diehard is recharging when called. Chapel has had an enjoyable relationwith a woman. Vogue here's the call, but defiantly takes her time to respond as she leaps about the city. Photon is already at their headquarters. The call was in regards to one of their special prison transports. It's being attacked by some old enemies, The Four. The team goes into action. 


The Story :
"Youngblood Away Team"

Hassan Kussein has been annexing territory in the middle east, the US and it's allies have had enough, a special Task Force has been announced as being sent in to capture him and bring a halt to the violence. SNN televises the action, as a group of helicopters make a halo drop into the middle of Kussein's forces. Combat, Cougar, Psi-Fire,Riptide and Brahma, all lead by Sentinel have arrived with an armed force. The Youngblood away team takes the pointand quickly works it's way through the first line of Kussein's defenses. They're quickly waylaid by the second linean armored group. Youngblood quickly regains its momentum and crashes through the second line. Psi-Fire findsand confronts Hassan Kussein. US Today reports that Hassan Kussein committed suicide rather then face justice. 

The Review :
It's been a looong time since I last looked at this comic. It and Spawn were the first of the Image Comics to hitthe stands back in 1992 and the colouring is the first thing to stand out. These were amongst the first comics tomake use of computers for colouring a comic. Here we got day glow colours like that found in a number of independentcomics dating back to the 1970s, check out Captain Canuck from that time sometime for proof. I found the charactersto be unoriginal, flat and formulaic compared to others out there at the time. Nothings changed in that view for me.The plots.....umm....errrr....barely existed. It was like reading a TV toy commercial with little more then that indialog for padding. BUT, I am a fan of the golden age where that was a norm for most, so I can sort of forgive this.

The story, both were nothing more then a presenting of the members with little more then a name and little else.I got nothing else here. It was lame then and still is for me now. Nothing is nothing and there was really nothing

The art, well, first I have to admit to a love/hate relationship with Rob Liefeld's work. I like it, but I also marvel
(yes I said it!) at how poor to just plan bad it can be. But, I like the energy he puts in or tries to put in, soI can give this a pass. I also like most of his designs for characters, Shaft, Diehard, Vogue and Riptide were not at
all to look at. Oh and Cougar too. In some ways, I look at his character design work the way I do with George Perez.
I'm left with pain ion my eyes or something very memorable and enjoyed.

This is where I admit, I liked this series and it's characters (for the most part). I thought then and think now thathe had done a great treatment of super heroes controlled by a government and as celebrities. Beyond this, it's moreof the easily forgettable Image style of, well, style over substance. So if you want something that's complete fluff,but could be nice looking fluff or just an adventure into what was a part of comics history with one of the titlesthat helped launch Image Comics, then this is for you. Otherwise, move on to the next title in the back issue bin.But hey, I suggest giving it a try if found cheap.

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