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Bumps, Pops, and Katie Vick 4/17/09: The 2009 WWE Draft

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Postby LOLtron » Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:17 pm

WWE graced us with another draft this year...see how everything weighed out for the separate brands.


So pretty much, I have nothing especially clever or amazingly insightful to say in this introduction. I'm completely drained due to final projects and presentations being due this/next week at my school. Let me just jump write into the fun part. Pretty much the goal of this week's column is to give my thoughts on each draft pick and why or why not I think it was a good move. Here we go:


WWE United States Champion MVP - Drafted to Raw - I actually really liked this move. Since it's inception in July 2003, the United States Championship has been exclusive to Smackdown, so this gives quite a fresh feel to the title. Also, since his debut, MVP has been on SD, so this move is quite welcome as well. I look forward to seeing him feud with many of the RAW superstars such as Kofi Kingston, and hopefully we see him move up the card and hopefully into the world title picture by year's end.


Big Show - Drafted to RAW - Ok...two draft picks in a row for Raw. Cool. Anyways, I couldn't give a crap less about this move. I honestly wasn't sure what brand Big Show belonged to for a majority of 2008 (then again, I didn't watch full time for most of 2008). And as much as he interested me during the build up to Wrestlemania 25, I find myself back to wishing he would just drop off the roster again.


WWE Women's Champion Melina - Drafted to Smackdown - Well, after losing two top stars to Raw, Smackdown gets the Women's Champion Melina in return...woohoo? Seriously, with the few women such as Melina, Mickie James, and Beth Phoenix who CAN wrestle, I want to care about the women's division, I really do. But week after crappy week of diva tag matches, I just don't care anymore. At all.


Matt Hardy - Drafted to Raw - Goddammit. Looks like Matt is getting that push I was afraid of. Obviously you people don't know my opinions on certain guys yet, as this is only my second column, but I HATE Matt Hardy. I have no idea why the smarks seem to like him so much more than Jeff. I hear that he's an all-around more solid performer, but I just find myself bored during his matches. At least during a Jeff Hardy match I'm entertained at a few points. Good move I guess, at least so there's a valid reason for ending the Hardy feud.


WWE Champion Triple H - Drafted to Raw - I don't really need to say much about this, as we ALL saw it coming.


CM Punk - Drafted to Smackdown - Well, the two-time Money in the Bank champion is headed to Smackdown, and I think it's a damn good move. Sure, it's the second year in a row that he's been moved, but at least this one seems to be building to something (unlike Kane, who I'll discuss later on). My belief is that CM Punk will cash in MITB on Cena or Orton after Backlash in order to bring a world title back to Smackdown with him.


The Miz - Drafted to Raw - Hell yes. As much as it sucks to have Mizorrison split up, this move is something I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the ramifications of. The Miz's interview on after being drafted solidified my opinion that he has the charisma to make it in the business, and, at least to me, he's already proven himself in the ring. I predict Miz will be United States Champion by the end of the year. This split up will benefit John Morrison even more I believe, as he is guaranteed championship material if used correctly. He made the move to Smackdown in the supplemental draft, and I see him being a genuine main-eventer (though potentially not champion) by the end of 2009.


Kane - Drafted to Smackdown - Ok, let me just get this out there. I am a HUGE Kaneanite (or however you spell the name he gave his fans in 2002). I think the man is one of the best big men in the history of the business. He plays his part perfectly, and yet WWE does not feel the need to ever give him what he deserves: a world title run. This is the third year in a row he's switched brands, and the only thing he's done important anywhere is winning the ECW Championship for a few months. His career has got to be winding down at this point so let's just hope they give him his due this year.


Chris Jericho - Drafted to Smackdown - This may be my favorite draftee of the night. If just for the fact that an Edge/Chris Jericho feud may be the most appealing potential rivalry in WWE for me. I cannot wait for them to take that one and run with it. Can you imagine the promos?


Vladimir Kozlov - Drafted to ECW - ECW's only draft pick of the night....and it's this guy. Can we just draft him out the door? Does ANYONE care anymore? After the terrible matches he had with Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H over the course of the last 6 months, I sure don't. So ECW really still did get jack****, didn't they?


Diva's Champion Maryse - Drafted to Raw - With my intense and probably creepy love for Maryse aside, I think she's probably my favorite current diva in WWE. She actually has charisma which is something the other diva's severely lack. She connects with the crowd and doesn't seem to just be going through the motions during her entrance and match. Plus, she plays the heel better than any current diva. A few more years and she could be up there with the great heel women's wrestlers like Molly, Trish, and Lita.


Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio - Drafted to Smackdown - Here's another thing you should learn about me. I cannot stand Rey Mysterio anymore. At all. I liked him a bit in WCW, but he's just become stale and boring to me. So I was quite the angry man-child when he won the IC title at Mania. However, his move to Smackdown makes complete sense. Smackdown has always been WWE's big Hispanic market, and since Eddie died, Rey has obviously been the biggest hit in that area. Bringing him back to Smackdown, as a champion no less, was a great choice.



My original plans called for me to cover the Supplemental Draft held on on Wednesday as well, but I really have a ton of work to do for school, and this takes way longer than you'd think to pump out. However, if anyone enjoyed this column for some bizarre reason, PM me on the boards at HBKShowstoppa, and coax me into writing a followup on the Supplemental Draft. I may be interested once I finish up these final papers.


Until then, grab your knapsack, Iron Man's helmet, and a 3-liter bottle of Coke, and meet me in PHILLY! Now come along, Butterball!

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