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Conversations with yourself #7: Return of the nerdcore

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Postby LOLtron » Fri May 16, 2008 11:33 pm

ImageThis edition I have a conversation with the second half of what makes the grammar club awesome: Beefy.

Beefy discusses big event comics and Joe Quesada's reign as marvel's EIC, rapping about comic books, his work on the grammar club and just how much easier it is to write being a nerd.

Read on hemopheliacs!

Eric: My first question is about the song play with me featuringbethzilla which is actually a song that constantly ends up playing onmy ipod. Was the song itself based on reality?

Beefy: Yes and no. PlayWith Me is basically just my song to every girl I really have a crushon but don't have the balls to talk to. I think my down fall is that Ionly seem to fall for very beautiful women...who in turn scare the crapout of me. But there are the rare occasions when I man up. Bethzilla isalso way out of my league, for the record.

Eric: Obviously your nothiding the fact that your nerdy which is a comfort to fellow nerdseverywhere, do you find it easier to write because of your nerdiness?

Beefy: Ifind it easier to write honestly being a nerd. We have a lot of cultureto pull from. Don't get me wrong, if I were rapping about blunts andbitches I'd have like 40 albums out by now that no one would listen to.Unless it was to make fun of it. But I like knowing that for the mostpart I'm the same guy in real life that I am in the music, except I'mfar more witty and confident in the music.

Eric: How would you describe nerdcore for those who haven't heard of it?

Beefy: Nerdcoreis music that will cure you or polio. It's also hip-hop for fans of popculture and technology. You won't really find entire songs about Surge,Chun-Li, and Empornium in mainstream hip-hop.

Eric: Your a comicbook reader which shines through with certain songs (And apparently afellow lover of deadpool) do you find that a lot of your writing comesfrom the stuff you read?

Beefy: I love comics, but I only have ahandful of songs about comics or characters save for I'm No Superman.Writing a song about comics is hard for me, but I like being able todrop lines like "I get high like Storm, get deep like the Morlocks" or"Leave ya hanging like Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target." But writing asong all about comics seems to be my allies's heel. I've tried to write3 more since I'm No Superman and I've scrapped 2 of them but I thinkthe 3rd the charm. On a quick side note, my favorite part about goingto Comic Con last year was that I was able to get Gail Simone to signissues 1 and 15 of my favorite comic Agent-X, which was a spin off ofDeadpool. I used to <3 Gail Simone. Still do a little.

Eric: TheGrammar Club is your side project with Shael Riley, DJ Snyder andAdam!. Do you find it easier to collaborate with others than it is tobe a solo artist?

Beefy: It may not be easier for the rest of the gang,but it's so easy for me. I feel bad because I do the least amount ofwork for The Grammar Club but still get second billing under Shael. Ithink that they could have chosen any rapper for the role and I'm justgrateful they chose me.

Eric: You and Shael seem to work together a lot, do you find it easier to bounce idea's of someone else?

Beefy: Ilove working on Grammar Club and with Shael in general. He's such anamazing song writer that it makes me want to step up my game to matchhis imagery and hilarity and emotion. We did Miss Information and afterthat I knew I'd force him to do a lot of projects with me. He's goingto be on my next album with me doing a song called Minimum Wage Slave.I wrote a chorus and he basically said, "Let me sexy the chorus up foryou" and without a doubt he came up with one of the catchiest hook onthe album, which is saying something since writing catchy hooks is oneof the few things I do well.

Eric: Whats on your current pull list, comic wise?

Beefy: Ilost the link to the zcultfm tracker and now I can't download comicslol. When Joe Quesada became the EiC of Marvel he said that they wereno longer going to do multi-series big cross over events. Now that'sall they do with Civil War and World War Hulk and this new SecretInvasion one. Getting away from cross overs was what I used to loveabout the Joe Marvel era. DC did their Crisis series and 52 and I feltover saturated by it all. Plus my favorite shop closed and then I wasreally boned. This is just a really long way of explaining that Ihaven't properly been keeping up with my comics. I feel like a chump.

Eric: What video games do you find yourself playing lately?

Beefy: RecentlyI've just been watching my roommate kill people on GTA4. It's like I'vebeen watching him play for so long that I don't want to go throughplaying through all that story myself. I'm making Tuna do the leg workwhile I lay on the couch and say shit like, "You should shoot thatguy!" Then when he gets busted or killed tell him "Dude, you totallyshouldn't have shot that guy. You fail." We've also been playing a bitof Mario Kart Wii which is a weird transition, but I really wish theWii Wheel would work on GTA.

Eric: And what can we expect next from you beefy? Plug away.

Beefy: RollingDoubles is almost done. I've been saying this for a year, but this timemy lovely producer tanner4105 is with me on this.

Posted originally: 2008-05-17 04:33:55

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