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Super Troy's Prime Cuts for 1/2/09 - Spoilers

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:50 am

All short reviews this week.


Superman #683 Loved It. Some great action watching the various heroes of the DCU banding together against the Kryptonians! Loved the Guardian surfing in and clocking the one Soldier with his shield! Then after Kara lays the smackdown on Kal, all the Magic Users show up to try and turn the tide! The Finale should be epic!

Green Lantern #36 Loved It. One of the best issues of Green Lantern I have ever read! Everything about the Blue Lanterns is awesome, their powers, their planet, their attitude, everything! Will Hal Jordan become their Leader, and who is Sinestro’s daughter?!?!?!? Geoff Johns is the man!!

Justice League of America #28 Loved It. I was not very familiar with the Milestone Characters at all until this issue, except for Static Shock. I enjoyed their presence immensely and Superman and Icon scenes were priceless! Image

Justice Society of America #22 Loved It. Great ending to a great arc! Geoff Johns continues to make this the best team book on the stands! Loved the glimpses into KC Superman’s future!

Teen Titans #66 Liked It. Nothing surprising about Tim quitting the team, with all that was going on with the Bat-Family of books anyhow. Now I am just looking forward to the new team.

X-Force #10 Loved It. It's my favorite X-Book period! Warpath and Ghost Rider kicking demon ass!! The rest of the team fighting to destroy the Legacy Virus!! And someone stalking Wolfsbane?!?!?! God I feel like a kid again when I read this book!

Wolverine #70 Liked It. Although it took me less time to read this comic than it did to write this sentence, I still really enjoyed it. Logan killing off all the X-Men was the only reasonable explanation for his current state of mind, so I bought that. However I did not buy the fact that Mysterio could create an illusion great enough to fool all of Wolverine’s senses. Also what the hell timeline does this story take place in, it sure ain't current Marvel. Image

Incredible Hercules #124 Loved It. This book continues to be more fun than it should be allowed to be! Herc and company kick some Titan ass and now everything is going the way of the woman!

Be by later this week with an all new full review column!

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