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Your Top Modern Characters part 41

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:27 am

A group of characters. Some I have heard of, some I haven't. But all of them are bloody interesting.
230. X-man (14 points - 1 first place slot)

ImageYear first appeared: 1995

Yet another AoA characters, that’s Age of Apocalypse for those of you who do not read comics, makes an appearance on the list. I really like this guy, was sad that he died. Though, I do have a theory that he is the Stryfe in the Messiah War crossover coming up. Well, I am hoping it is, because I think it would be truly badass if he grew up into what was awesome destined him to be: The Chaos Bringer.

Created in Earth-295, the alternate reality known as Age of Apocalypse, X-man is one of only a handful to survive its end. Genetically engineered from Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey by Mr. Sinister. Nate Grey has enormous powers of telepathy and telekinesis that make him potentially the most powerful mutant on Earth. In fact the sheer magnitude of his power is more than his body can take, hence if a cure is not found it could kill him. In his reality Nate Grey viewed Forge as a father figure until he was killed by Sinister. Nate took his revenge towards the end of Age of Apocalypse, by mortally wounding Sinister. In a final showdown between X-Man and Holocaust, Nate drove a piece of the M'Kraan Crystal into his chest. Unexpectedly it brought them to the mainstream reality.


229. Alex Lynch (15 points)

Year first appeared: 2007

Created by David Hine, Alex is a writer whose picture should be next to the definition of “sadistic bastard.” He is a psychic who finds pleasure in stories, but gone are the stories of fantasy and fiction – Alex likes to dwell into the minds of the people around him, peeling away at their secrets, lies, and their past, even if doing so corrupts and drives them insane or even death. If by chance you die while Alex is going through your tortured psyche, Alex would smile on satisfaction that your story is finally completed and goes on with his life to uncover more stories for his library collection, a café literally filled with ghosts. Alex is the narrator of Strange Embrace and is one of the most unlikable characters that you’ll ever encounter in a horror story. He is a manipulator simply by being nosy and he feeds on the flaws of each person like a vampire. Need proof of just how evil this man is, order and read Strange Embrace now!


228. Two Characters (15 points each)

Clark Kent - Secret Identity

Year first appeared: 2004

"Imagine growing up named after one of the most famous fictional characters of all time. Everyone thinks it's hilarious to give you Superman stuff every year for Christmas and your birthday. Now imagine one day while camping you start floating in the air. Suddenly you have the powers of your namesake. That's the concept of this wonderful book. Watching his life play out from teenager to old man was incredible"

A series I have heard about but never picked up, maybe I should. The quote pretty much sums up what this prestige format mini series by Busiek and Immomen is about. A young boy named Clark Kent who exists in our world all of a sudden gets the powers of the Clark Kent we all read about in comics. I know what you are thinking "But wait, we seen that kid before as Superboy Prime". No. Superboy Prime is not this kid, this kid is treated as a real boy in a real world and how the real world reacts to a super human amongst there midst. Everything about this makes me wanna pick it up. And I think this Weds, I will.



Year first appeared: 1996

"The coolest vampire in comics."

Jeremiah Parrish was a nineteenth century Catholic priest who came to Romeyn Falls (that would become Astro City) with Cardinal Enzio Grandenetti in 1869, to help him build Grandenetti Cathedral. He had administrative duties, overseeing the importation of material, and dealing with workers, many of them coming from Eastern Europe.

One night, visiting an injured stoneworker in the Hills, he was bitten by a vampire, left drained of his blood and buried in garbage. Three days later he rose, turned into a vampire himself. After years of seclusion, hiding in Grandenetti Cathedral, he saw hope in the newly emerging super-heroes such as Air Ace, and following their examples, he became one. In 1997, he sacrificed himself to expose the Enelsian Alien Invasion, after he has been exposed as a vampire.

He's wearing a Cross on his chest as a mortification, hurting him every instant. In 2001, the Confessor reappeared in the streets of Astro City, with his former sidekick Altar Boy now wearing the costume of the original Confessor.



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