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Your Top Marvel Villains part 12

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:00 am

ImageOne Man of God, one Killer of Gods, and an actual God in this batch.


137. William Stryker (19 points)

"ThereImage isn't much scarier than religious zealots"

William Stryker was a soldier in the U.S. military with a connection to the Weapon X program and the Adamantium process that created Wolverine, among others. Some time after his retirement from the military, Stryker had what some may call an epiphany regarding his role and purpose in the world. When his son was born different Stryker knew immediately that his child was a mutant. Distraught, he killed his son, his wife, and attempted to take his own life as well. His suicide attempt failed and he concluded that God must have prevented him from taking his own life so that he could serve God on Earth. Stryker's belief was that God allowed his son to be born a mutant so that he would be guided towards his true calling, to lead the war against all mutants. His hatred of mutants being based on a belief that they represented the Devil's corrupting influence on the world, and in order to save the world, mutants must die.

William Stryker became a preacher and Christian televangelist in order to spread his hatred of mutants. He also founded a secret paramilitary group called the Purifiers (see further up the list), which carried out violent acts against the mutant population. At one point, the Purifiers managed to capture Professor X and kill several mutant children. After nearly killing Kitty Pryde, Stryker was shot and subdued by the authorities. He was imprisoned and his followers disbanded.

After being released from prison Stryker discovered the whereabouts of Nimrod, a Sentinel from the alternate future time-line chronicled in Days of Future Past. Stryker used the Sentinel's memory system to learn of the affects of M-Day months before it even happened. With this knowledge of the future, Stryker began to rescue human beings from events that history had recorded as having caused their deaths. One of these individuals was the elite sniper, Matthew Risman. With this new base of support, Stryker re-started the Purifiers and continued his assault on mutants and their kind.

The Purifiers believe that God did his part on M-Day by wiping out most of the mutant population, and that it is their job to finish his work by any means necessary. In pursuit of that ultimate goal the Purifiers massacred many mutants, including Wallflower and Icarus of the New X-Men. In revenge, Elixir managed to kill William Stryker. In the wake of his death, Matthew Risman has taken over leadership of the Purifiers who regard Stryker as not just as man who started a movement, but a martyr in a holy war.


136. Kurse (20 points)

"Matches the malevolence of Loki aImagend the might of Thor."

In a plot to destroy Thor, the dark elf Malekith the Accursed abducted the Enchantress, Lorelei, and enlisted Algrim the Strong, augmented by an ebony armor, to battle and destroy the god of thunder.
While battling Thor, Algrim was in turn betrayed by Malekith, who had a pitfall opened beneath the warriors, plunging them into a pit of molten lava. Thor escaped by summoning his mystical hammer Mjolnir, which carried him to safety, but Algrim plunged to an apparent death.

The magma's tremendous heat would have killed Algrim if not for his enchanted armor, instead he became amnesic except for his desire to destroy Thor, a desire which gave him reason to live.
His hatred sensed by the Beyonder, a god from another dimension seeking the natures of desire, Algrim was restored to health, given greater strength and empowered by a new armor, transforming the dark elf into the vengeance seeking Kurse.


135. Ares. (20 points)

At least some of you out there remember he was an Avengers vilImagelain long before he became an Avenger.

Ares is the son of Zeus, monarch of the Olympian Gods, and his wife Hera. Ares was worshiped as the god of war in both ancient Greece and ancient Rome. After the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire, Zeus allowed the worship of the Olympians to die out, and Ares was no longer allowed to act as patron god of warriors. As a result over the ensuing centuries Ares grew increasingly dissatisfied with Zeus' rule. He has tried to conquer Olympus on several occasions sometimes in league with his uncle Pluto, god of the Olympian underworld. His half-brother Hercules has opposed his attempts at conquest almost every time sometimes with the help of his allies including Thor and the Avengers.

Though, with Dark Reign coming at us, we may have Ares turn back to the dark side once more. He seems to be a Dark Avenger, so who knows. Also, it goes to show that more people see him as a better Ares then the DCU version which only received 2 points on that list. Wicked burn. 



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