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Art Group: The Authority!

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:24 am

ImageWe're back!  Bigger and better than ever before.

We're also frontpaged.  That's part of the "better."

This is the inaugural week for the Art Group and what better way to celebrate than creating art based on Wildstorm's Authority?  Click that link to see what we did. :)

Welcome to the Art Group's first official front page gallery on the Outhouse!  If you want to know the deal, we're a group of artists that chooses a certain comic book related topic every week and then do our best to bring that subject to life in our own unique ways.

We're always looking for new contributors to join our community so if you want to join or just want to talk to us, our thread is located right here.

This week, we all worked on Wildstorm's The Authority team.  The artwork below should be clickable to enlarge it to full size.  Enjoy!

First to hand in some art was John Q. who put his talents to work on The Engineer.

Image Next up was our very first Midnighter of the week by jsalwen. Image Timberoo brought us two pieces: our first Apollo and a Midnighter. Image Image As the deadline starting creeping closer, shutupyourface turned in an Apollo. Image Followed quickly by SuperginraiX bringing Jack Hawksmoor in line art and colored varieties. Image Image Greg closed out Saturday's entries with a Midnighter. Image Derm turned in our last Apollo before the deadline Image But you should seriously check out the thread for some more Derm action.  He did some wonderful things with Apollo. :) And that was The Authority by the Art Group!  Tune in next monday when we'll be bringing you Marvel's Power Pack! 

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