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Your Top Marvel Villains part 11

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:50 am

ImageThree villains I totally forgot about until this list was made, and shocked they recieved this many points.



140. Mad Thinker (19 points)

The Mad Thinker has spent his life discerning the future by calculating all of the known variables he can possibly think of. Using these calculations, he can predict where lightning will strike, where a person will step, or where a bullet will hit. Not wanting to battle superpowered foes personally, he employs robots and traps to deal with those he has calculated would interfere with his plans.

Many people push him to the side but if it wasn't for the Mad Thinker, we wouldn't have the brilliance and awenessness of the Awesome Android in the Marvel Universe today. So, before you scoff at the fact that he beat "so and so", just take time and think bout that. Ok? Ok.


139. Emplate (19 points)

Emplate, in the most basic of tImageerms is a vampire. It is said that his powers manifested themselves naturally, like most mutants. His powers differ from those of a typical vampire, having to "supp" on the bone marrow of mutants being the main difference. Feeding on the marrow of other mutants in essence preserves Emplate’s life and gives him the strength to remain in this dimension. As a direct result of 'feeding', Emplate is able to use the powers from the mutant he has sampled marrow from. While mutants are being subjected to this feeding, they are unable to use their mutant abilities (with the exception of Chamber, a mutant and member of Gen X who has psionic blasts erupt from his chest cavity and mouth, since Chamber is believed to be composed of psionic energy and has no marrow. This event occurs in Gen X number 1) The feeding of mutants occurs in the tiny, mouth like structures on the palms of Marius. These tiny mouths are filled with sharp teeth and are able to siphon the energy and marrow from mutants on skin contact.

Emplate also has the ability to see mutant 'aura' or energy signals that all mutants give off. This is especially helpful in tracking down the next meal. It is also a helpful indicator and gauge for the raw power of mutants (hence, his attack on Chamber, a mutant speculated to be omega level). Through these aura's, Emplate is able to 'read' his opponents and learn things from them that they have not concealed to him. This includes basic knowledge stuff like names, age, etc, but also includes the way mutants are feeling (scared, excited, angry, etc.) This gives Emplate a distinct advantage in attacking several mutants at once or even a single mutant by themselves.


Image138. White Rabbit (19 points)

The girl who grew up to be the White Rabbit was the daughter of an upright, wealthy family. She was brought up to be a "proper lady" and married an elderly billionaire at a young age. She could have anything that money could buy, but longed for a life of adventure. Her only solace were the Lewis Carroll books in their library. (Her married surname was Dodson, presumably a distant relative of the Rev. Carles Dodson, aka Lewis Carroll.)

When her husband died (she assured Spider-Man he died happy...), she used his fortune to become the White Rabbit. With white-face makeup, bunny ears, a white leotard, gloves, and boots, a red bow tie and a blue checkered coat, she set out on a crime spree. Twice, she was stopped by Spider-Man. The third time, in a new costume, she teamed with Arcade. They sold chances for hunters to track and kill Spider-Man and the Black Cat on Murder Island. This endeavor was no more successful than the others.



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