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Toy Shed: DCU Wave 2

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:07 pm

ImageThe Toy Shed Strikes Back

After searching for weeks and finding some of the latest hot figures. It has given Zechs new life and thus the dreaded Toy Shed is alive and well! In addition, with its return you’ll see Zechs review three figures from the DCU Wave 2 line. Yes, Wave 2. Zechs had to sell away his marriage to the devil to get some. However, where they worth it?


Ah, DCU Wave 2. The myth, the legend you are. For those who don’t know, thisImage particular Wave of DC Universe Classics was released near the end of the winter of 2008. However, around early spring the wave just completely vanished. Now they’re multiple theories as to why this happened. Some say there was a problem with this particular wave and Hasbro recalled the figures. Others say Hasbro just didn’t make enough of these figures and thus the reason they where hard to find. Regardless of the reason these five figures (Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Firestorm, Electric Superman, and Aquaman with Gorilla Grodd being the build a figure in this collection) after disappearing off toy shelves could only be found on ebay for insane prices (thirty dollars or sometimes even more). Sometimes all you got was seeing something like that picture above of them and that was it. There would be no hope in finding these figures ever, which adds more to this strange tale since Hasbro did resample stores with Wave 1, 3, and 5. However, for Waves 2 and 4, a very limited release (4 was exclusive for a select few Wal-Marts). Well until now. It appears that in this New Year rumors began swirling that Wave 2 was finally being redistributed in stores again (specifically Target and Meijer). After three weeks of searching, I stumbled upon Wave 2 at a Meijer and thus you’re finally going to get a review of three of these figures: Harley Quinn, Black Manta, and Aquaman. So are these figures worth the wait? Are they truly worth the thirty dollars I shelled out?


To start things off, I’ll look at the primary reason I wanted this wave, Harley ImageQuinn. The figure is in her trademark attire and with a cartoon mallet and popgun. I noticed when looking at the figure that the left side of her head had loose plastic, but a minor nitpick given other Harleys have had numerous paint errors on her face, while this one doesn’t. The pose ability on the figure like all DCUC figures is quite good. In fact she’s probably my favorite in the set I got. About the only major problem with this figure is the fact that she can’t hold the mallet unless it’s with both hands. Therefore, those hoping to have her posing with both weapons, good luck with that. She really is a must buy.


Then there’s Black Manta. Who I have to admit it’s probably the worst DCUC figure I’ve ever bought (and this pains me very much to say given I’m a BM fan). There are numerous problems with this figure and the biggest is his huge head. The first day I had him the darn head broke off (the part in-between the big red eyes and neck portion). The quick solution to that was superglue, but of course, now I can’t have Manta look anywhere. Nevertheless, I guess it’s a minor inconvenience since his pose ability is horrible. His chest area won’t extend up or back like most DCUC figures. It’s just stuck in one position and that’s it. His arms can barely move forward, they’re stuck where they’re at and if you move them expect them to break as well (not for me, but I almost did and gave up on the idea of trying to pose him). About the only area that can move fluidly is his lower half, which sucks given that the top half is so top heavy and awkward it’ll leave your Manta figure prone to falling over. So what are the positives of this figure? Well, he gets two weapons and that’s about it. Therefore, I hate to say it, but pass on him. If you want the Grodd piece just get it via ebay. AVOID THIS FIGURE.


Finally, there’s Aquaman. After all the hatred I had over Manta, I was pretty much expecting the same awkwardness from him as well. But, to my surprise, he doesn’t have that stuck chest area and is like the regular DCUC figures. His pose ability is good and the details on the figure are great. About the only problem is, that a future DCUC wave will have yet another Aquaman figure (in a blue costume, don‘t know why the change other than it probably might have been a 1980’s costume change), but honestly this one is the superior one. He’s in his classic colors. He has a trident (which the other one will have too). All and all this figure rocks so BUY IT.


As for Grodd himself, well I only have his body/torso, one leg, and one arm. However, I can already notice that they aren’t as bendable as Grundy’s were (his kneecaps and elbows don‘t have joints). Nor does his torso move as well. However, Grodd does share the same great connectablity as Grundy did (meaning once you connect the part to him it stays on pretty good). So those looking for a good Grodd have to only buy the parts of this set for such a figure. But only if you’re a fan of him.


All and all are these figures worth the rarity? Yes and no. Harley was worth it, and Aquaman surprised me how good he was. As such, Black Manta surprised me at how horrible he was compared to the rest of the DCUC figures. But then again I’m not much to worry on the price paid for these figures given I got them for twenty-four dollars at Meijer (compared to getting say a Harley or Aquaman for that price). So I have to say the wait was worth it and if you’re a fan of either figure go ahead get it. Again to repeat my final ratings:

Harley Quinn: MUST BUY!

Black Manta: SKIP IT!

Aquaman: MUST BUY!

Gorilla Grodd (Build a Figure): Buyable, but only for the hardcore of fan.

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