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Your Top Marvel Villains part 20

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:12 am

ImageWe have a hero who many of you viewed as villain, we have a serial killer viewed as a hero, and lastly we have a pure baddie. Again, not in that order.


110. Iron Man (29 points)

"Why? Well I couldn't justify putting him before the Nazi's but thiImages is a character I never liked. I don't even really need to talk about Civil War here. I NEVER liked Iron Man. Stark is, and pretty much always has been, a breathing personification of the US Military Industrial Complex. He is a war profiteer, a multi-billionaire corporate magnate by way of inheritance, an ultra-capitalist, a leech, and somebody who has used the law when it worked to his benefit and ignored it when it hindered his goals (Armor Wars) with little regard for justice, a Machiavellian strategist. To me none of these traits, each of them central to Tony Stark's character, are characteristics of what I would call a hero. If you wished to find a counterpart amongst any character in the DC universe for Tony Stark you would need to look no further than Lex Luthor. The similarities are uncanny, while the only major difference is the side of the law they most often find themselves on. I really dislike Stark"

Some people are happy to see ol' Shellhead here and well others, I know you are not. I think he made a great indirect villain in the Marvel U. Hell, all of the members of the Illuminati did, in my opinion. Why aren't they on the list? Well, for one no one nominated them. But if someone did for Prof. X for his stupid mindwipes lately, and Reed Richards and Dr. Strange for their help in causing the events WWH to happen, I would've put all their points together and put the Illuminati as a whole. But since no one did, Tony Stark has to pay for their sins all alone.

I am indifferent to Tony Stark has a character, to me he is just there in the Marvel U. But, I did find him more intriguing during the events of Civil War and its aftermath then I have in a long time. And now I am even more intrigued on how they can redeem this guy.


109. Grim Reaper (30 points)

ImageKilled in a fight against the Avengers, the Grim Reaper was brought back to using black magic. Once the Grim Reaper had to take the life energy of a human every 24 hours to stay on Earth. Now human again thanks to Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch.

Originally, the Grim Reaper was a purely technological-based villain with no innate superhuman abilities. The techno-scythe he used as his trademark weapon was designed by the Tinkerer. The scythe was worn on his right hand and had the ability to make the blade spin at rapid speed, making the weapon usable as a high-speed propeller blade buzz saw, missile shield, and an improvised helicopter. It could also fire electromagnetic power blasts and anesthetic gas pellets, and dispense electric stun shocks on touch. The scythe was also equipped with a cerebral-frequency generator able to induce deep comas and revive victims from them as well.

The Grim Reaper later gained some magic-related abilities: he could reanimate the souls and bodies of the dead, either through voodoo training received from Black Talon or powers bestowed upon him by Lloigoroth. The Grim Reaper has also performed various magically based feats including but not limited to: teleporting himself and others, summoning demons, creating illusions, and clairvoyant viewing.

The Reaper's physical strength is supernaturally heightened slightly beyond the natural limitations of the human body. In addition, his right hand has been amputated and replaced with an apparently magical scythe. The scythe is magically sharp and is capable of energy blasts (much like the original), but has also been used to drain energy.

At one point, the Grim Reaper had died, and was restored to life by Nekra as a zombie. He suffered hair loss, and had sallow skin in various stages of decomposition. In this zombie state, he had the ability to absorb human life-forces to sustain his own, and was able to absorb human life-force through his scythe. He needed to absorb a human life-force once every 24 hours to remain "alive" as a zombie.


108. Punisher (31 points)

"Let's face it, he's a serial kImageiller. The fact that he kills bad guys is incidental. He's Dexter, and hence, to be frank: Villain. Serial Killer"

The Punisher was originally meant to be the villain of Spider-Man. The Punisher was hired by Jackal to kill Spider-Man. Spider-Man was swinging through the city when his spider-sense went off warning him of nearby danger, not knowing where it was coming from he was shot at but wasn't hit by the explosion. Frank was watching Spider-Man's every move. Soon Spider-Man found The Punisher on top of the building roof. As he reached where his newfound foe was the two engaged in a fight leaving Spider-Man the victor. Jackal was mad and struck Spider-Man from behind, hitting the back of his head with his claws. Hours went by showing Punisher and Jackal in there hideout, Frank back handed Jackal for getting in his way when fighting Spider-Man. Jackal had tricked Frank into thinking Spider-Man was a killer. Another hour went by as it showed Spider-Man in a store examining a dead body of a man. The man happened to be Frank's best friend. Frank thinking Spider-Man killed him, lashed out at him kicking Spider-Man in the face, again the two fight and once again leaving Spider-Man the victor. Spider-Man told Frank about what he wasn't and what he was. Spider-Man soon realized that Punisher was a good man who was tricked into doing the wrong thing. Frank vowed to get Jackal back for tricking him and using him.

The writers who made The Punisher was aiming mainly for him to be a villain for Spider-Man but as they went on with his story the more he turned out to be a good guy.


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