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Your Top Modern Characters part 10

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:43 am

Three characters in this batch. Two mutants and one cyborg.


264. 3 characters (5 points each)


Year first appeared: 2006

I like this guy. I think his powers are pretty friggin’ cool, and I kinda dig his look. I honestly thought he would get more votes, but hey, I am wrong from time to time.

Darwin is a mutant that evolves to survive anything, though it is not always in the way he wishes, it is an involuntary ability. He was found by some scientists who experimented on the boy, making his existence known to the public. Moira MacTaggert then took him in as one of her own, and he became a member of the "Missing X-Men" alongside Sway, Petra and Kid Vulcan. Darwin's power of reactive evolution means his body will manifest whatever ability it feels is needed to ensure his survival. However his powers do not always take the effect he desires as during his fight with the Hulk his body teleported him away from the battle.

Super Patriot

Year first appeared: 1992

Super Patriot was a soldier in World War II. He was captured by the enemy and used for scientific experiments, which made him superhuman. Donning an American Flag styled costume and defended the world against evil as Super Patriot. After a brutal attack by one of his foes, his body was taken by Cyberdata, a corporation of underground scientists who transformed him into a powerful cyborg. He continues to use his powers to fight injustice!

Prior to becoming a cyborg Super Patriot's body had the stamina, endurance, strength, and agility of ten peak human athletic men as well as slowed aging process. During World War II Super Patriot took a drug that allowed him to fly for a limited range, he discontinued the use of this drug due to its dangerous hallucinogenic side effects.

Super Patriot's artificial eyes give him enhanced sight such as night vision, microscopic vision, and telescopic vision.

Super Patriot's arms and legs have been replaced with nanite-powered cybernetic limbs, which obey his every mental command on a molecular level. When put to their most common use, his arms can assume the shape and function of any weapon he can think of so long as they retain its original mass. The ammunition for these weapons is, in most cases, stored elsewhere in his body and he can use actual components of his self-regenerating nanite-powered body. He can also reload with conventional ammo.

Super Patriot's human form has an accelerated healing ability and as a cyborg, he is capable of lifting and pressing approximately 10 tons.


Year first appeared: 1992

Meh. Never cared for this one.

Condemned to a humdrum life on a struggling family farm in Kentucky, Paige Guthrie envied her elder brother who, as Cannonball, had forged a career among the New Mutants team. Although she underwent a mutation of her own, Paige kept this hidden until she was forced into battle of wits with the Gamesmaster This mutant with psionic powers had formed the Upstarts, who specialized in assassinating mutants. Paige's intervention freed her brother and several of his friends from the Grandmaster's clutches. Shortly afterward, she was captured by Phalanx, an alien collective intelligence, along with several other young mutants. Its effort to assimilate them into its consciousness was foiled and Paige was invited to join the Xavier Institute's new school, Massachusetts Academy, and become a member of Generation X. Paige subsequently joined X-Corps, helping to police mutants in Europe. She fulfilled her lifelong dream of joining the X-Men, by becoming a member of Archangel's team. She went on several missions with them, which led to her falling in love with Warren Worthington III. Once Warren had made peace with the memory of his, then, deceased ex-girlfriend, Betsy. Paige and Warren pursued a May/November romance which led to them both taking a hiatus from the X-Men. They used this time to further their relationship and to further human-mutant goodwill.


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