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Your Top DCU Villains part 12

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:48 am



90. Granny Goodness (16 points)

One of the residents of Apokolips, Granny Goodness is in charge of training (sometimes through brainwashing) new soldiers for Darkseid's forces. She leads the Female Furies Granny Goodness definitely does NOT live up to her namesake. She is one of the most ruthless, sadistic, and treacherous people on the planet of Apokolips. The appearance of Granny is based off of the comedian, Phyllis Diller.

Granny Goodness wasn't always at the high rank she is today in Darkseid's Elite. She started out in the brutal peasant class called the Lowlies. When she was just a youngster, Goodness was taken from her family to be trained as one of Darkseid's soldiers. She served Darkseid with more zeal then most, and became a shock trooper and dog soldier. It wasn't long afterwards when the young girl was awarded her own war hound to train. It was with this hound that Goodness proved her worthiness to Darkseid. 


89. White Martians (17 points)

Eons ago the evil Pale or "White Martians" invaded Earth. Without really caring for Earth the White Martians brought destruction to Earth's environment. Besides the Mars inhabitants containing the White Martians there was also the Green Martians, a more peaceful race of Martians. The White Martians rampage on Earth resulted in the slow down of superhuman evolution. Taking matters into their own hands the Green Martians imprisoned their counterparts in the Ghost Zone (also known as the Still Zone or Phantom Zone) for what they thought to be forever. But, eventually all the baddies come back and the White Martians were no exception. After the Justice League Of America defeated the White Martians the Martian Manhunter wiped them of all their previous alien memories making them think that were and had always been only human.

Extricating themselves from the Still Zone aka Ghost Zone or Phantom Zone, the White Martians returned to Earth in the guise of gods calling themselves the Hyperclan. The Martians claimed their home world had been destroyed by negligence and greed and they offered to save Earth from a similar fate. The Hyperclan turned deserts into verdant paradises and ended crime by executing meta-criminals. This was all part of their insidious plan to discredit and destroy the Justice League. Earth's real heroes saw through this ruse and put a stop to it right away. All hope seemed lost after the White Martians took away the only means of defeating them, by burning them with fire. The Martians took this away from Earth by inhibiting the Earth's atmosphere with subatomic particles that inhibited any combustible reaction. To find a way around this the Justice Leagues lured the Martians to the Justice League ImageWatchtower and the moon aflame.


88. Calculator (17 points)

The once laughable Calculator has redirected his genius to become the top information broker for villains. He is also a cunning manipulator and a strategist. A mysterious figure who appeared seemingly from nowhere, the Calculator moved across the country, committing a series of crimes designed to lure various super heroes into battle with him. He then allowed himself to be defeated, pressing a special button on the computer console on his chest that would prevent him from ever being captured by the same hero again.

Thus far, the calculator has been defeated by the Atom, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Hawkman, Batman and Air Wave.

In recent years Calculator has become an evil counterpart to Oracle.


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