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Your Top Modern Characters part 13

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:04 pm

A Spidey villain, a member of Doom Patrol, and a Vertigo Preacher (no, not him)
262. Three characters (5 points each)

Adam Chamberlain

Year first appeared: 2006

I have not heard this title before, but Steven Seagle is writing it, and I did enjoy his run on X-Men. He did write some X-Men....right?

The first story arc "Head" introduces the main character Adam Chamberlain, a 21-year-old Christian preacher promoting sexual abstinence until marriage. Adam is proud of his virginity and his engagement to his girlfriend Cassie, currently on a peace corps mission in Africa; he believes she was chosen by God to be his wife. After being taunted with a stripper by his cousins, Adam flees to the home of his stepsister Cyndi. While watching television he learns that Cassie has been killed and beheaded by terrorists.

Adam and Cyndi flee her home when two men enter looking for her and open fire with pistols. Adam then finds his younger brother at home, about to have sex with a girl. They have a confrontation and then Adam informs his mother and stepfather that he is going to Africa to find out what happened to Cassie. He and Cyndi fly to South Africa, where Adam sees Cassie's body and has a breakdown.

Adam finds out there was semen in Cassie's body and decides to find out the truth. He hires a mercenary named Mel who says he can find the answers he wants. The trio go on a search across Africa and along the way Adam attempts to introduce Christian values to the natives. Throughout the journey, Adam has erotic visions of Cassie and finally succumbs to masturbation. Finally, they are able to find one of the men involved in Cassie's murder and he and Adam have a violent confrontation that ends in the perpetrator's death.

Did you get all that?


Year first appeared: 1994

Clone Saga goodness. Mmmm mmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Don'tcha just love it? I know you do. I so know it.

Kaine was the first Spider-Man clone to be considered a success. Later, it was revealed that the cloning process was flawed, and that Kaine’s cells were deteriorating. This resulted in Kaine becoming deformed and mentally unstable. However, this deterioration bizarrely made Kaine's strength greater and spider-sense significantly surpass Spider-Man's own.

When the Jackal discarded him because of his flaws, Kaine felt rejected, feeling as a son rejected by a father. After he left, he discovered his enhanced powers. He also discovered his “Mark of Kaine,” which left a disfiguration on the victim’s face.

Kaine possesses enhanced versions of Spider-Man's abilities. His Strength far exceeds Spider-Man's. Kaine could fight the Scarlet Spider, Spidercide and Spider-Man to a standstill, with the three each capable of lifting in excess of 10 tons. Kaine's version of the "spider-sense" is so acute that it gives him glimpses into the future. He also possesses an ability to horribly corrode surfaces upon physical contact, which he has used to kill various people.


Year first appeared: 2001

You know, when I first worked this I thought it was the BND villain Freak, the one that Norman Osborn has in captivity and using him to create poison and antidotes and all that jazz. But nope, its the Doom Patrol Freak, a character that really has no info on her around the internet. But I did manage to find a pic, which was tough enough.

Anywho, she is like Marvel’s version of Medusa (as seen  in War of Kings, BUY IT!), but a tad more lame. Freak has an alien inside of her that gives her prehensile hair. Her hair is super strong and if the alien was ever released it would cause mass havok.



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