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Cat-Scratched Corners: Nexus #1

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:56 pm

Title: Nexus issue #1 (The Original Nexus GN)Writer: Mike BaronArtist: Steve RudePublisher: First Comics (Capital Comics) in 1981/5.Synopsis and Review by Cat-ScratchStory:The story opens with a man floating in a nutrient bath, he dreams of another place. He dreams of a man being tortured for having fought for a better world. The dreaming man [...]
ImageImageTitle: Nexus issue #1 (The Original Nexus GN)

Writer: Mike Baron

Artist: Steve Rude

Publisher: First Comics (Capital Comics) in 1981/5.

Synopsis and Review by Cat-Scratch


The story opens with a man floating in a nutrient bath, he dreams of another place. He dreams of a man being tortured for having fought for a better world. The dreaming man leaves the bath, he tells his two friends to prepare is cruiser and lay out his uniform. He prepares and marches to his cruiser, people cheering him on. He is Nexus.

Nexus travels to his appointed target, the former dictator Colonel Gonzalez Y Vega. Vega’s men try to stop Nexus upon seeing him, but their weapons prove useless. Nexus makes short work of those and their users. Nexus announces that Vega could not hide. Vega’s wife tries to block Nexus from killing her husband with his outstretched hand. Nexus blast curves around her and strikes Vega dead. She curses Nexus for killing an innocent man. He doesn’t care and leaves, but is attacked by a small army. Their weapons cause no harm to Nexus as he casually walks.

Then a man comes yelling for all to stop. He’s confronts Nexus, demanding to receive an explanation form Nexus on what authority he acts. Nexus replies that he acts out of self defense. Nexus returns to his cruiser and leaves.

Sundra Peale has come to the known home of Nexus, the moon called Ylum. She claims to have little life support left and as such, needs to land. Nexus allows her. Once landed she’s met by Nexus a crowd. She identifies herself as a reporter, there to to do a story on him, to learn and tell his side of the story. He orders her to leave once her ships life is recharged, but a solar storm has struck, trapping her and all on the moon for a week at least. She takes quarters as a guest.

Sundra approaches one of the citizens of Ylum, Dave of Thune, an alien world. Dave tells her of his story and how he came to be there on Ylum. Nexus had executed the dictator of his world, a human whom had forced cruel laws of genetic purity on the Thunes and imprisoned Dave for defying him. Nexus had taken as many from the prison as he could, something that he always does, as Dave explains. Dave tells of how others came seeking refuge there, for Nexus to arm them or lead them to a better and more just world. He refuses but protects them. Dave further explains the source of Nexus dreams and his power, his dreams.

Time passes and as the solar storm abates, a large ship appears in orbit above Ylum. A voice from the ship claims to be able to free Nexus from his dreams. The voice belongs to Sutta leBurq and he beams down with two of his men. Sutta offers to end Nexus’ dreams in exchange for killing a decided upon target. Sutta and his men represent the Pan-Galactic Miner’s Union, he has a nasty little past according to Sundra,as she tells to Nexus. Sutta wants Zieffer Meird, the Supreme Dictator of The Hacyon Republics, to be the target of Nexus in the deal. They then explain how they can free Nexus from the dreams. Surgery in a device used by the miner’s to repair nervous systems.

Days pass before Nexus is seen again as he ponders the offer. Sundra continues to study all she can find about Nexus. She finds a portrait of a man and woman with who appears to be a young Nexus. She shortly finds that the man in the picture is General Theodore Hellpop aka the Butcher of Vradic. A world of 3.5 million executed by Hellpop. Nexus appears in his uniform, he announces that he will take the deal…….


The art was amazing to see again after all these years. Steve Rude’s early style was almost like that of George Freeman’s with some Bill Willingham mixed in. Smooth, clean with a polished, almost organic/liquid appearance. Beautiful stuff. I could also see many of the qualities in layout and use of shadow that would become so much that of Rude’s great work.

The story was smooth and straight forward. Nicely paced for a graphic novel. The characters that were shown such as Dave were quickly and easily fleshed out with only a little dialog (and Rude’s art), making it very easy to get hooked. Nexus is very much an enigma here, making me want to continue reading, but, only one issue at a time for now.

Over all, the art and dialog work very well in my thoughts. I can’t stop saying this was as smooth and well done a story as others would be in the future from these two creators. I love the comic series. I got hooked on it later then this when Capital was slowly dying off and First picked it up. I’m still so glad they did. This of course was from the collected graphic novel, published several after the first time and at that point, I was devouring each Nexus comic that had hit the stand. It was great fun to read and I’d say is still one of the best ever. A top favorite for sure.

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Posted originally: 2008-06-20 01:56:56

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