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Your Top Marvel Villains part 8

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:34 am

ImageA spoiled brat from the future, a demon in green, and a large alien brain collective... Image 

150. The Skull (12 points)

Benny Beckley is the son of Dr. Stephen Beckley aka Comet Man and former astronaut Ann Beckley. Ben Beckley took on the identity of the Skull (not the Red Skull, as he had no idea who the Red Skull was) and set out to conquer the world, starting with a coast-to-coast drive across America.

Using his power of absolute control over anyone, he gathered an army of thousands, only to come into conflict with Steve Rogers in his identity of Captain America. Insulting Captain America as old and out of date, the Skull spared him but took several of Captain America's allies as part of his army. After reaching New York City, the Skull was opposed by Captain America and other heroes, with Captain America breaking the Skull's neck in order to stop him.


Image149. Nightmare (14 points)

"The demon waiting to torture you in your dreams. Nightmare's penchant for long-term machination and his near-total control of fantasy and reality has brought many heroes to the brink of madness."

Once the servant of the being known as Shuma-Gorath (see #152 on the list), Nightmare realized that his power was far too great for him to be a mere servant. When he noticed this, he escaped Shuma-Gorath by diving into the Splinter Dimension known as the Dream Dimension. Once there, Nightmare took over the dimension and grew increasingly in power with every Nightmare he cast into a mortal mind. Without knowing, Nightmare soon became dependent on the fear he caused, and soon after he required fear to live.

When Nightmare began to lose his power due to the lack of fear he was able to maintain in his dimension, Nightmare physically ventured into the human realm. Once there, Nightmare took up the alias of Edvard Haberdash and took control of a nightclub and renamed it "Club Fear." The club was used to draw people seeking a thrill, as Nightmare would show them their greatest fear for a price. Little did the thrill-seekers know that their fear was feeding Nightmare, increasing his power.

Recently, it has been revealed that Nightmare has fathered a son, who was shown to be Trauma from the Initiative.


148. Supreme Intelligence (15 points)

"An evil tentacled brain that will betray it's own people for the sake of evImageolution. Plus he's just one scary looking mutha."

The Supreme Intelligence, aka Supremor, was created more than a million years ago by the extraterrestrial race known as the Kree to help them create a Cosmic Cube like the one that their enemies, the Skrulls, had once created. It is composed of the brains of the greatest Kree minds (thinkers, generals, philosophers, scientists and so on), removed upon their deaths and assimilated by the computer.

Eventually the Intelligence developed a mind of its own and refused to create the cube knowing the dangers that could be wrought by an evolved Cosmic Cube, which was what had destroyed massive parts of the Skrull Empire.

Despite this, it was allowed to continue to exist to serve the Kree with its wisdom. Its influence eventually grew to the point where it replaced the Kree government, although it has occasionally been deposed for periods of time. Most of the Kree are fanatically devoted to it, and its worship is an organized religion.

The Supreme Intelligence is mercifully killed by Ronan after being lobotomized by the House Fiyero.


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