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Conversations with yourself #6: the Hack/Slash edition

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Postby LOLtron » Mon May 12, 2008 11:22 pm

ImageThats right ladies and gentleman, I got to ask questions to one of the best horror writers in comics. Tim Seeley took time out of his busy schedule to talk about having the flagship title of DDP, his favorite horror movies and whats coming up for Cassie and Vlad....does it involve a certain doctor West? (EXCLUSIVE!)

Oh and whats this? Tim's a fan of Blud Blood? Why yes, yes he is.

Read on, Hemophiliacs!Image

Eric: I guess my first question is the one your probably asked the most: What got you into the comic book industry?

Tim: Sheer blind luck? Heh, I was always drawing comics as a kid, and getting my mom to buy them for me every time we stopped at a gas station. After all that research it was inevitable I'd make my own comic and head to a con to try to sell it. And fail. BUT, I did meet lots of other creators, like Josh Blaylock, who would go on to get the G.I.Joe license and then hire me as a Staff Illustrator.

Eric: What kind of stuff did you read as a kid? Tim: Everything I could get my hands on. I sampled EVERYTHING from INFINTY INC to EX-MUTANTS to ARCHIE. I just loved comics. My faves were always the Avenger-Marvel guys (Thor, Iron Man and Cap) and The Tick, Ninja Turtles and anything I could get with boobs in it.

Eric: How do you feel with Hack/Slash becoming DDP's de facto flagship title? Does it put more pressure on you or are you excited for the future which seems to be bringing the book to more people's attention? Tim: Yeah..I mean, basically I just try not to think about anything besides making the best comic I can. It's way too scary to think about where you stand in the industry and such. I just try and appreciate my readers, and have as much fun as I can.

Eric: Whats the story behind getting steve niles, Robert Kirkman and Skottie Young as characters in the book? I know I remember you saying that the skottie in Hack/Slash is nothing like the skottie in real life.
Tim: Actually, Skottie in the comic is kinda a lot like Skottie in real life. I say that as guy who's been friends with Mr. Young for goin' on 5 years, so if I make him a loud mouth punk in the comic, it comes from direct research. haha. As for getting those guys to be in the comic..I just wanted to do a story that kind of made fun of the comic industry a little, but also had likable characters. Instead of making them up, I used REAL LIKABLE PEOPLE.

Eric: Hows production on the hack/slash movie coming? The script is finished right? Tim: It's in some stage of production, but really, all of that is kinda relative. All I know really is that it's still going, full steam ahead, so that's good.

Eric: The scene in loaded bible that I always see myself trying to describe to my friends is the "holy blessing lake scene" which brings me to a question that seems to be fluent through out your writing, the dark humor. Where does your humor in your writing come from/ what is it inspired by? Tim: In general, it's tough enough for me to TALK without dark humor..it's really hard to WRITE and not include it. I grew up in a sort of sarcastic, wise-ass household, so, funny to the rest of the world or not, I'm gonna put shit in a script that makes me laugh. Most comic writers, especially of superhero stuff, take themselves WAY too seriously. I'm not gonna be one of those writers.

Eric: What would you say your favorite horror movies are?
Tim: HALLOWEEN(hell..pretty much anything directed by Carpenter), NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, and DAWN OF THE DEAD (Romero). I also have major affection for CHILD'S PLAY, RE-ANIMATOR and  TRICK or TREAT.

Eric: Do you find it fun just working on a mostly original universe or would you like to one day work on some of the bigger name characters in the comic book industry? Tim: I love doing my own thing. I dunno..I know "the big 2" and their superhero universes are where the money is at..and I'd give it a go if they asked. And, obviously, I'll always have affection for certain characters which I'll never own. I guess, I wish more "big name" creators had the balls of the Image founders or Mark MIllar and did new stuff instead of beating the corpses of these old characters so much.

Eric: The cross over with Chucky was a fun read and the one with evil ernie was just as crazy, you obviously have a love for the characters that you decide to cross over with. Are there more crossovers on the way and do you find it easier to write for something that you know a lot about as a fan?

Tim: HERBERT WEST: RE-ANIMATOR! Three parts, and it begins in issue 15!!

Eric:What books are on your own pull list?
Tim: I don't do pull lists. I like the surprise and unpredictable nature of racing to the store on Wednesday and grabbing stuff off the shelf. That said, I always buy SAVAGE DRAGON, MADMAN, DYNAMO 5, INVINCIBLE, Hester's DARKNESS, and most of Warren Ellis' stuff from Avatar. I pick up a lot of trades..I just read BLACK HOLE by Charles Burns, and am about half way through Morrison's DOOM PATROL.

Eric: Do you enjoy writing or drawing more?
Tim: Writing. Much easier, much less technical, and WAY faster.

Eric: And finally, whats coming up next, Tim? Plug away.
Tim: I've got the HACK/SLASH annual in July with the SUICIDEGIRLS, a story in the HALLOWEEN 30th anniversary comic, 4 issues of SPOOKS with LARRY HAMA, the LOADED BIBLE trade collection in July, and hopefully, another creator owned one-shot book from Image in the near future!

And when asked about bludblood this is what tim had to say:

"I like Bludblood!"

Tim Seeley writes Hack/Slash which is in comic book story monthly from Devil's Due Publishing.

Posted originally: 2008-05-13 04:22:20

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