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Toy Shed: Star Wars Legacy

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:22 am

Will Zechs yield to the light side and say the Legacy two pack of Cade Skywalker and Darth Talon giving a fair judgment of the two? Or will he yield to the dark side and only have a one-track mind? Well there’s only one-way to find out, reading Zechs’ review!

Now I’m not the hardcore of fan, and I’ve only read a handful of issues of the Star Wars Expanded Universe comic book Legacy. The moment I saw #0 (the fifty cent preview of sketches and profiles) with Talon on the cover I wanted a figure of her. I mean come on just look at her. Not only is she a Sith Lord, but she’s also a Twi’lek (that alien race whose females make fan boys drool) and has the Darth Maul Sith tattoos all over her. Also, when picking up actual issues Cade Skywalker’s design it was awesome in its own right. Basically, Cade’s a combination of Han Solo and his great ancestor Luke quite the winning combo. So when Hasbro released the news both these figures where coming out in a two pack. I made it my mission to find it. Not surprisingly, I’m not the only one, as this two pack and the Imperial Knights are hard to find nowadays on toy shelves. So judging by the sought after do they live up the hype? Well, yes and no.

Cade Skywalker is a decent figure. The poseablity the figure has is great. The details on him are also great (look at the detail on the small tears on the bottom his coat. The wear and tear his entire outfit has just as how Cade appears in the comic). About the only details that are off would be his eyes, which are just too huge.

ImageThe downsides to the figure are numerous and cheap. The coat Cade wears can be taken off (but with some effort. However, his arms are an extension of his coat. So those looking to have Cade out of his jacket well he’ll look weird having his coat off yet still sporting the arms of said jacket. And speaking of hands, that’s where the true problem lies. His left hand is just an annoyance. I’ve lost count how many time’s the darn hand fallen off either with some help (try attempting to put a lightsaber or his shotgun blaster it’ll come off just watch) or of it‘s own free will (numerous times when I‘ve doing something with his right somehow the left just falls out). Thankfully, his right hand doesn’t suffer from this blunder, and while it can hold his shotgun just fine. His lightsaber, well that’s another story. While the hand can grab the saber it’s a loose grip, so those having fun with this figure and having him duel expect the darn saber to come loose when playing with it. There is one minor nitpick with the figure but more on that later.

Still, even with these troubles the figure is great. Though it just make’s you wish Hasbro would went that extra mile to make this figure complete.

Then there’s Darth Talon. Again, the details on her would make a fan of the series drool. All the details on her are perfect (from the tattoos, to the intense looking glare of her eyes). What Sith Lord would she not be, if she didn’t come with a light saber (which the blade can be detached)? Which leads us back to Cade again for a second, he comes with two light sabers. One fully attached and one not. Why Hasbro could have just done to Cade what they did to Talon amazes me. But it’s a minor nitpick.

Talon’s posablity is decent save for one small fact. Harkening back to my Maris Brood review as she is the reverse Maris (she has joints in her legs, but has no moblity on her arms save for her hands). Honestly, Hasbro, why? It’s the only thing lacking of this figure from being total perfection. They could have easily added joint sections to her since she has gloves covering that section. Again, bad form on Hasbro for once more screwing up the pooch and not going all the way with the figure. However, even with these faults going against Talon, the sheer magnitude of the positives far eclipse the negative, which is why she‘s also different than Maris in this regard. Even if Hasbro screwed up, at the very least they did it in the area that honestly only hurts the figure slightly.

So in the end does that make these figures a must buy? Honestly, yes. Sure a few years down the line we’ll probably see another Talon or Cade figure. But at the moment, these two even with the negatives do have some strong pros going for them. And as an added treat, you do get an issue of Legacy along with them (displaying both of their first appearances). So if you stumble across the two pack at your toy section BUY IT. But if you want to do it the easier way, well Cade figure is a nice addition, but honestly, I wouldn’t get him by himself on ebay, unless you’re a fan of the character. Talon on the other hand, if you’re a fan of the bad guys and want to add the first female Sith Lord (*puts nerd glasses on* Assaji Ventress isn’t a Sith Lord, merely a dark acolyte who wishes she was) then this figure is a MUST BUY.

So in short:
Two-Pack of Cade Skywalker and Darth Talon: If you see it BUY IT!

By themselves:
Cade Skywalker: Buyable, but only for the hardcore fan.

Darth Talon: BUY IT!

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