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Your Top Marvel Villains part 2

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Postby LOLtron » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:10 am

ImageIn this batch of baddies we have a two-faced freak, an evil corporation, and a howling hippie!! 165. Bi-Beast (3 points)

ImageA race of winged bird-like creatures once inhabited Earth, but went into seclusion in a floating city 80 miles above the Earth, hidden in a cloud when humanity became the dominate species. When the Avian race decided to go into hibernation for their survival, they created the Bi-Beast to become their Sky Island's security guard and protect it from harm in their absence. After years in isolated loneliness, Bi-Beast went mad, and tried to kidnap Betty Ross (Who the lower brain was attracted to), who at the time had been transformed into the winged gamma monster, Harpy. It also attempted to kidnap Bruce Banner (An idea of the upper brain) to repair some of the Sky Island's technology that began to fail. After Hulk followed the Bi-Beast to the Sky Island, a brutal battle ensued. Following the confrontation with the Sky Island's protector, Bruce Banner was able to use the Sky Island's technology to cure Betty of her mutation. Unknown to the Bi-Beast, MODOK had followed the Hulk in order to kill him. Upon reaching the Sky Island, MODOK decided to conquer the city for himself. To stop MODOK's mad scheme, Bi-Beast decided to destroy his home rather than let MODOK take it over.

Later, he took control of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and attempted to stop the Hulk with its laser system. After yet another defeat, Bi-Beast began capturing ships to melt down and create another Sky Island, but this time he met defeat at the hands of the mighty Thor.

The lower brain fell in love with the Jade Giantess, She-Hulk, but she turned him down. Bi-Beast also came into conflict with the Defenders, but is still at large after his defeat.


164. Brand Hex (3 points)

ImageHexus is originally from Earth in the Sunken Galaxy. It was found there by the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt after it had already infected the planet. The Kree Gestalt tried to destroy it, even going as far as wiping out the entire time line, but it couldn't be stopped and ended up being the only thing left. Not being able to kill it, the Kree captured it and contained it in their ship's Concept Dungeon, a place where dangerous ideas are kept from influencing and spreading into the outside world.

As a living parasitic idea, Hexus has no body of it's own, but that doesn't make it powerless. It fact, it makes it even more dangerous and it has even been classed as a planetary level emergency. Hexus grows by hiring employees and consuming rival corporations. It adapts to whatever its host planet thinks it wants and sells it to them while hypnotizing the populace with advertising that eventually turns everyone into an employee. These employees lose their free will and independent thought and when Hexus has grown enough they start building space ships so Hexus logo-spores can be spread to new planets. Once new worlds had been infected the original host world would be consumed by Hexus until no people or resources were left.


163. Angar the Screamer (4 points)

ImageDavid Angar was a hippie and a social activist who lived in San Francisco. After Angar volunteered to an experiment that would give him superhuman powers, he gained the power of hyper sound, which allowed him to scream so loudly that he could make someone hallucinate.

Angar became a villain and fought many superheroes over the years, including Daredevil and the Black Widow.

Angar became romantically involved with Screaming Mimi, who had similar powers. Angar was shot and killed in a robbery in which they both participated, causing Screaming Mimi to scream so loud that her larynx was destroyed.

The Fixer took Angar's body and experimented upon his larynx.

The Fixer's experiments resurrected Angar himself as the abstract sound being Scream, who became part of the Redeemers. Scream showed no emotions or intelligence and only obeyed orders. When the Redeemers fought Graviton, most of the team was killed and Scream was dispersed. He managed to restore itself through Songbird's energy and went on a rampage, until he had Songbird disperse him for good.

Songbird and the Redeemers were unaware of Scream's true identity as Angar the Screamer. Songbird did notice something familiar about Scream, but only realized his true identity when Scream restored himself and took Angar's appearance again.


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