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Your Top Modern Characters part 5

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:47 am

Well, another placement up and we have SEVEN more characters, and yes, I am pretty sure you will complain bout how crappy they are. Sorry, nothing I can do, folks.

268(a) 7 characters (3 points each)

ImageDaredevil 1602

Year first appeared: 2003

No, this is not the comic he first appeared in, but this is the only decent pic of him I could find.

So, I never read 1602. Seriously. I never ever read. How lame am I? Really lame? Or really really really lame? Ok, never mind that. The story takes place in the year 1602 in the Marvel Universe, where, for an unknown reason, super-powered beings have appeared 400 years too early. All over Europe, strange weather is provoking panic. Many believe the unnatural occurrences are the beginning of the Apocalypse. Dr. Stephen Strange, the court magician of Queen Elizabeth I, senses that there are unnatural forces at work. He also comes to learn that the secret treasure of the Knights Templar is being moved from Jerusalem to England, and Elizabeth orders her head of intelligence, Sir Nicholas Fury, to bring the weapon to England safely.

Matthew Murdoch, a blind Irish minstrel and freelance agent, who occasionally works for Sir Nicholas. Matthew acquired heightened senses from a mysterious substance he encountered as a child, and is this world's Daredevil. He shows a lot of the quick wit and humor that Daredevil displayed before Frank Miller turned him into a more serious and moody character. Goddamn you Frank!!



Year first appeared: 1992

Oh Liefeld, you make the most wonderful creations. Seriously, how the hell did this guy get more then zero points? And his history is soooo whacked. I remember him killing Spawn (see further up the list) but this stuff is completely nuts.

His real name is Bruce Stinson, he was employed by Operation Knightstrike with Al Simmons. Chapel would later murder his teammate. Chapel was injected with several chemicals giving him superhuman abilities. What he didn't know is that he was injected with the HIV virus, at the will of his superiors. Chapel was contracted by Jason Wynn to kill Spawn. His face is covered by a skull, which was painted at first, but after his encounter with Spawn the tattoo became permanent as it were his bones marked by the hand of Spawn.

He later joined Youngblood. Chapel uses lots of various weapons, from guns to swords, and he is a formidable fighter.

During the extreme sacrifice saga he killed himself after chasing Spawn to become Lord Chapel, working for the devil and willing to destroy Youngblood and his old teammates. After being separated from his Hellish counterpart Lord Chapel, he was returned to Earth as a woman, then turned back into a man. He has teamed up with Spawn to fight his other self.

Then Liefeld and McFarlane had a falling out, and Chapel was replaced by a white female named Priest.



Year first appeared: 2003

David Alleyne was born a mutant, but kept his power to pick up knowledge and skills from others a secret from his friends and family. Dani Moonstar recruited him and he decided to go to the Xavier Institute after an attack by Purity, an anti-mutant group. He was depowered after M-day, but to an extent, regained his powers in New X-Men #43. He can no longer absorb new skills telepathically, but thanks to the powerful psionic abilities of the Stepford Cuckoos, has all the knowledge and skills he had ever gained are at his disposal, similar to a photographic memory-based muscle mimicry power. It is implied that he has every skill that the X-Men have been known to possess like Wolverine's samurai skills but it hasn't been directly shown, however he is still a baseline human with no physical enhancements so he won't be able to perform any super-human feats.



Year first appeared: 1993

What? Red X from the Teen Titans cartoon was nominated? Hell no, he sucks. This X is awesome. Yeah, let the naysayers say he is lame, but the World Greatest World line was pretty fricking amazing in my opinion. They had wicked characters like Ghost, Titan, and this badass: X.

X is a vigilante based out of Arcadia. His blood has regenerative powers that allow him to heal from all wounds. His blood will also learn from each wound and heal faster next time he is injured in the same way. He most likely is undead, and appeared in the era of the anti-hero. Judge and Jury of Arcadia he takes down the criminal empire that runs the city with fists and bullets.

Seriously, sounds cliche and what not, but this was a fun fun comic.


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