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Your Top DCU Villains part 18

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:52 am



69. Lobo (25 Points)

Lobo is the last survivor of the tranquil, peace loving Czarnian (Velorpian in Giffen's Omega Men) race. Pacifism, however, was not in Lobo's nature. He bit off the midwife's fingers, frightened a delivery nurse to death and attacked staff with scalpels at his own birth. His name is Khundian for "he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it." The carnage was only just beginning; Lobo killed every person charged with overseeing him until he decided to kill every last Czarnian. With his genocide complete, he decided to become a bounty hunter. He would help the Omega Men to defeat the Spider Guild and the Citadel.

In his travels around the universe, Lobo has frequently found himself either on Earth or encountering its heroes. Lobo is rarely diplomatic and these encounters often become violent. Lobo's first trip to Earth (as well as many later encounters) saw him clash with Superman. As both of them are immensely powerful and unable to decisively beat the other, Superman usually has to find a way to appease Lobo before the damage (and the death toll) gets to severe. Due to his inability to beat Superman, Lobo will often challenge him in an effort to finally prove he is better.

Recently he has taken a vow of nonviolence from the "great fishy one" as seen in the series 52 and had taken a quest to find the Great Emerald Eye. Upon completing of the quest, Lobo discovers that the eye is the only weapon capable of destroying the Great Fishy One and is seen using it, supposedly to free himself of his vow.


68. Dr. Sivana (25 Points)

ImageHe was one of the richest men in Fawcett City. Using weapons of his own creation, Sivana has tried many time's to defeat Captain Marvel, the defender of Fawcett City, it's even his life pursuit. However, Captain Marvel destroyed Sivana's business empire and research facility rendering him resourceless and bitter.

According to The Origin of Dr. Sivana (Whiz Comics #15, March 1941), he began with the best intentions, with progressive scientific ideas that could revolutionize industry but was rejected by everyone he approached. Laughed out of society, Sivana took his family to the planet Venus, where he stayed until his children were grown, and Earth not as backward as when he left it. During his years away, struggling to tame the Venusian jungle, Sivana turned bitter.

The Golden Age Sivana was a twice-widowed father with four children: good-natured adult offspring Beautia and Magnificus, and evil teenagers Georgia and Thaddeus Jr. (aka Sivana Jr.) Sivana. Sivana Jr., and Georgia constituted the super villain group Sivana Family, the evil counterpart to the Marvel Family. Magnificus and Beautia, however, were not enemies to the Marvels; in fact, Beautia has an unrequited crush on Captain Marvel (whom she does not realize is really an adolescent boy, Billy Batson).

Sivana's family was erased from existence due to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, but due to Zero Hour, both Beautia and Magnificus (along with their mother Venus Sivana) were restored to life. As a result of Infinite Crisis, Georgia and Thaddeus Jr. were also restored to existence as well.


67. Prometheus (25 points - 2 first place slots)

The son of two outlaw criminals that were finally tracked down by the authorities and killed in a hail of bullets during a shootout.

Swearing revenge upon all institutions of justice, the young man used the fortune his parents had hidden in multiple locations to finance a world class education, taking him from the halls of Ivy League universities to the brutality of savage jungles.

Following a legend of a Tibetan monastery, that was not what it seemed, he discovered a pathway to another dimension where he could create the identity of Prometheus.


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