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Toy Shed: Going Mad With Galvatron

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:51 am

BEHOLD, GALVATRON! And this is Zechs writing an article on the Deluxe Class Transformers Universe figure. Expect bad comedy. Ever since Hasbro released their Transformers Classic line, about the top three figures I really hoped for but never saw where: #1 Shockwave, #2 Galvatron, and #3 Soundwave. One of those figures was released as a Toys R Us exclusive last year, and sad to say there's still no sign of number one. However, number two has been unleashed in deluxe class form (which supposedly is a downgrade from what he originally was).

The tank design (curiously, Galvatron never was a tank in G1, I'm guessing it's a homage to the Armada Galvatron) is quite nice. There is a way to use the small stands he has on the back of his treads to even make him appear to look like a cannon (so those wishing to frag their Classics Starscream with him like that can do so). Also, the tank side of him measures up the usual deluxe size.Image

The transformation from tank to actual figure however is not. For a deluxe class figure, Galvatron is a pain to transform. Little kids will not have an easy time; they will probably ask their parents to transform him. He's that difficult. Even more so, I found some parts of him snapping off regularly during transformations, something that hasn't ever happened to me with a Transformer figure before. Thankfully, the parts that do come off (left arm and both legs are the usual suspects) can be snapped right back on. Or if you want to do the quick and easy way, you could snap them off and put them back on to make the transformation back to tank a little easier.

Once you figure out how to transform him (it took me about a half hour and a look at a you tube video on how to transform properly the first time) the figure is a quite nice detailed figure. He's actually taller then most of the deluxe class figures (he overshadows most of the Seekers I have save for Ramjet, and it’s on a good scale when comparing it to the Classics Hot Rod from awhile back). Now most of his upper form quite nicely compliments his G1 image (the purple body and red squared box stomach). However, that's about it, I'm more reminded of his IDW comic appearance more than the actual cartoon version. Galvatron is Imagesomewhat poseable, the back area is so heavy that at times he'll be falling back. His firing missile is quite strong (compared to say any of the Seekers or Soundwave's firing missiles). The feature I loved most of the figure is the head, which under the proper light behind him really show's off his eyes that nicely shine.

All and all, I pretty much say unless you’re the most hardcore of fan of Transformers that’s the only reason to buy him. For everyone else, I say pass it. If you're the casual fan and if you're a fan of the character get it, but if you’re not, don't. Galvatron is a real neat figure, if you can get past the hurdles of his transforming and his recurring habit of parts of him snapping off. But if you’re thinking of giving him to a young kid, no way should you. He'll be nothing more than collecting dust on the toy shelf.

So, final verdict:

Transformers Universe Deluxe Galvatron: Buyable, but only for the hardcore of fan. Pass if you're getting it for a kid.



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