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Your Top Modern Characters part 63

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:34 am

Two Marvels and a Wildstorm for your viewing enjoyment.

Image159. Domino (25 points)

Year first appeared: 1992

"Luck be a lady. Just try and take down this lovely lady. Domino has a past with Cable. Lead X-Force. And now provides the light in the new dark X-Force. Lets make this girl an official X-Man already!"

"Never thought much about her all that much but reading her in Cable and Deadpool then the new X-Force series and the Wolverine cartoon has made me a fan of her."

Domino was a product of a government plan to genetically engineer fighting soldiers known as Project: Armageddon. She was taken from the project by a cult and placed in the care of a priest in Chicago. She lived with him until she ran away at the age of thirteen.

Domino's mutant powers essentially gave her good luck. She can subconsciously and psionically affect the probabilities and make things work in her favor and against others. She has worked for various government agencies and became a freelance mercenary. Later she became part of the mercenary group, Six Pack, where she met the mutant Cable. Domino was kidnapped by an arms dealer known as Tolliver and was replaced by a mutant shape shifter known as Copycat. Tolliver was really Cable's son, Tyler Dayspring.

Cable took over leadership of Professor X's group of young mutants, the New Mutants and transformed them into the rapid reaction strike force team, X-Force. Copycat, posing as Domino, was his second in command until the real Domino was eventually freed. After some issues with her old teammates, she returned to Cable, and the two led X-Force together for quite some time.

In a series of events, Domino and Cable grew closer, and they even went on dates. Though Domino didn't acknowledge that he was anything more than a friend, she soon proved herself wrong when they shared a kiss prior to the onset of the Age of Apocalypse. Afterwards, their relationship was never dealt with. Both were thrown into fight after fight, and never actually talked about their feelings.

Domino did get herself into a bit of a trouble later. During Operation: Zero Tolerance, she was taken in, and had her powers tinkered with. A woman she had dealt with in the past had come to seek revenge against her, and in doing so, set Domino onto a long path that dampened her humor and personality. Her head was shaved and her powers were being blocked. She had no access to them until Jesse Bedlam and his abilities surged them up. Following her loss of power, she left Cable and X-force, but eventually rejoined the team. When X-Force disbanded, Domino joined the X-Corporation, a search and rescue organization for mutants. She was approached by the government agency, SHIELD and joined a newly formed Six Pack.

After the events of M-Day, in which the majority of mutants lost their powers, Domino and former X-Force teammate Shatterstar liberated the 198, mutants in a refugee camp, imprisoned for their own safety against the rest of the world. She then left the Six Pack when most of its members are captured and deported to Rumekistan and rejoined Cable in Providence until a battle against the Hecatomb sank the island and Cable was presumed dead. She was later recruited alongside Silver Sable and the Contessa to capture the Punisher. She was the only one to believe his innocence until everyone saw the imposter killing civilians. She is last seen joining X-Force, now a mutant Black Ops team lead by Wolverine who are tracking down Vanisher who has stolen a strain of the Legacy Virus.


Image158. Patriot (25 points)

Year first appeared: 2005

"Leader of the Young Avengers. He's a teenager that handles the bald thing very well. No in all seriousness though, he's a great leader and worthy of the Captain America's legacy."

"The perfectly placed chip on the shoulder character. Just enough anger to not become anyone’s lapdog, just enough common sense to know when to follow. Love the dynamic between he and several characters (one coming up on this list). His future looks pretty bright in the MU."

When Nathaniel Richards (Iron Lad) traveled from the future to enlist the Avengers to stop his future self, Kang, he found that the team had disbanded. Assembling an alternative team of young heroes that could challenge the time traveling despot, one of his potential recruits Josiah Bradley could not be found and his family knew nothing of his whereabouts.

Determined to help the young time traveler and live-up to the legacy of his grandfather, Eli Bradley found a means though the illegal drug M.G.H. (mutant growth hormone) to give him the power of a super-soldier. Claiming to have obtained his physical powers via a blood transfusion from his grand-father, a claim which would eventually come true, Bradley donned a patriotic uniform becoming the Patriot.

While secretly using his specially concocted MGH formula, Elijah possessed agility, strength, speed, endurance, and reaction-time superior to that of normal Super Soldiers like Captain America. After receiving a blood transfusion from his grandfather, Elijah developed genuine Super Soldier abilities, including super strength and super hearing. Patriot carries a replica of Captain America's original, star-spangled, triangular shield it look very similar to the one his grandfather used to wield, though his grandfather’s was unpainted. He also has throwing stars, modeled after the stars of the flag, that he keeps on his person and can use like shruiken.


Image157. Apollo (25 points)

Year first appeared: 1998

"Midnighter may be the more popular one, but Apollo is the one that keeps the couple grounded. And much sexier too. "

Apollo's abilities are powered by solar energy, which he absorbs from the Sun's UV rays, which he is also able to store limited quantities inside his body. The way in which Apollo absorbs sunlight is similar to photosynthesis. However, with no exposure to sunlight, he will quickly lose his powers, starting with his ability to fly. Apollo is able to quickly regain this ability with about 20 seconds of sunlight exposure, and will be fully charged in 2 hours. When at full power, Apollo can withstand the molten heat at the Earth's core, destroy entire spaceships by flying through them at intense speeds, and practically level entire city blocks. He is also able to survive in the vacuum of space by simply not breathing, and he does not require food or drink to survive, although he enjoys both. Apollo has also able to circle the globe in sixty seconds. While the full range and extent of his powers are astounding, it is possible for his energy stores to become depleted if kept out of the sun long enough.

After the events of World's End, Apollo has been greatly changed. His solar charge now depletes much faster and leaves him weaker than it ever did before. For this reason he constantly stays in the sun, only coming down to Earth when necessary. Because of this, Apollo is only capable of fighting for short periods of time before needing a recharge. His recharging, however, seems much more effective as it has been shown that he can reform bone by being in the sun.



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