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The LOST Report 2/27

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:15 pm

Image What started with the Season Three finale, "Through the Looking Glass,"(where we saw the beginnings of the Jeremy Bentham mystery) andcontinued throughout Season Four and the first half of this season,finally came to an end last night as we saw "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" unfold.Image What started with the Season Three finale, "Through the Looking Glass,"(where we saw the beginnings of the Jeremy Bentham mystery) andcontinued throughout Season Four and the first half of this season,finally came to an end last night as we saw "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"unfold - Bentham, of course, being the alias that John Locke used whenhe left the Island. And what an episode it was! Reminiscent of "Meet Kevin Johnson"from last season, last night's episode took us through Locke's journey,from beginning to end, filling in all the holes and questions we hadabout how he got off the Island, what he did, and how he accepted the"sacrifice" which the Island demanded of him.  DETAILED RUNDOWN Aftercrashing, not on the main Island, but on the smaller "Alcatraz" island,the Ajira Airlines plane and it's survivors had created a makeshiftcamp around a fire. The episode opened with one of the survivors,Ceasar (played by Saïd Taghmaoui) discovering the Hydra Stationsomewhere on the island. He appeared to be searching for something, ashe dug through cabinets, finding papers about Hydrogen Bomb testing,formulas, and maps of the island which looked remarkably like the oneDanielle Rousseau had when she first captured Sayid in Season One. Ashe flipped through folders and files, Ceasar discovered a sawed-offshotgun taped to the bottom of a desk, and quickly stashed it insidehis bag, hiding it from another fellow survivor who had just walked inon him - the woman accompanying a handcuffed-Sayid on the plane, Ilana. It's at this point that things got interesting.  Ilanatold Ceasar that they found someone on the beach, completelyunrecognizeable by any of the survivors... A man, dressed in a blacksuit, standing in the water. As they quickly made their way back to thebeach, they found the man, sitting in the sand, covered with a blanketfrom head to toe, and surrounded by a group of newly minted redshirts(for Smokey/The Others/Widmore to kill later on!) After asking him whohe was, the figure slowly removed the blanket covering his head, anddeclared - "My name is John Locke." ImageIf that wasn't a Jedi moment, I don't know what was. Afterthe intro, we picked up the next morning, as Locke stood on the beach,staring across the ocean at "his" Island as Ilana walked up. With therest of the survivors huddled around two canoe's, Ilana (played byZuleikha Robinson of HBO's Rome fame) told him that the pilot andanother woman took a third one in the middle of the night withouttelling anyone, and took off, presumably for the bigger Island. Lockewondered if she had a list of the passengers on the plane, obviouslywondering if his gamble had paid off, and the Oceanic Six had come backwith him. Unfortunately, Ilana told him that he'd have to talk toCeasar. However, she told him that nobody remembered him being on theplane. After a brief questioning by her, Locke fessed up that he couldonly assume why he was dressed in a suit, but remembered one thing...he remembered dying. Witha return of the classic flashback element this episode, cued by theominous Michael Giacchino theme, we picked up where we last saw Lockeon the Island - turning the giant donkey wheel, and being asked byChristian Shephard to say hello to his son, as he disappeared in thenow-traditional flash of light. When Locke awoke, he was in Tunisia, inthe exact same place we saw Ben appear at after he moved the Island in "There's No Place Like Home."After throwing up, seemingly the after-effect of teleportation, Lockerealized that his leg was in a severely bad shape and he was unable toget up. He screamed for help, seemingly to no avail, until he noticed acamera aimed directly at him from a pole several feet away from him. Asnight came, and with Locke's condition worsening, a truck drove up andseveral men with guns hoisted him up and drove off. He was taken to amakeshift hospital, where his broken leg was very crudely treated bythe local doctor. Before Locke passed out from the pain, he noticedsomeone watching over him from the corner of the room - Matthew Abaddon. Image 

WhenLocke awoke, his mysterious benefactor was sitting beside his bed. Itwas none other than Charles Widmore, who had been monitoring the spotwhere Locke was found, which he claimed was the "exit point" from theIsland. Widmore, as it turned out, knew all about Locke's mission, andremembered him from their meeting on the Island when Widmore was onlyseventeen years old. Widmore tells Locke that he had eventually becomeleader of the Others after their meeting on the Island fifty years ago,and that he protected the Island, peacefully, for more than threedecades. However, Widmore reveals that he was tricked into leaving theIsland by Ben.. he was exiled, and could no longer return, thusanswering our question of why he's been trying to get to the Island forseveral seasons now.  Withthe revelation that the Oceanic Six had been back from the Island forthree years already, Locke realized that his job would be much moredifficult now that they'd all gotten back to their own lives and movedon. However, Widmore told John that he would do whatever was in hispower to help him bring the O6 back. However, Locke, still under theassumption that Charles Widmore is the bad guy, questioned why Widmorewould want him and the rest of the Oceanic Six back on the Island. Witha foreboding tone, Widmore told him that there is a war coming, andthat if John and the other Oceanic survivors weren't back on theisland, the "wrong side" was going to win. Image

Laterin the day, Widmore re-introduced Matthew Abbadon, and provided Johnwith the locations of all of the Oceanic Six, and enough money totravel comfortably in his journey to round them all up. And MatthewAbbadon, the mysterious figure we've seen for two seasons now, would behis assistant. Thefirst name on Locke's list was Sayid Jarah. After wasting years of hislife as a soldier, and then more time being manipulated by Ben to be akiller after he returned from the Island and his wife Nadia wasmurdered, Sayid now spent his days in Santo Domingo, building schoolsfor charity, and being productive.. doing "real good," in his ownwords. Sayid, however, wanted nothing to do with Locke's plan. Feelingsick of being manipulated, he told John that he would not go back, butLocke was more than welcome to join him in Santo Domingo, doing "realgood." Image

Locke had started on his journey 0-for-1. Whennext we saw Locke, we appeared to be in New York City. Sitting inside acar parked on the side of the street across from what appeared to be aschool - Fieldcroft School, to be precise, Locke told Abbadon, who wasin the driver's seat, that there was someone he would like him to lookup for him. He told him about Helen Norwood, his old girlfriend, whowas living in Los Angeles.  As the school bell rang, and kids weredismissed, they got out of the car. It was none other than Walt, mucholder than last they met, who walked out after dismissal and noticedJohn sitting in his wheelchair across the street. However, he did notseem very surprised to see Locke, and told him that he had been havingdreams about him. In his dreams, Locke was on the island, in a suit,and ther were people around him who wanted to hurt him - very ominous,considering the opening scenes of the episode. Walt asked about hisdad, wondering if Locke knew where he was, or if he went back to theIsland... however, unable to tell him the truth, Locke tells him thatthe last he heard, Michael was on a freighter near the Island. Waltdidn't seem to believe him, but just shrugged it off.  Waltwondered why Locke was there to see him, and Locke told him he justwanted to make sure he was ok. He wasn't able to bring himself toinvite Walt back to the Island, and told Abbadon that he had beenthrough enough. As they got back into the car, arguing about Locke'slack of success thus far, we panned to the far side of the street, inthe distance, to see Ben Linus looking on, ominously. Image

Now 0-for-2, their next destination was Santa Rosa, California, where Hurley was still a patient at the mental hospital.  Intraditionally humorous Hurley-fashion, as Locke rolled up to him justoutside the hospital in the park area, Hurley believed him to be yetanother ghost - "So you didn't make it, huh?" However, after gettingconfirmation from one of the aides nearby that John was infact veryreal, Hurley jumped up in surprise. He didn't, however, take Locke'sdesire to return to the Island as badly as one would expect.Unfortunately, Hurley told Locke that he didn't think it would bepossible, as they had all gone back to their lives. Upon seeing Abbadonby the car, Hurley freaked out and told Locke about his previousmeeting with Abbadon. Untrustful of Abbadon, Hurley told John that hewouldn't go anywhere with him, and he was taken away by nurses. 0-for-3. Image

Asthey got back in the car, Locke received a lecture from Abbadon abouthis lack of success. Bitter as usual, Locke asked Abbadon what he didfor Widmore.. it was at this point that Abbadon opened up. He told himabout their previous meetings, when he was an orderly in the hospitalafter Locke's accident, and was the one who told him to go on thewalkabout that put him on the plane that crashed on the Island. MatthewAbbadon, it seems, was someone who helped people "get to where theyneed to be." Nextup was Los Angeles, the very next scene, in the home of Kate Austen, asKate flat out told him that her answer was "no". Despite the knowledgethat everyone on the Island was going to die unless she went back, Katesaid her answer was still no. She told John that she thought about himsometimes, about how desperate he was to stay on the Island, and thatshe realized it was because he didn't love anybody. So, Locke told herabout Helen. He told her it didn't work out, because he was angry andobsessed.  Dealingwith yet another failure, and the memory of Helen brought back up,Locke left Kate's house demanding that Abbadon tell him where she is.Despite Abbadon's attempts to deny having found her, he finallysuccumbs and takes him to her. The next scene, they arrived at acemetary in Santa Monica. Helen, it seems, passed away in 2006 from abrain aneurism. Locke believed that if he had stayed with her, theywould've been together, but the truth is that she would have diedregardless. As they debated about fate and destiny, getting back intothe car, three shots rang out, and Locke saw Abbadon's bloodied bodysmear up against the back of the car. He quickly got into the driver'sseat, and drove off, saving himself.. however, swerving dangerouslydown the road resulted in Locke crashing into two cars at anintersection. Image

Whenhe woke up, he was in a hospital room, and Jack Shephard was sittingnext to him. Overjoyed at the odds of being sent to the same hospitalthat Jack was working at, Locke preached to him about fate and destiny,however, ever-cynical, Jack told him that it was not their destiny toreturn to the Island, and that John should reconsider the "delusions"that he was special. Jack told him to wonder if he was just a lonelyold man who crashed on an island, and walked towards the door.Desperate, Locke finally spoke and told Jack that his father saidhello. He told him of his deductions that the man on the Islandcouldn't have been Hurley or Sayid's father, so it had to be Jack's,and that his name was Christian. Almost in tears, Jack told Locke thathis father was dead and that none of them were ever important, beforeleaving. Andso, completely unsuccessful, Locke returned to his hotel room, andwrote the now infamous letter to Jack. He set up a noose made of anextention cord in his ceiling, and prepared to hang himself with it.Inches away from certain death, he was stopped by a pounding at thedoor. The door broke open, and who burst through? Why, Benjamin Linus,of course. He told Locke that he had someone watching Sayid and theothers, and was notified when Locke turned up. He told him that he wasthe one who shot Abbadon, because he was working for Widmore, who was"extremely dangerous." Ben talked Locke down from the noose, by tellinghim that Jack booked a ticket to Sydney - if Locke could get Jack, hewould be able to get the rest of them as well. Locke had no idea howimportant he was, and how much work he still had to do on the Island.Ben tried to reassure Locke by telling him that they could still dothis.. that he hadn't even gone to Sun yet. Upon hearing this, Locketold Ben that he promised Jin he wouldn't bring Sun back - thisapparently shocked Ben. He either didn't know that Jin was alive, or hepretended to not know. You could see the wheels turning inside Ben'shead, formulating some plot or another. Image

AsBen helped John to his bed, Locke, with his back to Ben told him hisnext step was going to see a woman in Los Angeles named Eloise Hawking.Ben knew this name - his eyes darted up immediately upon hearing it.After he acknowledged that he did, infact, know Mrs. Hawking, Bendarted towards Locke and wrapped the noose around his neck, holding onthroughout all of the struggling, until all the life had been squeezedfrom John's body. Ben then proceeded to raise Locke up in the noose,and made it seem like a suicide, making sure to wipe down any furniturehe may have touched while he was there. After pocketing Jin's weddingring, and getting his coat, Ben stood by the doorway and said, "I'll miss you John... I really will." And he almost looked sincere. Almost. Image

Andso the flashback ended. We returned to the Island, where Ceasar wasflipping through some Hydra station Dharma files as Locke came in tovisit him. He tells Ceasar that the symbol on the files represents theDharma Initiative, who were conducting experiments on the Island at onepoint, and that he knew this because he spent 108 days on the Island.After questioning Locke's situation, Ceasar told him that he had amystery of his own.. he recalls the white flash of light on the plane,and Hurley and the others all disappearing. Locke realized that he ismore than likely talking about the Oceanic Six, and asked for apassenger list. Unfortunately, the pilot took it when he ran off.Ceasar told Locke that everyone is accounted for, "except for thepeople that got hurt." So he takes John to their "sick bay" where wesaw several people sleeping through their various injuries. Lockenoticed a figure sleeping at the far side of the room and walked up toit. When Ceasar asked if Locke knew him, Locke responded... "Yeah. He's the man who killed me." Image 

  THOUGHTS Holycrap. I believe those were my exact words after this episode ended. Isaw some "meh" reactions to the episode on the board, and I couldn'tbelieve anyone would find this episode to be anything short of awesome.From the very beginning, with the cool Locke-reveal on the beach, tohis meeting with Widmore.. to the end with Ben, it was an easy 10/10. CharlesWidmore remembered Locke from when he was 17, and he was surprised tosee that it's only been four days since they met for Locke.. with allthe time he spent on the Island, he didn't know about it's timeproperties? The meeting between the two was easily one of the coolestfanboyish moments this season for me. It reminded me of how I felt whenPenny and Desmond finally reunited at the end of last season.. not thatWidmore and Locke should get and have a baby, although that could makefor an interesting sitcom spinoff when this is all over.. but it'sprobably the first time we've ever really seen Widmore open up! Now..whether or not he was entirely truthful with Locke is up for debate. ButI must admit, after his speech about his history with the Island, Ifind it much easier to consider that he could be telling the truth andthat Ben is the true "bad" guy. Especially after we found out how"Jeremy Bentham" died.  Butsome regulars from the LOST Thread did bring up good points - theredoesn't necessarily have to be a good and bad guy. They could both bevarying degrees of bad. Both Ben and Charles want the Island for theirown purposes. Both of them consider it "theirs".. and both will go togreat lengths to make it so. See: Widmore sending a freighter full ofmercenaries to wipe our everyone on the Island, Ben brutally murderingLocke. Andwhat of Locke? I have to say, I found his reveal to Ceasar at thebeginning of the episode very Star Wars-ish. Maybe a little bit of BenKenobi mixed in with some Yoda?  Sowhat do you guys think.. does Locke really have a destiny? Is he reallyspecial? Important? Or was Jack right.. was he really just a longelyold man who crashed on the Island? Is Locke so desperate to be special,that he makes it pathetically easy for people to manipulate him? Weknow Ben has done it numerous times. I mean, the entire second seasonpractically defined their relationship as one of repetitivemanipulations. Is Widmore doing the same thing?  Ican't help but wonder if Locke's role isn't more of an Abbadon-esque"get people to where they need to be" type thing. (But more on that inTheories..) Anotherthing about Widmore that caught my eye... he said he was 17 when he metLocke. And he said he was the leader of the Others and they "safelyprotected" the Island for 30 years. That would make him.. what, 47-48 when he got off the Island, at least?  So..either he's lying about something, or Penny was born on the Island.Some crazy food for thought there. Perhaps he was able to go on and offthe Island, like Richard was.. or perhaps Penny is adopted? Who knows..but something doesn't quite add up in his story, does it? Andthat ending! The ending was nuts. We've come to expect alot from Benover the years, and there's not much I wouldn't put past him.. but Iwas genuinely surprised when he killed Locke. He used him forinformation, and disposed of him without so much as a second thought.Cold as ice. Whatever this war that's coming is, and however it playsout.. Ben is going to cause some serious damage to the other side. Wecan only hope no more of our LOSTies are caught in the middle.. a hopethat I'm sure will fall on deaf ears for the writers.   THEORIES I'llstart off with one of my own that I've been stewing on for a few daysnow, and it kind of started from all the talk of Locke playing the"Christian Shephard" role on the Ajira flight, and ties in to waht Iwas talking about earlier about Locke's role as being more of anAbbadon-esque thing. Sohere's the deal.. what if Christian Shephard had been on the Islandbefore? What if he was sent on a mission to bring certain people to theIsland.. or, more specifically, a certain someone. His own son, Jack,who clearly has a huge role to play at some point on the Island. Jackis special. He's the real deal, unlike Locke, who is just the stooge. Ifirmly believe this. Jack is destined to lead the Others, just like hewas destined to lead the Flight 815 survivors. So. Christian Shephardhad to bring his son to the Island.. but, just like with Locke, he hadto die in order to do so. And when Flight 815 crashed on the Island,and Christian's body was missing from the coffin, and Jack saw himwalking around the Island still in his suit and sneakers.. well, it wasbecause, just like with Locke, Christian was resurrected somehow.  Itmakes sense if you think about it.. when we first saw him, we assumedhe was a ghost, or some sort of figure created by Smokey. But when wesaw him last season, he was no longer wearing the suit. He was wearing"island-clothes," for lack of a better term.  Butwhat this would mean for Jack, I don't know. At this point, though..I'd say the good money is on Jack being the true leader that bothWidmore and Ben claim Locke is going to become. And Locke? He's fallingfor everyone's manipulations, desperately wanting to be special.Nothing ever changes for poor Locke. We've only got one theory from the LOST Thread this week, and it comes to us from Thunderstorm"...the comment about how John looks exactly the same after 50 years seemed to be clue to Alpert's agelessness." Sois Richard Alpert like Locke? Is he just bouncing around through theIsland's timeline? Or does he just flat out not age? We know early onin LOST, during the original Lost Experience ARG, there was mention ofa Life Extension Project by the Hanso Foundation.. could there besomething to that on the Island? Something in addition to the crazytime properties? I doubt we'll find out this season, but it's a verygood point. That's all for this week. The column went up later than I expected this week, but there was a lot to take in. Episode 5x08, "LaFleur" is up next week. Expect the column by Friday at the latest. The LOST Thread Rating: 9.12/10   Season 5:
1. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (9.12)
2. This Place is Death (8.8)
3. Jughead (8.26)
4. 316 (8.0)
5. The Little Prince (7.954)
6. Because You Left/The Lie (7.4) 


Ours Favorite LOST episodes, season 3 - current (continued from OldRama): 

* 9.3 Through the Looking Glass 
* 9.29 There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 - Season 4 finale 
* 9.12 The Shape of Things to Come
* 9.12 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham 
* 9.1 The Constant 
* 8.9 The Man Behind the Curtain 
* 8.8 This Place Is Death 
* 8.84 The Beginning of the End 
* 8.803 Confirmed Dead 
* 8.80 The Brig 
* 8.75 The Man From Tallahasse 
* 8.71 One of Us 
* 8.66 There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 
* 8.65 Cabin Fever 
* 8.58 The Economist 
* 8.3 Flashes Before Your Eyes 
* 8.26 Jughead 
* 8.2 Greatest Hits 
* 8.13 Eggtown 
* 8.06 Further Insructions 
* 8.0238 Every Man For Himself 
* 8.0232 Enter 77 
* 8.0 316
* 7.98 Meet Kevin Johnson 
* 7.954 The Little Prince 
* 7.95 Left Behind 
* 7.93 Par Avion 
* 7.87 A Tale of Two Cities 
* 7.8 Glass Ballerina 
* 7.74 Ji Yeon 
* 7.407 Because You Left/The Lie 
* 7.704 Tricia Tanaka Is Dead 
* 7.703 Expose 
* 7.702 I Do 
* 7.6 Something Nice Back Home 
* 7.4 D.O.C. 
* 7.3 Not in Portland 
* 7.1 The Other Woman 
* 7.0 Catch-22 
* 6.9 The Cost of Living 
* 6.2 Stranger in a Strange Land

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