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Your Top DCU Villains part 6

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:38 am



110. Brother Blood (9 Points)

During Pope Innocent's crusades of the 13th Century his knights invaded the country of Zandia. When the high priest refused subjugation, the knights began to slay the holy men. During the battle, the high priest acquired the Cloak of Christ; purportedly worn by Jesus at the last supper, which was being returned to the Holy land for exorcism of dark powers instilled into it by evil mystics.

Donning the cloak the high priest was invigorated by the faith of his fighters and lead them to victory, bathing in the blood of his fallen enemies which gave him even greater power and immortality.

Closing Zandia to the outside world the high priest ruled for over half a century until he was slain by his son at the age of 100. Thus it was for centuries; son slaying father, bathing in his blood and growing stronger from his followers' belief in him. It was not until modern times that the cycle was broken.

The ruler of Zandia, fearing the curse of Blood, attempted to slay his American wife and her child. They fled the country, and the young woman married into a wealthy royal family where her son learned to wield power from his stepfather. After returning from his education abroad the young man learned that his beloved mother was being slowly killed by his stepfather's hand. Enraged he murdered the King and fled to his land of birth, killing his own father and establishing his rule as Brother Blood.


109. Mr. Terrible (9 Points)

This is one of those WTF moments I had adding this up. I totally forgot this Mr. Terrible existed, but alas, a few of you remember him. And he even Ares, a God of War. Anywho, parody of Mister Terrific. He wears a similar costume with a face make-up, with a leather jacket with the words "Foul Play" written in both sleeves That’s all I really got.


Image108. Duchess (9 points)

Lashina was raised in Granny Goodness' orphanage and became the leader of the Female Furies when Big Barda left for Earth. Bernadeth, one of her fellow Female Furies, plotted revenge, as she desired leadership.

During a mission to recover Glorious Godfrey, a New God who had been imprisoned on Earth, Bernadeth betrays Lashina. Abandoned on Earth and wounded, Lashina is left in an amnesiac state. She subsequently assumed the identity of Duchess and joined the Suicide Squad.

During her time with the Suicide Squad, Duchess participates in several heroic missions, but when her memory returns, she plans to return to Apokolips. She manages to convince many members of the Suicide Squad to return with her where as others are outright kidnapped, such as Dr. Light, Count Vertigo and Amanda Waller. A vicious battle ensues between the Suicide Squad and the Apokoliptican forces, resulting in the death of many members of the Suicide Squad. Lashina, however, is focused on getting revenge on Bernadeth. After a long, savage battle, Lashina snaps Bernadeth's neck, killing her. Darkseid, appalled that Lashina had brought humans to Apokolips, then resurrected Bernadeth and killed Lashina. The surviving members of the Suicide Squad were allowed to return home.

Darkseid would later resurrect Lashina, who resumed her place with the Furies. She and Bernadeth agreed to share leadership, with Lashina acting as the field leader while Bernadeth leads them outside of the battlefield.

Lashina has continued to serve with the Furies since.


107. Dex-Star (10 points)

One of the most brutal and vicious Red Lanterns in Atrocitus' army. Yeah, I got nothing. No wait, I got something to say. Dex here reminds me of my GF's cat who hates me, well, hates everyone so so much. One time, when I slipped down the stairs and bashed my head, Kitt (named after the uber car) went in for the kill. Pounced on me like I was a wounded gezel. Seriously, it was waiting like 2 years for that moment. Still, to this day everytime I walk down the stairs Kitty always peeks around the corner hoping I would fall and finish the job.

She scares me.


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