Your Top DCU Villains part 32

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Your Top DCU Villains part 32

Postby LOLtron » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:10 am

24-21. 24. Cheetah (103 points - 3 first place slots)

ImageCheetah here is the first character to get over the 100 point mark, well done. Anywho...

A wealthy young socialite Priscilla Rich suffered from an overwhelming inferiority complex. Organizing a charity benefit Rich became insanely jealous when as the host she lost attention to Wonder Woman. After a surreptitious attempt to murder Wonder Woman, Rich returned home to find her evil persona confronting her in a mirror. Rich's alter ego explained that she was her true self - a treacherous, relentless huntress. Crafting a costume in the form of a predatory cat she became the Cheetah.

The niece of Priscilla Rich, Debbi Domaine had feelings of guilt about her wealth and privilege which lead her to join extreme ecological groups. Summoned to her aunt's deathbed Rich died before she could reveal her criminal secret to her niece. Recoiled by the sight of her dead aunt Domaine staggered and was knocked unconscious.

Domaine awoke to find herself in the hidden headquarters of the cult leader Kobra. He explained his intent to recruit the Cheetah, but now that she was dead he would have to make a re-creation. Exposing Domaine to mental conditioning and shock therapy Kobra created the hopelessly insane Cheetah.

In Post Crisis DC, renowned archeologist and treasure hunter Barbara Minerva sought proof of the existence of a tribe of feline humanoids in South America. In her search she came upon the temple of Urzkartaga and a strange and rare blood-drinking plant tied to the legend of the cat-people. Added by a local mystic Minerva used the herb to perform a ceremony that transformed her into a ferocious Cheetah.

Eventually a new heir to the power of Urzkartaga would arise, Sebastian Ballesteros, an agent of the Amazons' old enemy Circe. Feeding the mystic plant a blood sacrifice and partaking in the herbal potion he would become an even more powerful Cheetah.

Sebastian Ballesteros learned of the cat god whose power became manifested in the form of a woman, The Cheetah. Ever the scheming businessman, Ballesteros bargained with the god, offering a deal he couldn’t refuse…Ballesteros provided a host for Urzkartaga’s godly energies. No longer would a useless female be the conduit for his ancient powers. Now Urzkartaga would have a male host for his power…a host that would allow him to hunt, and to feed.

Minerva had a chance to kill Ballesteros and took it. Now his blood feeds Urzkartaga.


Image23. Anti-Monitor (109 points - 3 first place slots)

Little is known about the Anti-Monitor. He is believed to be the Monitor of the Antimatter Universe, the Anti-Monitor was responsible for the original Crisis on Infinite Earths.

He has now made alliances with the Sinestro Corps.

He became the Guardian of Fear and the head of the Sinestro Corps. Sinestro, Superman Prime, Hank Henshaw, and Parallax became his heralds. He promised Hank Henshaw that if he served him, he would end his life. Henshaw built a new War World which the Sinestro Corps used to transport the Anti-Monitor to Earth. During the final battle, the Guardians of the Universe fought the Anti-Monitor in New York. The Green Lanterns, Guy Gardner and John Stewart made a plan to take down the Anti-Monitor. They tossed War World into him, causing a giant explosion. The Anti-Monitor survived the blast but was then hurled into space by Prime, who wanted revenge for the Anti-Monitor destroying Earth-Prime. The Anti-Monitor ended up on a strange planet and a giant black lantern formed around him.


22. Vandal Savage (118 points)

Image"DC's oldest human and oldest villain; a caveman by nature with centuries of experience and cunning and ruthlessness"

Before the dawn of recorded time two Cro-Magnon tribesmen, Klarn and Vandar Adg were exposed to a meteorite which bathed them in extraterrestrial radiation.

Becoming immortal Vandar Adg was free to exercise his dark desires for an eternity. Although Klarn would die he would return reincarnated for an eternity as Adg's arch-nemesis Immortal Man.

Not content to merely watch civilization progress with the passing of the ages Vandar Adg desired to shape the world to his own twisted purposes.

Discovering the technically advanced civilization of Atlantis, he built allies with others who sought power and wealth, desiring to rebuild the city in his own image. This ruling circle became known as the Illuminati.

Through the ages Adg would overtly control many civilizations as a pharaoh or Caesar, often he would work behind the scenes controlling the throne as an advisor. Other times he would manipulate foreign realms through the pervasive influence of the Illuminati.

In the modern era Adg has been challenged by super-powered heroes, which has forced him to take more direct control of his desires for conquest, adopting a name that pays homage to his ancient origins as Vandal Savage.

He has not slowed in recent years. Vandal created the super drug, Velocity 9, joined over villains in Tartarus to fight the Teen Titans, plotted nuclear extortion and destroyed the city of Montevideo, Uraguay. Savage uses transplanted organs from his descendants to increase his life, which extends to the 853rd century. It is this future self that created the Hourman virus and unleashed it in the future before traveling back in time to die in the Montevideo attack. His current self witnessed his death knowing he has millennia to plot his revenge.


Image21. Harley Quinn (127 points - 6 first place slots)

Harley Quinn was originally created for the Batman: The Animated Series, she became so popular that DC decided to bring her over to the DCU. Harley is much more psychotic then the animated series version.

Harley’s origin was adapted from the Batman: The Animated Series episode entitled “Mad Love.” The story starts off with Harleen Quinzel working as an intern in Arkham Asylum. She discovered the Joker and quickly became fascinated with his insane motives. She voluntarily asked for a chance to analyze him. During one of their sessions the Joker tells her about his tragic past and how his father abused him. She gained sympathy for him and quickly fell in love with him. She helped the Joker escape and was caught by her superior, they revoked her license and put her in a cell at Arkham. She was able to escape Arkham when an earthquake hit, she soon joined up with the Joker and helped him in his crimes.

One year after Infinite Crisis, Harley was in Arkham and was trying to get out of Arkham the right way. She was kidnapped by Scarface who offered her a deal to help them both get extremely rich. Harley agreed and proceeded with the plan, however she called the police and alerted them of Scarface's plan. Batman came and they both foiled Scarface's plan and after that Harley went back to Arkham. The next day she was free to go with the vote of Bruce Wayne.



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