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8/20/08 — Chappy’s Blue Plate Specials — Le Spoils

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:30 am

For once, I tried to appeal to the masses this week rather than just read *my* top 3 books (OK, so I used one of my top 3, but the other two would’ve normally been after-work reads). Show some appreciation! Or don’t, whichever…here we go:Appetizer:Captain America #41 — this book has been so good for [...]
For once, I tried to appeal to the masses this week rather than just read *my* top 3 books (OK, so I used one of my top 3, but the other two would’ve normally been after-work reads). Show some appreciation! Or don’t, whichever…here we go:

Captain America #41 — this book has been so good for so long, and it’s obviously been something that’s been building for pretty much the whole time, and yet now at the very end, I feel like Bru’s lost the reins. With one issue to go, it appears that all this build-up, to the last page “money shot” where Bucky finally fully accepts the mantle of Cap, is going to lead to a conclusion where the Skull’s downfall is due more to his own failure than to Cap’s success. And this book deserves better.

Anywho, Sharon’s baby is dead. The Skull is working on his big mystery plot + trying to separate himself from Lukin, b/c both parties are going insane. Faustus turns traitor, helps Sharon and tips SHIELD. Bucky and Falc trail the Grand Director to Albany, where Skull HQ is, and run into a SHIELD unit led by the Widow. Everybody hits the base to try and rescue Sharon while Bucky is left alone to save the puppet Presiential candidate Sen. Wright, who the Skull has either sent Sin to assassinate, or Sin has taken as much crap from her daddy as she’s gonna and decides to kill him instead of following the actual plan (hard to tell which just yet). But like i said, Skull’s body is betraying him, Faustus is betraying him, Sin appears to be betraying him, and New Cap’s gonna get lucky and have this 40-issue long genius plot to destroy the country disintegrate with very little actual contribution from the good guys. Story’s fine enough on its own, but I’m starting to feel cheated, and the art by Epting is, as usual, terrific. Liked it, but for the first time didn’t love it.

FC: Legion of 3 Worlds #1 — I am just not the person to review this. But, i bought it fo the Perez art, and got every penny’s worth and then some on that front; the book’s flat out gorgeous. As to the story, well, original Legion fans will probably be happy, S-Prime fans (are there any?) will be happy, and it’s possible that some fans of a certain dead speedster will eventually be happy (I think it’s pretty obvious who’s coming back via Brainy’s lightning rod from the exposition in this issue, which makes the entirty of the Lightning Saga even more ridiculously awful in hindsight).


But I’ll give it this, a lot of stuff happens. The Time Trapper drops Prime off in 31st Century Smallville, he visits the Superman Museum, get a lot of backstory exposition, and burns the town to the ground. Then he does the same to Takron-Galtos the prison planet, killing every guard and freeing every prisoner to go kill the Legion. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the LOSH arc in Action, the UP are debating to disband the Legion, RJ Brande shows up to speak for them and gets killed and revealed to be a Durlan, half the Legion’s missing, Mon-El is rescued, Superman is recruited from the present, the team agrees to call in the other two Legions, who are simply nothing more than Legions of different universes (I’m guessing probably uncharted Earths at the moment, but maybe Earth-2 and somewhere else), and Supes decides the only way to stop S-Prime is to try and convince him to be good again. Yep…that’s the grand plan. If this sounds up your alley, more power to you, but as for me, it bored my face off. But like I said, as a Legion-hater to start with, this ain’t exactly designed for me anyway…

Flash #243 — Peyer’s arc concludes with a deception revealed, a heroic stand for Iris, a mystery unraveled, and a father’s triumph. And Imagethroughout, something dawned on me that I’ve never thought about before: Wally West has benefitted from 1st-person narration probably more than any other character in comics history. Others may have had as much or more of it (and I’m not sur about that), but nobody has had more quality from it. From Waid through Johns, and now into Peyer, Flash stories are at their best when little nuggets of who Wally is come out and shine in the caption boxes. The speed feats are cool, the action’s fun, and the “Flash Facts” are interesting, but it’s the “Wally Insights” that make this character as fully-developed as he is (and I’d argue he’s as full as ANYBODY). Love or hate the kids, seeing Wally’s reactions to their triumphs and tragedies in this arc humanize him so much, and add so much to the story, and make me glad they’re sticking around. The Freddie Williams art is another love it or hate it aspect of this book (personally, I loved it), but the story was top-notch (although the epilogue/coda may have been a bit trite); loved it

Posted originally: 2008-08-20 14:30:51

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