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Your Top Modern Characters part 34

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:20 am

A few characters I haven't heard of and one from a comic that I really really really wanna read because I heard so many good things about.
241. Basil Cronus (12 points)

ImageYear first appeared: 2005

This baddie is from Joe Casey's comic Godland which I heard so many good things about. It has an old school feel to it, which I love. The artwork is very similar to Kirby's style, so if you are lookin’ for a more modern look, this may not be the comic for you.

A deranged villain who is motivated by a need for mental stimulants. Basil is really just a skull, his body is a robotic instrument he can control remotely. Basil's powers seem to stem from gadgets that he might have created. He has possessed a blaster pistol that was able to harm the powerful Adam Archer. He has also demonstrated the ability to remotely control his body while within sight and was able to teleport away from capture.

I really couldn't find any more info on this character, if someone wants to explain more about this character, please feel free. I think he looks awesome. Love the floating head. I am pretty sure someone used to have this dude as an avatar in the Old Rama days.


240. Two Characters (12 points each)


Year first appeared: 2008

Golly Munhollen is a redneck, part time drag racer, and full time mechanic of a traveling carnival. One day visited by an angel, he was told that he now had the duty and powers to stop Armageddon from approaching. God and Satan were tired and decided to just drop their rivalry. But the demons on Earth aren’t aware of this. Asked why him, the angel simply replies that picking a human is like picking an ameba. Golly would do. Golly now teams up with his carny pals Vaughn, the 6'6 tattooed man; Pig, former freak show fat lady turned strong woman; Miguel, the genius, dog-faced boy-acrobat; Nob, his deceased mentor who’s ashes in a can talks to him and gives him guidance; Claudette and Claude, half-man half-woman; and Satan, former monarch of Hell now down on his luck and working the midway for cigarette money. Together they battle demonic boars, vampires who send out women to get impregnated and feed on the babies, and other nasties that go bump in the night.


Major Bummer

ImageYear first debuted: 1990

Two alien college students (named Zinnak and Yoof) are doing their thesis on heroes in Earth culture. To further their study, through the mail they send EEM's or Extreme Enhancement Modules that, when opened, attach themselves to the heart of the recipient endowing them with superpowers.

The main character of Major Bummer was Lou Martin. Lou was a slacker who, due to the incompetence of Yoof received an EEM instead of Martin Louis, an upwardly mobile young lawyer and philanthropist. Lou received a new muscular body that is inhumanly strong and has super-human intelligence. Unfortunately, because Lou is so lazy, he is only able to use his intelligence either subconsciously or during moments of extreme concentration. Despite this flaw, Lou was an erudite and intelligent individual already. The great irony being that his limitations was always his own fault and he enjoyed being a slacker; unlike most superheroes, gaining powers was actually an inconvenience to him. Lou's EEM was designed to attract trouble and the other super humans whom Martin would have chosen to lead.

The other "Superheroes" included: Val Andrist, the environmentalist daughter of an Ice Cream magnate who could fly, Francis Dutton, an aroma therapist hippie with a sonic scream, Lauren Isley, an elderly woman who could predict the future (but was so absent-minded she got confused with the past), a cat that became a giant when scared (it opened and ate her owner's EEM by mistake, later adopted by Lauren) and "Gecko", a nerdish man who could stick to walls and took the concept of being a superhero too seriously.

EEM's were also gifted to a group of super villains and attracted to one another in order to ensure battles would occur (most notably the loser-turned-monster Nunzio whom Lou accidentally brain damaged via unintentional electrocution). Other stories involved a Nazi dinosaur from a parallel universe named Tyrannosaurus Reich, a demon-possessed toddler, alien worms that ate everything, an overly adoring fan of Lou's that tried to kill him to make him more famous and an alien time traveler that destroyed time leading to Lou's future self recruiting the present day Lou to battle the time traveler.



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