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Cat-Scratched Corner: Chase #1

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:33 pm

Title: Chase #1Writer: D. Curtis JohnsonArtist: J.H. Williams & Mick GrayPublisher: DC Comics, 1998Synopsis and Review by Cat-ScratchStory:“Baptized In Fire”A young boy likes a girl at school and has a hard time not looking at her.Her boyfriend takes great umberage in this, as the boy is slight and wearsglasses. The other boy lays his claim [...]
ImageTitle: Chase #1Writer: D. Curtis JohnsonArtist: J.H. Williams & Mick GrayPublisher: DC Comics, 1998Synopsis and Review by Cat-ScratchStory:“Baptized In Fire”
A young boy likes a girl at school and has a hard time not looking at her.
Her boyfriend takes great umberage in this, as the boy is slight and wears
glasses. The other boy lays his claim on the girl and attacks the young
admirer. But this admiring boy is not normal, he shortly begins to float,
flame launches out from his person, consuming everything in the room.

Cameron Chase arrives by her car in New York city and is already regreting
it. The radio stations are not to her liking and the traffic jams are slowly
infuiriating her. She sees Green Lantern flying above, the crowd around her
is impressed, she isn’t. Hours later she reaches her goal, the Department
of Extranormal Operations. She enters and checks in, she’s informed that
the director is waiting for her in her office and where that is. She’s
amazed at the size of the maze of offices that she’s entered and reaches
her new office. She’s met not by the director, but by Sandy Barrett, the
field personnel manager. Sandy quickly hands her some files and hurrys
Chase along to the roof, and ultimately to a plane to take her to Dayton,

On the plane Chase reads the reports, the DEO is now screening potential
metahumans. 18 children in Daily, Ohio fit the profile. Chase and Sandy meet
with the Sheriff of Daily, a building has largely been burnt to the ground,
None were killed, but the damage is great. Sandy shows the sheriff a list
and asks if any names on it match that of the one missing victim. There is
one, Jerry Harris, the admiring boy. Chase exams the damage and notes that
only a pyrokinetic could have caused it and an untrained one at that.

Witnesses are interviewed including Jerry’s parents, they are saddened by
the events, unlike any others whom had known or known of Jerry, including
the girl he admired, she’s repulsed as Chase tells her of Jerry’s crush.
A report arrives that Jerry has been found.

Chase and the police arrive to find the boy on a road. He screams to be
left alone, that he doesn;t wish to cause any harm. Flames begin to erupt
from him again. It lashes out and destroys a police car. Jerry, on fire,
runs away with Chase pursuing, she orders him at gunpoint to stop, but
Chase finds herself having a strange episode, everything becomes draged
out. Jerry has lept into a water filled ditch and put himself out, Sandy
reaches out a hand to bring him back to the higher land of the road.
Chase notes to herself that she had felt that once before in Gotham.

Jerry is jailed, but is interviewed by Sandy and Chase. He’s given a choice.
Go with them to the DEO and be trained how to use his powers for use or
stay in jail. He takes the offer, thinking of how cool it would be. As
Jerry is lead away, Chase argues with Sandy, that what’s being done with
the boy is wrong, Sandy argues the opposing. Sandy leaves to speak with
Jerry’s parents as Chase makes a personal call.

A mob has fomred outside the jail, Jerry’s attacker has died. They want to
lynch Jerry for this. Slowly Jerry looses control and flames begin to burst
from him as he screams that he won’t go, won’t be hurt. He melts a hole
in the wall and runs for it. Chase reacts with the police and believes
she knows where Jerry will go, With Sandy, Chase quickly travels to the girl
that Jerry admired. Chase doesn’t wait for the SWAT team to arrive and
charges in. Jerry is on the house’s roof all in flames. He leaps to attack
Chase asking if she still wants him to be a hero.

Suddenly, the strange feeling from earlier strikes Chase again. Jerry is
left extinguished, his powers seemingly turned off. He’s burnt, but alive.
Sandy says to Chase that she was lucky that Jerry lost control of his
powers, but Chase knows differently. She had turned them off.

ReviewThe art was a wonderful mix of shadows and light with soft contenances for
the characters. Beautiful stuff that worked well here.The story was a great start with plenty of mystery left to solve for about
our main character Chase and this DEO. Well based with plenty of first
person naration.Over all, I loved it then and still do now. It’s a great balance of art with
story and characters to make you want more. More so because of it being
smack dab in the middle of the DCU. Cameron is another detective type with
a slightly mixed up life and secrets to explore in future issues. Add to
this an already obvious dislike of anyone in a costume, oh yeah. She showed
a thinking that I think most readers would agree with. The DEO scenes gave
an interesting place to see. In one scene, J’Ohn J’Onezz is telling off
a person in the hall as Chase passes. This was one of my favorite titles
to come out at that time, I looked forward to reading it each and every
month, but, fate had other ideas. I still guess that it was to early for
most to grab hold of and enjoy then. Check it out and get hooked.

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Posted originally: 2008-08-28 02:33:47

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