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Your Top Modern Characters part 2

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:14 am

ImageYep, more ties. This was what I was talkin’ about when I said I am breaking up each of the placements. At #269, there are eight characters. EIGHT!! But you will only see three of them in this post, the other five will come in 269(b) and (c). Cool? Cool. 269(a) Eight Characters (2 points each)

ImageBlack Hood

Year first appeared: 1991

I know what you are thinking, Black Hood was introduced long before the 90's blahblahblah. Well, think of this as a legacy character, kinda like the new Dr. Mid-Nite, cept a whole lot suckier. Impact Comics was an imprint of DC Comics that was aimed at younger audiences. It began in 1991 and ended by 1993. In an effort to reach out to kids who were not aware of the direct market system, DC Comics attempted to sell Impact Comics titles through newsstands. However, due to internal conflicts, that never happened. The imprint eventually collapsed due to poor sales. A final series The Crucible was initially intended to relaunch the line, but instead served as its finale.

During the Impact Comics series, there were three major Black Hoods featured: a bitter vigilante who was featured in the other Impact Comics titles and killed in the first issue of The Black Hood; a high school student who reluctantly took the hood and later abandoned it; and a former mobster, the same mobster who killed the first Black Hood. Numerous other Black Hoods from various time periods were featured in stories from the comics’ annuals, such as a female Black Hood who lived in medieval France patterned after Jeanne d' Arc (Joan of Arc) and a western Hood whose adventures served as an inspiration for the fictional adventures of the Lone Ranger.

Perhaps you will be seeing this gun tooting wide-eyed fella again, since DC has got the license to use these characters. Weeeeeeeee.


Virginia Applejack

Year first appeared: 1995

This is one of those characters that I had a hell of a time trying to find. I have heard of this title, but I have no clue what the hell it was about. Apparently it’s about the misadventures of on and off again large cast of criminals that takes place thru the 70's and 90's.

Not quite my cup of tea, but I'm sure my cup of tea is not everyone fav. either. It is cool that we are seeing books like this, very indie and non-superhero, on this list. So, I am sure my little blurb has not done this comic justice, but you can go out to find the back issues I am sure. But do not get hooked onto the last story arc, because it’s been put on hold indefinitely. Shame. Sorry Bullet fans.



Year first appeared: 2009

This one made me chuckle. You know, when he appeared on someone’s list Warth has only been in two comics. I think now the number is up to three, but still. In the last 20 years, this elephant made such an impact in those two comics, he became his 9th favorite character. So much so he forgot his name and put "Blue Lantern Elephant". But in his defense, in those two to three comics he has appeared in, he has done a hell of a lot more then some of the characters that have been around quite some time.

Warth is from Sector 0002. He is the second person to be initiated into the Blue Lantern Corps. Each Blue Lantern is chosen by the Blue Lantern of the previous sector and brought to the Guardians of the Blue Lantern Corps, Ganthet and Sayd to be evaluated so they can truly judge whether they are worthy to become a member of their Corps. He was brought to the Odym, home planet of the Blue Lantern Corps, by its first member, Saint Bro'Dee Walker of Sector 0001. Warth spent several days with the Guardians while they evaluated and judged him for themselves. They explained to him what it truly means to be a Blue Lantern and join their cause.


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