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CLeaning the Plate for 3/4/09 - Spoilers

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:46 am

Short week with villains taking center stage.Image 

Solomon Grundy #1

If the rest of this mini-series is as entertaining as the first issue was intriguing, this is going to be one enjoyable piece of work. It’s another chance to save Solomon from himself; with the Phantom Stranger and Alan Scott as the Boy Scouts that are going to do it. Scott Kolins strikes a nice balance here of reminding us of Grundy’s life before his horrible transformation all those years ago, and the story now. His art is also striking in the way he can show Alan’s conflict of helping his oldest enemy and wanting to strike him down. Add to this the appearance of Etrigan and Grundy’s troubles have only just begun. My score: B

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #23

I’ve been having a few problems with this book, even with as good as each issue has been. Since this is the official “Season 8”, and each season is about 23 episodes, shouldn’t we be seeing a wrap up by now? The over laying arc seems to be getting lost, or set aside, for all these side stories. That being said, I loved this issue for one reason only, Andrew. One of my top three characters of all time, finally gets to shine here; his interaction with Buffy is well written with a touching ending that made me smile. Now, let’s get back to the meat of this “Season 8”. My score: B-

Secret Six #7

A phenomenal ending to a phenomenal story from a phenomenal writer who really gets these characters. Ms. Gail has taken these B, C, and a couple of D list characters and turned them in A+, living, breathing, and real anti-heroes. Just the fact that she was able to make the outcome of two controversial characters seem both sad and tragic is a testament to her abilities. And top it off with a hysterical moment between The Mad Hatter and Ragdoll, made this my favorite comic of the week... beating out War of Kings, even. My Score: A

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