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Your Top Marvel Villains part 35

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:42 am

ImageA trio of characters, two X-related and one Spidey related. Again, one of these characters I figured would be in the Top 50, but alas, he did not.


57. Morbius (57 points) Image

A Nobel Prize winning biochemist, Dr. Michael Morbius discovered that he was dying from a rare disease that was dissolving his blood cells. Working with a fellow scientist, Morbius unsuccessfully attempted to stop the progress of the disease by using fluids distilled from vampire bats. It wasn't until he attempted to stimulate the creation of more blood cells in his system via electric shock treatments that the chemicals from the vampire bats activated a transformation into a living vampire simply known as Morbius.

Even though Morbius isn't a true vampire his powers are near the same. He's natural abilities were amplified to increase his strength, speed, intellect, and his senses. He also has the ability to fly and turn other people into vampires like himself. Morbius must feast on blood to survive, and though he hates it he must accept that this is how he is.

At one point when he was infected with demon blood, Morbius for a brief period of time had the same power that Fang did. He can turn into a slime-like substance and move threw small places. He later lost this power when Dr. Strange helped cure Morbius of the Lilin Blood thirst.

Morbius has a healing ability almost similar to Wolverine. He has survived a massive rain of gunshots, multiple stabbings, and burns. Morbius also has hypnotic powers. He can make himself look like something or someone else to the person he mesmerizes. For a short period, while being infested with Lilin blood, this made Morbius immortal. This made him a favorite victim of Nightmare.


56. Proteus (57 points) Image

Proteus is the mutant child of Moira MacTaggert and politician Joseph MacTaggert. He lived most of his life in forced seclusion at his mother’s Muir Island research facility.

After escaping confinement from his mother Moira MacTaggert, Proteus battled Phoenix, Madrox, the Multiple Man, and Polaris. Polaris and Multiple Man were easily defeated but the Phoenix nearly killed him. After taking control of his father's body he was confronted by the X-Men. He completely burned out his father's body, destroying it. Before he was able to inhabit a new body Colossus punched him, which dispersed his energy around the entire world because his energy form is weak against metal.

Proteus can generate enormous amounts of psychic force from his energy state that allows him to restructure reality in any manner. He exists as an energy form that can inhabit human bodies. To contain his energies, however any body he possesses quickly begins to break down so he constantly needs new host bodies.


55. Deadpool (57 points) Image

Yeah, popularity alone I woulda thought he would be in the Top 50. Oh well. Shrouded in stolen identities and clandestine secrets. Hero? Villain? Sociopath? Deadpool makes his own rules and plays nobody's game. A gun for hire, Wade Wilson led a relatively content life accepting dangerous missions for profit, until the day he was diagnosed with cancer. Leaving the woman he loved, Wade accepted an offer of salvation from Canada's Weapon X Project. Wilson received an experimental treatment, which gave him an artificial healing factor much like Wolverine's. The process cured his cancer, but left him horribly disfigured. His appearance became so mangled that he slipped into the darkest pit of his soul, becoming the Merc-With-A-Mouth known as Deadpool.

Deadpool has an accelerated healing factor which allows him to recover from virtually any injury in moments, he can also re-grow severed limbs. His healing factor renders him basically immune to all poisons, drugs, and diseases. His other physical abilities are enhanced as a result of his healing factor. His strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes are significantly greater than even the finest human athlete, and he has a high level of tolerance for pain. His healing factor is mentally driven to an extent. It can work at greater speeds when he's excited or angry, but will work slower than normal when sad or depressed. However, his healing factor is constantly regenerating the cells in his body even if there's nothing to heal, causing his mangled appearance and mental instability. This also makes him immune to telepathic invasion.

Deadpool is an expert in both armed and unarmed combat. Though he greatly favors swords and bladed weapons, he has an almost impeccable aim. He's also fluent in multiple languages, most notably Japanese and German. Aside from guns and swords, Deadpool used a holographic image inducer to disguise himself for a long time. He has also employed personal teleportation devices in one form or another. His first one was semi-reliable and was stored on his belt, the second one he used was Cable's own body-slide technology. He's now currently using Weasel's Penetrator.

Thanos has also granted Deadpool immortality in order to keep him separated from Death, whom is in love with Deadpool, as Thanos is obsessed with her. He later rejoined the Weapon-X program for a short time, they fixed his healing factor, making him look normal and allowed him to become stronger each time he healed. Although he lost the fixed healing factor after he left, he retained the two-ton strength boost that he gained.


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