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Cleaing the Plate for 1/28/09 - Spoilers

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:10 pm

Another week with semi-disappointing comics.  Image

Justice Society of America #23

It’s odd that in one issue everything that I had disliked about this run vanished. After the extended conflict with Gog that seemed to last about two years real time, Johns brings us the latest chapter in the life of Black Adam. Granted, he’s one of my top DC villains of all time, so perhaps I’m a bit prejudice here, but this issue harkened back to Geoff’s first run. Excellent character moments, the return of Isis as well Captain Marvel has made the first chapter of this arc more entertaining then the entire Gog arc. Also I really love Ordway’s art and the ink and coloring is beautiful. My Score: A-


ImageShe-Hulk #37

Peter David is doing such an incredible job on X-Factor that sometimes this little gem seems to get lost in the praise. It’s unfortunate, too, because if you’re a fan of Peter’s writing, this book is right up there with some of his best work. Although the humor of the book has been toned down a bit from the previous writer, the dialogue is as sharp as ever, and it takes a skilled writer to make a character like Man-Elephant a serious threat. It’s unfortunate that the book is going to be cancelled. Jennifer and company have never been better. My Score: B


Fantastic Four #563Image

Boy am I glad they stopped using the tag line: Worlds Greatest Comic Book, on this title, because at the moment, it’s far from it. Not that I’m saying it’s a horrible book, that isn’t true either. This book, under Mark Millar’s writing, feels like a favorite plant that you’ve had for years, but is starting to wilt, not enough water or food in the world is can bring it back to its full bloom. The Thing is getting married (yeah, I’ll believe that one when I see it), and Johnny Storm has suddenly taken about ten giant steps backwards in character development. Add to that Sue Storm’s weird little warning to the future Mrs. Ben Grimm, and you start to wonder if part of this family still aren’t Skrulls in hiding. The only moment in this entire issue that is remotely interesting are the scenes with Dr. Doom, and even then, when you get to the final page, Doom’s final words – it doesn’t even sound like something he’d say. This book is fading, and fast! My Score: D+


Batman #685

How about this, an issue of Batman that I really enjoyed. This issue gave me the same enjoyment that Detective Comics has given me for the last year or so; perhaps because it was written by Paul Dini and focuses on Catwoman and her thirst for vengeance for Hush. A bookend to the latest Hush arc, it gives just enough twists and turns to make it entertaining and plausible. Paul is a master craftsman when it comes to Batman, and I hope history will show that while Morrison may have been getting the greater attention, it was Paul Dini who was telling the best stories. My Score: B+


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