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Your Top Marvel Villains: OPC part 6

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:25 am

ImageOh, the Zechs groupage of characters. What do we have waiting in this bunch? Well, just look and see. Will he like them? I vote yes. Will you? Most likely not.


Doppelganger Image

Doppelganger has many of the same powers and abilities as Spider-Man with some differences. Doppelganger's webbing is razor sharp. Doppelganger also has three fingers on each hand, and each hand has talons. It is noticeable that Doppelganger has six arms and sharp teeth. It has been shown that Doppelganger's super strength is stronger than Spider-Man's. It has a low intelligence and it sometimes acts like a child.

During the Infinity War, Magus created doppelgangers of heroes and sent them to Earth to attack the heroes. When Doppelganger encountered Spider-Man, Spider-Man was already engaged in battle with the Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin defeated the doppelganger by impaling it on a fence. Later Demogoblin found Doppelganger and infused it with supernatural energy. This energy allowed Doppelganger to remain on earth after Magus was defeated. Doppelganger was directed to a grudge against the Hobgoblin. When Doppelganger and Demogoblin teamed up to defeat the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man protected the Hobgoblin. As the battle continued, it led to them joining another battle where Dan Ketch and Johnny Blaze battled a group of Death Spawn and Venom. Doppelganger and Demogoblin were pulled underground by the Death Spawn and two Death Spawn took residence within Doppelganger. After that, Doppelganger lurked around New York until the Maximum Carnage storyline. Doppelganger ran into Carnage who mistook Doppelganger for Spider-Man. Shriek liked Doppelganger and took it in as his son. During their spree, Demogoblin and Carrion join the group. Carnage's 'family' battled Spider-Man, Black Cat, Cloak, Venom, and others. When Shriek started showing rebellious behavior, Carnage attacked her. Doppelganger defended Shriek until it got gutted and kicked into the street by Carnage.



"I know he's more mort than actual villain. But in the 90’s, Harry Osborn just died, and Jason Macendale was making a mockery of being the Hobgoblin. Someone had to fill the void of which Goblin I adored and that was Demo. His antics aren't really as major as some villains go, but the way he went about things (punishing those he deemed were sinners and demons) was always fun to watch."

Jason Macendale wanted more power, so he struck a deal with the demon N'astirh during Inferno to imbue him with the power he sought. N'astirh agreed to his request and gave the Hobgoblin the power of a demon to add to his own might. However, the demonic power given to the Hobgoblin grew and began to take over the human. When the Hobgoblin fought Doctor Strange, he separated the demon from the man and inadvertently gave birth to the Demogoblin.

After that, The Demogoblin went out on his own. He started a mission to destroy all sinners in the world. He stated that the demon who possessed him belong to a group of demons calling themselves the "Righteous", they seek redemption by destroying evil wherever they find it. In most of his missions, he would often run into Macendale and try effortlessly to kill him.

In one fight with him, he fought Jason while Spider-Man was fighting Doppelganger. During the fight, Demogoblin was blasted by Hobgoblin's new gun and shot into the distance. When he got back up, he saw both Jason aka Hobgoblin and Spider-Man were gone. But He found a wounded Doppelganger, and decided to have him fight along side him.

A few of his adventures included him teaming up with Doppelganger. They had an uneasy alliance. He would often call Doppelganger Mindless One.

The Death Spawn would capture Demogoblin and Doppelganger during a time when Hag and Troll tried to bring Deathwatch back to life. Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, Spider-Man, and Venom defeated hag and Troll. Demogoblin and Doppelganger escaped.

He then played a big part in the Midnight Massacre when Blade was turned into Switchblade after being possessed by the Darkhold: Book of Sins. Demogoblin wanted to team-up with the powerful Switchblade, but was killed by Switchblade and inherited Demogoblin's powers. He was later brought back to life after Blade was cured.

Demogoblin then joined Carnage and his family during Maximum Carnage. In Venom's storyline "Enemy Within" Demogoblin fought Venom and Morbius in San Francisco during an attack of goblins infecting the city. Demogoblin thought to be the cause of the goblins but it was really the work of a guy named Charlie. In the end Demogoblin killed all the other goblins by forcing them to jump off a bridge and drown. Throughout all of his violent perils over the years, this is probably the most heroic of his plans to stop sinners.

Demogoblin met his end after Hobgoblin threw a building on him. Before Demogoblin died, he rescued a kid from the falling building.

Demogoblin's spirit once tried to possess Moon Knight after he confronted the Hobgoblin. His spirit was then exorcised with the help of Dr. Strange and Mr. Fantastic.


ImageAlistair Smythe

When Spencer Smythe died because of his prolonged exposure to radioactive chemicals, Alistair inherited his legacy and his hatred for Spider-Man. In his first attempt to kill Spider-Man, he mistook Mary Jane Watson for Spider-Man who was playing along with it to give Peter time to come up with a plan. Mary Jane claimed she used a super suit built by aliens to deceive Smythe until the real wall-crawler defeated him. He then tried to kill Spider-Man again when he and Mary Jane were trying to get her sister out of prison for helping their father in a crime. He worked for the Kingpin until a disagreement over how to deal with Spider-Man.

After being sent to an asylum; Alistair escaped and took several other inmates along in order to build new a Spider-Slayer. After sending a series of slayers after Spider-Man, but all were destroyed with help from Black Cat, Alistair lured Spider-Man to his home for one last fight. To fight Spider-Man Alistair modified his body into a cyborg, but was defeated and taken in to custody as well with the other escaped inmates.

While the Scarlet Spider worked in the city, Smythe began a war with new slayers he wanted to sell on the black market. These Cyber-Slayers as he called them were controlled by turning one's thoughts into the slayers' actions--were probably named as such because the initial target was Carolyn Trainer (Lady Octopus) and her group, not Spider-Man or the Scarlet Spider. However the Scarlet Spider ended up in the middle of things and temporarily worked with the Cyber-Slayer however Smythe was eventually brought to justice.

Smythe escaped prison and wanted revenge on Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson for his father's death. He made Jameson alter the stories in the Daily Bugle or he'd kill his wife and son. Spider-Man caught Smythe's trail, and followed it back to the Bugle, but was attacked by every versions of spider-slayer ever sent, plus a pair of new ones, a miniature model designed to latch onto Spider-Man's face and invade his mind through use of radiation and a large six-armed model stronger than any other. The miniature spider-slayer psionically connected to Spidey's mind, copied thoughts of his loved ones, and broadcasted it to other mini-slayers. Smythe gave Spider-Man the choice of either stopping the others or preventing the six-armed one from killing Jameson. Spidey eventually defeated all the spider-slayers at the same time, but Jameson who knocked Smythe out with a baseball bat.

Smythe recently returned again and used a poisonous spider to cause John Jameson, aka Man-Wolf to end up in a hospital


Cobra Commander Image

All I know of him is from the cartoon, I never read the comic or anything so yeah. So I looked it and researched and found info, whether its true or not, its not important. I love the cartoon, and he is one of my fav characters around so yeah.

After the death of the future Cobra Commander’s brother, Dan, Cobra Commander sought out the only surviving son of the family that was killed by Dan in a drunken driving incident. He finds this person at a bar and the two of them became friends after the future Commander saves him from being killed by a truck. This man will eventually become the G.I. Joe team member known as Snake-Eyes.

The two became vigilantes and traveled the United States. Cobra Commander takes Snake-Eyes to the home of a judge that he believed was corrupt, the same judge that ruled years earlier that a fire at a Veterans Hospital was not caused by a patience but by Cobra Commander’s brother in an insurance fraud attempt. Dan lost everything and turned to drinking which lead to the drunken driving incident that killed him and Snake-Eye’s family.

Snake-eyes realized that he had become consumed by his emotions and refused to kill the judge. Cobra Commander killed the judge himself and vowed revenge on Snake-Eyes for his betrayal.

Cobra Commander has lead and been overthrown as leader of Cobra on several occasions. He has also been captured by and escaped G.I. Joe. Cobra Commander has not only been Cobra’s leader but a competent operative. He can be ruthless and extremely violent. At one point he used Destro and Baroness’s infant child as a bargaining chip to take control of Destro’s arms dealing empire.


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