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Review: Civil War #5

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Nov 23, 2006 1:38 pm

Much like the issue itself, it took awhile to do it (hell, me and DF still haven’t shut up yet). There be spoilers:Title: Civil War #5Writer: Mark MillarArtist: Steve McNivenPublisher: MarvelReviewed by Tony (Dead Fett) Mourlet and john lewisjohn lewis: Okay, I’ll go (I’m bored).In Civil War #5, Spider-Man and the Punisher join the resistance, [...]
ImageMuch like the issue itself, it took awhile to do it (hell, me and DF still haven’t shut up yet). There be spoilers:

Title: Civil War #5
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Steve McNiven
Publisher: Marvel
Reviewed by Tony (Dead Fett) Mourlet and john lewis

john lewis: Okay, I’ll go (I’m bored).

In Civil War #5, Spider-Man and the Punisher join the resistance, a couple of loser villains get whacked, Tigra’s a-spying, and Daredevil gives Iron Man a piece of his mind (and wallet). Personally, I thought this issue was better than the previous issue as it has your and my favorite psychotic Vietnam vet, the Punisher, in the story working with the heroes of the story. Also, I have a feeling something big will go down next issue due to DD’s capture. What did you think, Wiggles?

Tony (DeadFett) Mourlet: I really enjoyed this issue. I’m glad we finally recieved some insight into why Tony “Iron Man” Stark is pro-registration beyond simply following the law. After hearing his explanation that there are those who wish for superheroes to be done away with, I can understand why he’s taken the stand he has. The Punisher saving Spidey from some B-list villains and joining Captain America’s side was probably my favorite part of the book. I definitely think Daredevil’s capture and what he said to Stark is foreshadowing. Judas hung himself. Makes me wonder if Stark will do the same. What did you think of the art in this issue?

john: I think the art, for the most part, was at the same quality as the previous issues. The highpoints for me was the beginning with Susan and Johnny Storm, Punisher and Spidey showing up at the resistance’s headquarters (McNiven draws a great Frank), and the part where it showed the prison in the Negative Zone which had an epic and eerie look to it.

Tony: I liked the art also. McNiven doesn’t disappoint here. I really enjoyed the fight between Spidey and Iron Man. McNiven’s Punisher looked great as did all the characters. I agree with you about the prison in this issue. I liked the epic feel it had to it. Reminded me of something out of Star Wars.

john: We better not see cinnamon bun hairdo Sue Storm though….

I think with this issue it’s building up to something big going down in the next issue and possibly the last. Is Daredevil/ Iron Fist going to lead a riot in 42? Is that even Daredevil/ Iron Fist? What will the resistance do once they find out Tigra’s a mole? There’s no way that’s a social call. Can’t freakin’ wait. Any last thoughts, DF?

Tony: Cinnamon bun Sue Storm would suck but Sue Storm in the Jabba Slave costume…

I could see Daredevil/ Iron Fist leading a prison riot. As much as Tigra is a mole I can see DD letting himself get captured just to lead the big break out. I can’t wait for the conclusion of this series. The next two issues should be fantastic..

john: I think our collective nerd penis will burst.

One of the theories I thought was interesting that I heard was that it is the Punisher was dressed up as Daredevil at the end thus why he didn’t say anything until the end. Plus, Frank’s a good ol’ Calthotic boy so the reference to Judas might work. What do you think about that theory?

Tony: Frank as Daredevil would be very interesting. However, I still think it’s Iron Fist in the costume. I’m more interested in the referrence to Judas. I think that’s some major foreshadowing of events to come. Especially with all the rumors floating around about who’s in the Iron Man suit post- Civil War.

john: I dunno know how I feel about that (for those that don’t know, Judas ended up commiting suicide). On one hand I can see maybe one of the resistance people killing him and then someone has to step in for Tony (probably someone who knows well him like Spidey or Cap) but I think that’s a bit ridiculous.

Tony: I think if anyone steps in for Tony, it’d be Jim Rhodes. Although, Cap in the suit would be cool. Maybe Tony will fake a suicide to get his secret identity back after thinking over Daredevil’s comment. The series has been really good so far. I just hope it doesn’t fizzle towards the end like Infinite Crisis did for me.

john: Yeah, really. Hate to bash something else, but IC didn’t do much for me at the end and kinda left a sour taste in my mouth towards big events.

Tony faking his suicide would certainly be interesting.

Tony: And that’s the thing, IC started off so good. I really think the Superboy-Prime aspect is what hurt it for me.

In any event, I expect Millar and McNiven to deliver one hell of a ride for the final two issues.

john: I thought SB-P sucked outside of the part where he was killing the Teen Titans. What hurt the story for me was all the stuff about the Trinity.

Hell fuckin’ yeah.

Tony: I got nothing left…

john: I do but I’ll save it for my lady. OHHOH SNAPZZZ!!!

Tony: Better her than me…

john: Yeah, she pays better.

Just so you know, I am going to add this all in.

Tony: She pays better because I’m not that desperate.

Cool with me. Image

To discuss.

Posted originally: 2006-11-23 17:38:20

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