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The LOST Report 3/22

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Postby LOLtron » Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:51 pm

Image Welcome back, LOST! After a week away, with no explanation given by ABC, LOST returned on Wednesday with a brand new episode - Namaste, in which we saw Jack, Kate, and Hurley finally reunite with their fellow LOSTies they let behind on the island.Image  Welcome back, LOST! After a week away, with no explanation given by ABC, LOST returned on Wednesday with a brand new episode - Namaste, in which we saw Jack, Kate, and Hurley finally reunite with their fellow LOSTies they let behind on the island. 
Namastecontinued the recent trend of episodes featuring two stories runningconcurrently throughout the episode; one in the present (2007) and onein the past (1977,) replacing the traditional flashback system we'vecome to know and love. In an effort to streamline the column and makeit easier for me from here on out, I'm going to just seperate the twostorylines and give a seperate not-quite-as detailed synopsis of each,rather than the long and drawn out description I've been doing.  1977  Solet's start off with the main story of the episode, set in 1977 at theheight of the Dharma Initiative's time on the Island. As we saw theprevious episode, Sawyer and the gang were now working for Dharma:Sawyer, now known as Jim LaFleur, was Head of Security, Juliet was amechanic, and Miles and Jin worked under Sawyer on the security team.We picked up right where the previous episode left off, with Sawyermeeting Jack & the Gang. He told them that they were now in 1977,and he would have to figure out a way to bring them into the DharmaInitiative so they wouldn't be mistaken for hostiles. Jin, upon hearingthat Sun was with them, jumped in the blue Dharma jeep and drove offfor The Flame station to see if Radzinsky had seen a plane crashanywhere on the Island.
Meanwhile, Sawyer ranback to his house in Dharmaville to get Jack & the Gang some 70'sclothing, so they could fit in. As he scrambled around in his closet,dumping clothes out, Juliet walked in, having seen James on thesecurity monitor in Miles' station. Sawyer told her about the othersreturning to the Island, and she couldn't believe it. He told her hehas to figure out a way to bring them in, and she told him that therewould be a sub coming in with new recruits that afternoon. Image  Jinarrived at The Flame station, where he physically threatened Radzinskyto contact the other Dharma stations about whether they've seen a planecrash on the Island. 
Back in Dharmaville, wesaw Juliet sneak up to Amy, who was sleeping on a hammock. She grabbeda clipboard, but Amy woke up with a suspicious look on her face just asshe was leaving. Juliet told her that she was taking the sub manifest,because she didn't want Amy working just yet. Thanking Juliet, Amy toldher that two of the recruits dropped out at the eleventh hour, becausethey didn't want to take the sedatives. Juliet noticed Amy's baby, andpicked him up. She asked if Amy and Horace had decided on a name, andAmy told her that his name was Ethan. With a look of shock, Juliet gavehim back to his mother.
Back on the hilltop,Sawyer returned with clothes for Jack & the Gang. He told themabout his plan for their cover story being new recruits from the sub,and gave them the clothes he brought for them. Jack, unsure of himselfor the plan, asked Kate what she thinks they should do, and she toldhim that they should listen to Sawyer.
At TheFlame, Radzinsky told Jin that all the stations have responded andthere was no sign of a plane on the Island. As Jin was about to leave,an alarm sounded, meaning that a hostile was within the perimeter ofthe Dharma compound. Grabbing a rifle, Jin ran out of the station, withRadzinsky not far behind him. As he reached the general area of thealarm, Jin spotted the hostile.. it was Sayid, still in handcuffs. Witha look of shock on his face, Jin quickly asked him about Sun, but Sayiddidn't know where she was. Radzinsky caught up with them, and Jin hadno choice but to play along and point his rifle at Sayid. Image 
AsSawyer drove Jack & the Gang back to Dharmaville, Hurley remindedhim that the Dharma Initiative got wiped out in their time. He wonderedif Sawyer was going to warn them. Sawyer told them that Daniel Faradayhad some ideas about what they could and couldn't do to affect thetime-stream, but he was "gone." As they arrived at the ProcessingCenter, Hurley asked Sawyer how they were supposed to keep up theircover - wouldn't Dharma ask them questions they didn't know the answerto? Like.. who is the president in 1977? Sawyer told him that it wasn'ta game show, and he would be in there to get their backs just in case.
AsSawyer prepared the group for processing, Miles drove up in anotherblue Dharma van. With a walkie talkie in his hand, he told Sawyer aboutthe problem back at The Flame, with the 'hostile.' So Sawyer called Jinon the walkie, and while Radzinsky was moving the hostile into a lockedroom, Jin went around a corner and told Sawyer that the hostile wastheir old friend, Sayid.
Inside the ProcessingCenter, we saw Jack's name get called first. He went up to a table witha familiar face behind it - Dr. Pierre Chang, also known as Dr. MarvinCandle, Dr. Edgar Hallowax, and Dr. Mark Wickmund. Chang told Jack thathis file was missing, but blamed it on 'the other side' beingdisorganized. After a few questions about his trip, Chang gave Jack hisDharma jumpsuit. Jack looked at it, and with a questioning look, askedChang about the job - Work Man? Chang told him that he would beperforming janitorial duties. Image  Meanwhile,Kate was seen still standing in the middle of the room, waiting for hername to be called. Phil, the Dharma employee responsible for leadingthe people to their tables, questioned her, and slowly becamesuspicious when her name wasn't on the list, and she couldn't answersimple questions about who contacted her about the Dharma Initiative.As Kate struggled to think of something, Juliet walked into the roomand told Phil about the new list she just got from Amy with the lastminute additions to the manifest. Kate and Juliet shared knowing smilesas were they re-introduced to one another.
Backat The Flame, Sawyer arrived in the Dharma van, and questioned Jinabout Sayid. They both came to the conclusion that they wouldn't beable to do anything as long as Radzinsky wouldn't leave them alone.Radzinsky, we find out, is worried that Sayid saw the model of The Swanstation that he was building and wanted to just kill Sayid and be donewith it. Sawyer told him that he wanted to talk to him first, and asJin dragged Sayid out and into a chair, he questioned him in-character.Sawyer asked Sayid to identify that he was a hostile. Sayid had aconfused look on his face, so Sawyer quickly went over the terms of thetruce, and told Sayid that if he didn't identify himself as a hostile,they would have the right to shoot him. Sayid said that they do notcall themselves hostiles, but yes, he was one. Sawyer told Radzinskythat he was taking Sayid back to the barracks.
AtDharmaville, the new recruits were all gathered around a blue welcomebanner for a group picture when Sawyer's van pulled up. Jack & theGang looked on as Sawyer dragged a handcuffed Sayid out of the van andled him to one of the barracks. Image 
Laterthat night, Jack went to what he thought was Sawyer's house, and wassurprised to find Juliet open the door. After a happy reunion, she toldhim that he got the right house, and led him in. We saw Sawyer sittingin the living room, reading a book. Jack asked him what they were goingto do about Sayid, and Sawyer told him he was working on it. Continuingthe confrontational trend in their relationship, Jack told him that itlooked like he was reading a book. Sawyer told him about how WinstonChurchill read a book every a night, even during the blitz. He toldJack about how when he was leader, he reacted. He didn't think, andalot of people ended up dead. So,Sawyer said he would go back toreading a book, and he would think, and he would "save Sayid's asstomorrow." Image 
AsSayid led Jack out the door, we saw Kate pacing the porch of her newhouse, looking longingly at Sawyer. He waved at her, and went backinside.
Meanwhile, at the barracks where Sayidwas behind held behind a cell, a boy walked in with a sandwich or thehostile. He was very curious about Sayid, and asked if he was really ahostile. The boy told him his name was Ben. With a look of shock on hisface, Sayid told him it was nice to meet him. Image   2007  Backin the present, we finally saw what happened to Sun, Ben, and Lapidusafter the Ajira plane crash. Starting with a scene inside the cockpit,while the plane was still in the air, we saw Frank's co-pilotrecognizing Hurley as one of the Oceanic Six. After the flash of lightand the turbulence, the plane came through some clouds, and was on adirect course to crash on the Island. Frank couldn't believe he wasback. They noticed a runway next to the beach on the island, and Franktook manual control of the plane, convinced that he could land it.After impact, the plane couldn't slow down enough before reaching theend of the runway, and it crashed as Frank hit his head and passed out.
Whenhe awoke, head covered in blood, he saw that his co-pilot was dead -impaled by a tree limb coming through the front window of the plane.Grabbing a flashlight, Frank got up and left the cabin to check on thepassengers. It was then that he noticed that Jack, Hurley, Kate, andSayid were missing. When he finally saw Sun, he went to her and askedwhere the rest of them were, and we heard Ben's voice behind him -"They're gone." Image  Later,we saw Sun on the beach, with her wedding ring. Ilana, the woman whowas accompanying Sayid on the plane, came up to her and asked if shelost someone in the crash. Sun told her that she was travelling alone.We then saw Lapidus call for everyone's attention and gather everyonearound. He told the survivors that the radio was not working, and thatthey would have to wait for rescue. People would come looking for themwhen they realized the plane was not where it's supposed to be. Ceasarasked about where they were, and Frank told him that the island was noton the maps. Suspicious, Ceasar told him about there being buildingsand cages on the island. Upon hearing this, Ben snuck off into thejungle, and Sun quickly went after him once she noticed he was gone. AsCeasar spoke up about checking some of the buildings for radios orsupplies, Frank took off into the jungle himself, following Sun. 
Afterfollowing Ben's path through the jungle or some time, Sun eventuallycame to a stop. Ben popped out from behind her and asked why she wasfollowing him. He told her that he was going back to their island, andinvited her along with him. He didn't know where Jin was, but the mainisland would be where he'd start looking if he was her.
Itwas at this point that Frank caught up with them, and told her that shecouldn't trust him. With no choice but to go with Ben, she told Lapidusthat she had to trust him. So the two of them followed Ben to a beach,where we saw three outriggers hidden beneath some nets and leaves.After Frank once again expressed his mistrust of Ben, Ben told him thathe had people he had to take care of, and told Frank and Sun about adock across the water, that led to a town he used to live withresources to help everyone get out of there safely. Hearing all sheneeded to, Sun hit Ben in the back of the head with an oar. Image  Itwas night by the time Frank and Sun arrived at the main island, pullingup to the dock Ben was talking about. It was clear that it had beensome time since the dock was last used, as there were broken lights andrailings hanging overboard. As the two walked towards land, somethingwas moving amongst the trees on the beach, and we heard theunmistakable sound of the smoke monster in the distance. Sun told Frankthat it was probably an animal or something. After walking through thejungle some ways, they arrived in Dharmaville, at the ProcessingCenter. Windows were borded up, and it didn't look like anyone had beenthere in quite some time, as it looked like much of it had beendestroyed during the attacks last season.  Image 
Theyheard whispers around them, and a light went on in one of the houses.As they looked towards it, the door opened and Christian Shepard walkedout. When Sun asked about Jin, he told them to come inside, and heshowed them a picture from 1977 - the picture of Jack & the Gang asnew Dharma recruits. He tells them, "I'm sorry, but you have a bit of ajourney ahead of you."  Image 


Therewasn't much in terms of shock value or big WTF? moments this episode,but what it lacked in that, "Namaste" made up for with some great plotprogression and character moments. We already saw much of what happenedthis episode, or at least the events leading to it, so this episodebasically just tied the pieces together.. but I'm sure I'm not the onlyone who geeked out at Christian showing Frank and Sun a picture oftheir fellow LOSTies from the 1970's. 
We alsosaw the introduction of Radzinsky, a character we've known about sinceSeason 2. For those that don't remember, Radzinsky was Kelvin's partnerinside The Swan station, and he drew the map on the blast door insidethe hatch. According to Kelvin, Radzinsky blew his head off with ashotgun at some point prior to Desmond's arrival on the Island. 
Well,this episode we also found out that Radzinsky actually developed TheSwan station, and we saw him making a model of it this episode. Itshould be interesting to see how his arc plays out - I definitely seehim being a somewhat important character from here on out.
On the O6 front, it was interesting to see the new dynamic between the characters.
Onthe one hand, we have Jack. A completely egotistical elitist doctor,who was used to getting what he wants and being the one people turn tofor help.. he now found himself as a janitor at Dharma. The look on hisface when Pierre Chang gave him his Dharma jumpsuit was priceless.
Andthen we have Sawyer. The conman who for the majority of the show hasbeen a complete dick to everyone and anyone to cover the fact that hehated himself. He had now spent three years with the Dharma Initiative,and the changes in his character were obvious. AnForonce in his life, Sawyer was happy. He was living with Juliet, and itwas obvious the two were madly in love. He was head of security. Peoplelooked to him for some level of authority. He had it all. And then theO6 return to the island. Sure, he was happy to see them return. But noscene set up the new status quo better than his scene with Jack insidehis living room.
Old leader vs. new leader.
Jackdid things his way for so long, and an argument could be made thatmaybe his way didn't work out so well.. and now it was Sawyer's turn.The real question is.. does Sawyer WANT to rescue everyone? As I said,he seemed pretty damn happy in his present arrangement. 
Andwhat of Kate? I know I've been a huge Jate-er ever since the showstarted, but disregarding that.. it'd be a horrible move for Kate totry and get back together with Sawyer at this point. Whether or notSawyer is even interested in her at this point is still unknown.. but Ithink we've all had enough of the constant love triangle/quadranglecrap throughout the show's history. 
It wasalso interesting to note how closely Sayid's present predicamentmirrors that off Ben when we first met him in Season 2. Ironicallyenough it was a young Ben who brought him his sandwich inside the cellafter he was captured.
Clearly, older Benwould have to remember Sayid (and the rest of the LOSTies at Dharma)from when he was a little boy. So, it stands to reason that Ben knowsexactly where everyone is, and has known about all of this from thevery beginning when Flight 815 first crashed on the island.
Plots within plots.. 


Not much in the way of theories this week, but here is one of mine that I've been brewing over for quite some time now.
Jack is Jacob.
Therehave been many theories about who Jacob is, ranging from Locke, toJack, to even Sawyer or Christian Shepard. But personally, I'm allaboard the Jack train and I'll tell you why.
- Jack was not on Jacob's List in Season 3. And how did Jacob get a list? I'm sure it's no coincidence that the LOSTies the Others took were the same ones that were stuck with Dharmain the 1970's. And yet, Jack wasn't on the list. Well.. surely, if Jackwas Jacob, he wouldn't put himself on his own list. Especially if therewas some rule of time travel on the show that forbade the same personco-existing with his future or past self in the same time period. Thus,anytime we've seen Jacob, he didn't quite seem to be all there. Almostas if he was stuck between timestreams, and we just got miniscule flashes of him here and there.
- It would explain why his father, Christian, and his sister, Claire, are hanging out with Jacob in the cabin.
-This one's a stretch, but roll with me here.. remember the first thingwe heard Jacob say when Locke saw him? "Help me." Well, if Jacob isJack.. it could stand to reason that he wants Locke to help Jack accepthis destiny - something that Jack has been struggling with throughoutthe show. And Locke has been trying to hammer the concept of destinyinto Jack's head for a long time, no?
- Jack is a leader. Whether he's a good one or not is certainly up for debate, but he was annointedleader when they first crashed, and despite telling everyone he didn'twant to lead, they still looked to him for guidance. Jacob is a leader,also. "A great man"...
-The other major candidate to be Jacob, Locke, has always been built upas a complete tool. People tell him he's special to get him to dosomething for them. We have yet to see any actual proof of Locke'sspecialness, other than being healed. All we've seen is him being usedby people left and right. Locke's destiny on the Island should mirrorthat. He's not special, but he's pivotal to getting Jack to where heneeds to be.
Another short one:
Where is Daniel? 
Hewent back to the present, and became a little loopy due to all the timetravelling, thus the crying and being taken care of when we first sawhim watching the wreckage of the fake Flight 815 on the bottom of Sunda Trench. 
And he had memory loss due to the time travel, which is why he and Charlotte were always working on his memory.
It'sa stretch, and he's more than likely just with the Others or something(his mother is an Other, afterall).. either way, I'm sure it's not thelast we've seen of him this season.   The LOST Thread Rating: 8.19/10   Season 5:
1. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (9.12)
2. This Place is Death (8.8)3. LaFleur (8.62) 4. Jughead (8.26)
5. 316 (8.0)
6. The Little Prince (7.954)
7. Because You Left/The Lie (7.4)  8. Namaste (6.96)     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ours Favorite LOST episodes, season 3 - current (continued from OldRama): 

* 9.3 Through the Looking Glass 
* 9.29 There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 - Season 4 finale 
* 9.12 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham 
* 9.12 The Shape of Things to Come 
* 9.1 The Constant 
* 8.9 The Man Behind the Curtain 
* 8.8 This Place Is Death 
* 8.84 The Beginning of the End 
* 8.803 Confirmed Dead 
* 8.80 The Brig 
* 8.75 The Man From Tallahasse 
* 8.71 One of Us 
* 8.66 There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 
* 8.65 Cabin Fever 
* 8.62 LaFleur
* 8.59 316 
* 8.58 The Economist 
* 8.3 Flashes Before Your Eyes 
* 8.26 Jughead 
* 8.2 Greatest Hits 
* 8.19 Namaste
* 8.13 Eggtown 
* 8.06 Further Insructions 
* 8.0238 Every Man For Himself 
* 8.0232 Enter 77 
* 7.98 Meet Kevin Johnson 
* 7.954 The Little Prince 
* 7.95 Left Behind 
* 7.93 Par Avion 
* 7.87 A Tale of Two Cities 
* 7.8 Glass Ballerina 
* 7.74 Ji Yeon 
* 7.407 Because You Left/The Lie 
* 7.704 Tricia Tanaka Is Dead 
* 7.703 Expose 
* 7.702 I Do 
* 7.6 Something Nice Back Home 
* 7.4 D.O.C. 
* 7.3 Not in Portland 
* 7.1 The Other Woman 
* 7.0 Catch-22
* 6.9 The Cost of Living 
* 6.2 Stranger in a Strange Land   Quite a low rated episode this week, but for the most part, most of us at The LOST Thread enjoyed it. Coming up next week is He's Our You:Image

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