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Your Top DCU Villains part 31

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:53 am

27-25. 27. Black Manta (93 points)

ImageAn orphan abandoned to Gotham City's Arkham Asylum, the unnamed child suffered from undiagnosed autism, where sensations such as cold water and suffocation which would normally be considered uncomfortable gave him comfort.

Witnessing Aquaman on television he became obsessed with the undersea king. After escaping the asylum he began a life of crime eventually using his genius to move from the surface world to the oceans' depths to become the marauding Black Manta.

Black Manta has no special powers, but instead relied on his specialized diving suit to provide breathable air and protection from both temperature extremes and crushing pressures in the deepest waters. The lenses of Black Manta's helmet emit destructive laser beams. Having spent so much time underwater, he has become a skilled and deadly undersea combatant. Black Manta's Manta-Ship is a stealthy, swift, and heavily armed submersible vehicle. In addition, Black manta sometimes employs loyal henchmen who have undergone gill-implantation to breathe underwater. A similar procedure now enables Black Manta to do the same.

Black Manta has attempted to establish his own kingdom under the waves on a number of occasions, but each time he has been foiled by Aquaman. In one of their conflicts, Black Manta was directly responsible for the death of Aquaman's son, Arthur Curry Jr, thus becoming the sea king's greatest foe.


Image26. Bizarro (95 points)

The first Bizarro was a duplicate of Superboy, created by a "duplicating machine". He destroyed himself to cure a blind girl.

The next Bizarro was created by a similar device recreated by Lex Luthor. The resulting Bizarro is defeated when Superman gives him a Bizarro-Lois to ease his loneliness. He also passed through a cosmic energy field which reversed many of his powers-- i.e., Bizarro now had "cold vision" and could only see through lead. Bizarro then used the ray to populate the planet Htrae (Earth spelled backwards) with Bizarro versions of various DC characters, as well as multiple Bizarro-Supermen and Bizarro-Loises.

The first Post-Crisis Bizarro was an imperfect clone of Superman created by Luthor; having only fragmentary genetic memory, he tried to live like Clark Kent before encountering the real Superman. Bizarro ended up sacrificing his life so that Lucy Lang could see again. There was also a second failed Bizarro that built a ramshackle "Bizarro World," to win the affection of his beloved "Lo-iz."

While previous Bizarro's were Lex Luthor's failed attempts to clone Superman, the current creature defies logical explanation.

Wielding Mr. Mxyzptlk matter-manipulating Powers, the Joker created a cube-shaped Bizarro-Earth with continents hewn in the image of Emperor Joker! Wrong was right on this backwards Earth terrorized by a villainous JLA whose roster included the demon Scorch, gun-toting Bounty, armored Ignition, and an all new Bizarro. In a mixed up Metropolis, Bizarro fought for lies, injustice, and the un-American way, and made his headquarters in the crumbling Graveyard of Solitude.


25. Despero (99 points - 3 first place slots)

ImageA mutant on his home planet of Kalanor, Despero's third eye made him undeniably different from the rest of his people. It was this hypnotic eye though that gave him the mental powers he used to subjugate Kalanor under his rule. His mental powers weren't enough though, and he bathed in the radioactive Flame of Py'tar on Kalanor to gain unimaginable strength, durability and stamina.

One of the first and most constant enemies of the Justice League Of America, he is hell bent on seeing to the League's brutal and bloody deaths after numerous defeats at their hands.

Despero in an attempt to kill off the Justice League of America kills Gypsy's parents. As he is defeated L-Ron takes over his body and places the essence of Despero in his small robot body. Later the L-Ron controlled Despero and Gypsy end up as members of the Justice League Task Force at the same time.

However, his consciousness survives the loss of his body, becoming a free-floating essence. In this form, he possesses the bodies of a number of people, using their abilities to further his own ends. He eventually recovers his physical body, and is currently at large hanging out with Per Degaton and Ultra-Humanite known as the Time Stealers.


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