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Your Top Modern Characters part 40

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:54 am

Another double pairing of characters. A DCer, a Marvel, a Darkhorse, and a manga. Fun fun fun fun fun.
232. Two characters (14 points each)


Year first appeared: 1998

I honestly thought he would get higher, but I guess the love for Prometheus here is less than I thought. He did better on the DC list if I recall, and some of you booed his placement there. So I guess my thoughts of him getting higher were wrong from the start. My bad.

The son of two outlaw criminals that were finally tracked down by the authorities and killed in a hail of bullets during a shootout.

Swearing revenge upon all institutions of justice, the young man used the fortune his parents had hidden in multiple locations to finance a world-class education, taking him from the halls of Ivy League universities to the brutality of savage jungles.

Following a legend of a Tibetan monastery, that was not what it seemed, he discovered a pathway to another dimension where he could create the identity of Prometheus.



Year first appeared: 2003

Yotsuba&! is centered on Yotsuba Koiwai, a five-year-old adopted girl who is energetic, cheerful, curious, odd, and quirky—so odd and quirky that even her own father calls her strange. She is also initially ignorant about many things a child her age would be expected to know, among them doorbells, escalators, air conditioners, and even playground swings. This naiveté is the premise of humorous stories where she learns about, and frequently misunderstands, everyday things.

At the start of the series, Yotsuba and her adoptive father, Koiwai, relocate to a new city with the help of Koiwai's best friend, an impressively tall man nicknamed Jumbo. Yotsuba makes a strong impression on the three daughters of the neighboring Ayase family, Asagi, Fuka, and Ena, and many of her misadventures come from her interactions with them.

The series has no continuing plot—the focus of the stories is Yotsuba's daily voyage of discovery. Many chapters take place on successive days, so that the series follows, almost literally, the characters' daily lives. The tone can be summarized by the motto, used on chapter title pages and advertising, "Today is always the most enjoyable day"


Just wow


Image231. Two characters (14 points each)


Year first appeared: 1999

This fun comic by Peter David is about Alex Fleming, a normal high schooler, who discovers that he is actually Spy Boy, a double agent created by various malevolent national powers who have been on the run with his father and grandfather for a number of years. Normally, he's Alex Fleming, average teenager, but when he's shown a particular light pattern, Spy Boy emerges, with super reflexes and tactical thinking. Alex gets exposed, and is told his true past, and must come to grips with the fact that he is in fact sharing his body with Spy Boy, rather than being the same person.

The action is very overdone, with moments of comic's somewhat reminiscent of Beans Baxter (tell me I am not the only one who remembers the Adventures with Beans Baxter TV show?), with moments of terrible seriousness intermixed with exaggerated comedy bits. Much like Savage Dragon, the series constantly introduces new bad guys, and then kills them off within an issue or two. So if you like Ninja's are fired from the house at top velocity through anti-personnel tubes, a sexy hot sidekick saving the heroes ass daily, and a kid with high tech stuff doing over the top cartoonish violence similar to Live Free and Diehard, this is a comic for you.

And if you can find it, look for the Spyboy/Young Justice team up. That was hella fun.



First appearance: 1989

I know what you are thinking, Psylocke is older then 20 years. And you would be correct on that. But in 1989 something happened to her, and that something is Jim Lee. He got his artistic paws on her and turned her into something fanboys drooled over for years to come, a female ninja with big boobs.

To prevent the X-Men's death, which she had foreseen in a precognitive vision, Betsy sent the team through the Siege Perilous, a device given to her by Roma, Merlyn's daughter. The Siege Perilous would give them all new lives. Betsy awoke on an island near China without her memories. The evil ninja group, The Hand, found her. The leader of The Hand, Matsuo Tsurayaba, wanted to save the life of his brain-dead girlfriend, Kwannon. To do so, he had Spiral's Bodyshoppe switch Betsy and Kwannon's souls. Spiral not only switched their bodies but also tinkered with their minds and physical traits. What ended up happening was both minds were blended together.

Both had each other's memories and telepathic abilities. Betsy was given to The Mandarin to serve as his assassin. While working as an assassin, Betsy changed her armor to a more revealing outfit, and learned to focus her psychic energy and turn them into the "psychic knife". On her first assignment as Lady Mandarin, she had to battle Wolverine. When she stabbed Wolverine in the head with her psychic knife, it showed her his memories and revealed to Psylocke who she truly was. Psylocke then rejected her role as Lady Mandarin and escaped with Wolverine and Jubilee to Genosha.

When Psylocke swapped bodies with Revanche, she gained Revanche's martial arts abilities. On top of that, she retained her telepathy. However, due to Spiral messing around with the body transfer, Psylocke's telepathy was only at half strength because Revanche had the other half. When Revanche finally merged her mind with Psylocke, it restored her telepathy to full strength. After this, Psylocke's powers manifested and allowed her to use the psychic knife. The knife can stun an opponent, but when stabbed in the head it will allow the user to see the thoughts of the opponent.



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