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Your Top DCU Villains part 5

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:28 am


Image 114. Dr. Destiny (7 points)

Originally, Doctor Destiny was a normal man, inventor of an anti gravity device he used to impersonate Green Lantern and infiltrate the Justice League of America. Unmasked and defeated by the League, Destiny spent his time in prison constructing the Materioptikon, a device that made dreams a reality. Again, he attacked the JLA with his device and again he was defeated.

Thereafter he learned to affect the dream world directly with his mind, and created a dream materioptikon to replace the tangible device the JLA had destroyed. When he was beaten again, Destiny created a new device that enabled him to impersonate members of the Justice League and imprison them in the guises of their various enemies. But again the JLA overcame him.

To prevent Destiny from using his extraordinary mental powers against them again, the JLA sent a psychiatrist to Destiny's cell, and through hypnotic suggestion, he ruined Destiny's dream materioptikon. Unfortunately, he also inadvertently robbed Destiny of his ability to dream. His nights became a constant torment, for all men had to dream and Destiny could not.

By the end of his prison term, Doctor Destiny had completely wasted away. He had lost his hair, his skin had turned white and his body shriveled. He was left with madness and his one driving ambition to destroy the Justice league.

Working for months, he recreated his materioptikon, improving the device and fashioning it into a ruby clasp at his neck. Then using his ruby materioptikon, he invaded the dreams of the various JLA members and turned their nightmares into horrible reality. Despite his improved powers, the JLA defeated Destiny Imageagain, this time by tampering with the materioptikon and affecting Destiny's own mind.


113. Maxie Zeus (7 points)

Maxie Zeus is one of the most respected gang leaders in Gotham City, combining a brilliant organizational mind with the unique monomania that he is actually the incarnation of the Greek god Zeus.

This fixation causes him to plan all his crimes around mythological motifs, as well as maintain an affected speech pattern, which he drops only when in the presence of his daughter Medea.

Formerly a professor of Greek (before he turned to crime) the origin of Zeus' Monomania is unclear as is the name of his wife and the details of their separation.

Zeus concerned himself only with organized crime until the 1984 Olympics, when he assembled a group of super-villains modeled after mythological gods, calling them the New Olympians, in an attempt to coerce a Greek athlete to adopt Medea.

Battling against Batman and the Outsiders Maxie-Zeus pitted his New Olympians in hazardous events. ImageHowever the Outsiders and Batman beat Maxie-Zeus and his cohorts sending him to Arkham Asylum.


112. Maxwell Lord (8 points)

Maxwell Lord was a wealthy businessman that helped bankroll the JLA of the early 90's. However, something went wrong. Max's mind changed and he turned not to working with Meta humans but with the goal to destroy them. Lord somehow managed to hijack a satellite Batman had built, calling it Brother Eye. Lord had control and surveillance over everything that would happened around him. Blue Beetle found this out and for his troubles he got a bullet to the skull. Maxwell plan would continue until Superman and Wonder Woman came onto the scene. Using his mind control over Superman, he made him fight Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman could only find one way out, and broke Maxwell Lord's neck.


111. Parasite (8 Points)

Having been fired from three jobs in the span of a year, Rudy Jensen got a job at a government lab as a handyman and janitor. His true intent was to use the job as an opportunity to steal valuable items. Conducting experiments at the lab with radioactive elements from another galaxy, Superman decontaminated himself and sealed the waste in a radiation-proof container for disposal.

Ordered to take the waste container to the disposal center, Jensen's larcenous curiosity got the best of him and he pried the lid open for a peek. The radiation caused him to immediately mutate physically, granting him the ability to absorb the minds and abilities of others, becoming a human Parasite.


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