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Your Top Modern Characters part 47

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:14 am

No ties at all in this grouping. YAY.


216. Kingdok (17 points)

Year first appeared: 1996

Oh, another Bone character. Yay. Yes, I am a fan of the series. I fell in love with it when I managed the bookstore when scholastic books re-released them in trade format in color. Fair pricing and cheap. Anywho, A giant rat creature that bears a striking resemblance to a furry T-Rex, ruler of the horde of rat creatures and lackey of the Lord of the Locusts. Although he is egomaniacal and cruel, he is prone to superstition and easily manipulated by The Hooded One. He carries a golden spiked club around with him, until Thorn cuts off his right arm. Roque Ja at one point attacks Kingdok and rips out his tongue, which he keeps as a trophy. A continuity error is that while Roque Ja is bragging about owning the tongue, Kingdok cannot speak, but later speaks clearly to the Hooded One. After that, he attempts to say "kill you", and it comes out "kill yoo", just as one would speak without a tongue. At the end of the novel, he faces Thorn before she can touch the Crown of Thorns. He tells her (once again able to speak) that "Either she kills him or he kills her", because he wants to die. He states that he is tired of being the Hooded One's puppet. Thorn does not want to kill him, even though he taunts her by reminding her that he was the one who killed her parents (he even tells her that he fed on Thorn's mother while she was still alive). She tries to dart towards the Crown of Thorns but Kingdok bites her leg. Given no choice, Thorn then drives her sword into Kingdok's left eye, killing him.


215. Brent Sienna (17 points)

Year first appeared: 1998

"PvP's cynical asshole, the secret identity of Iron Thor, and coffee drinker par excellence."

Master cynic, creative director of the magazine, coffee addict/snob and Apple Computer fanatic. His apathetic attitude towards everything frustrates his co-workers. At one time, Brent was an elementary school art teacher. He is also the master of insults (though he temporarily lost the power to insult others when he cut off his ponytail) and drives a Mini Cooper as a "statement".

A running gag in the strip is that whenever the words "Panda", "Panda Attack" or "Giant Panda" or any variation thereof are spoken, Brent is immediately mauled by the Giant Panda that lives in the walls of the PvP offices. The Panda is not merciless however, he spared Brent a mauling when Brent was temporarily struck blind after Skull used mace as breath spray and breathed on him. Brent got revenge in the August 6, 2005 strip when he mauled the panda in a parallel universe. Brent has rarely taken off his sunglasses in panel, going so far as to pick up a loaner set of sunglasses while his were "in the shop". Brent claims he wears the shades because any woman that looks in his eyes falls in love with him, whether this is true or just a cover story Brent made up remains to be seen. A negative side effect of constantly wearing his sunglasses is that his eyes have become extremely sensitive to sunlight – after removing his sunglasses at his wedding, he was quickly blinded (temporarily).

As was already mentioned, Brent is highly addicted to coffee, particularly Starbucks, which Brent has admitted he drinks because it makes him cool. Brent briefly tried to give coffee up in early 2005, but he has since returned to his addiction.

Brent is also an avid consumer of Apple computers and products. He refuses to use PC's and considers Microsoft to be evil, he even went so far as to forbid Jade from using a PC in his house. Brent is a founding member of an Apple fanatics group called The Honorable Order of Macintosh Operators (or H.O.M.O., the name has become a running gag in the strip). Though Brent is not a gamer, unlike the rest of the staff, he does occasionally play World of Warcraft with H.O.M.O. (as well as with Jade). Before he discovered Apple, Brent was a closet Amiga fanatic.

Brent recently married his longtime girlfriend and co-worker Jade in a lavish ceremony. The two began dating after Jade found out that Francis was pretending to be a woman named "Sasha" while chatting online with Brent. Jade found out about it and decided to take over as "Sasha" to let Brent down easy, instead she ended up falling in love with him. Brent proposed at the San Diego Comic-con; he had some stormtroopers "kidnap" Jade and have her dress up as Princess Leia, Brent was dressed as Han Solo.


214. Cade Skywalker (17 points)

Year first appeared: 2006

Cade Skywalker was a bounty hunter and a pirate, once the Jedi Padawan of Wolf Sazen. He was the son of Kol Skywalker and Nyna Calixte (also known as Morrigan Corde), as well as a descendant of Luke and Anakin Skywalker. He was also the nephew of Nat Skywalker and his wife Droo, half-brother of Gunn Yage, though neither knew of the other's existence, and step cousin of Ahnah, Skeeto, and Micah.

Raised as a Jedi by his father, Cade turned his back on his heritage after being traumatized by watching his father's death at the hands of the Sith. He eventually became a pirate and bounty hunter. But after his existence was revealed to the Sith, Cade was reluctantly pulled into galactic affairs. He then became willing to do whatever it took to make sure he would be left alone



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