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The Indy 5-Ohh!: Ken Eppstein, Nix Western Comics!

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:36 pm

Nix Western Comics #1," Siege at Hidey Ho Saloon"?What's this? Peep inside for an interview with Nix Western Comics publisher Ken Eppstein!

"Nix Western Comics #1, Siege at Hidey Ho Saloon"? Well hey there! There's that word again, "Western"? Also, if you notice even cooler it's a nice new no.1! So no multiple other parts to have to grab right now you can start fresh! (Speaking of fresh remember to wash your hands when you're done too son). At last you've found something new to read, something in these few quiet moments alone with yourself in the one place in the house that no one else will ever dare want to go! At least not for about 45 minutes afterwards. Get to reading, what's this comic about? How about we let the publisher himself tell the readers while you umm...take care of business eh?

Yup, I did that. I made y'all go through that set up just to tell you about this new comic book venture from one of our own here at the Outhouse and independent comic creators everywhere! InDIY Hunter here and I'm back with the Indy 5 Ohh! Today's interview focusses on Outhouse columnist of Indie Insights and Nix Comics Quarterly Publisher, Ken Eppstein and his latest kickstarter campaign to bring you not only a nice new comic but also a soundtrack to go with it! Check below to hear from the man himself about his new venture:"Nix Western Comics #1, Siege at Hidey Ho Saloon"


IH: So Ken, here we are again, on the day of the death of Davey Jones, I ask you this one question. Why Westerns? Why a western comic with western style music?

Okay so that was more than one question.

KE: Y'know... The Davy Jones thing is sad, but I've always been more of a Mickey Dolenz guy. Davy was the pretty boy. Mickey was the rocker.

As far as the Western thing goes... The easy answer is that I grew up watching movies like "Fistful of Dollars" and the "Magnificent Seven" and they set the tone for my tastes to come as an adult. The more writerly answer would be that I feel that Westerns are an important genre. With the possible exception of Sci-Fi, no genre does a better job at framing and our American culture in analogy. The courage of exploration mixed with the loose morals of the Manifest destiny land grab. The idealized "Cowboy Code" versus the gritty reality of hard choices needed to live a hard life. You know... Its good pulp lit for thinkers.

The music is just part and parcel to my view of what a good western is. I can't think of a better way to set the tone for the taut psychology of a spaghetti western than spooky guitars.

IH: You've brought on artist Bob Ray Starker of the Pander Bear fame, how did that meeting of the mimes come about? Now this comic is unlike other comics in that it has a score to it right? Which musicians did you "rope in" to help you score Nix Western Comics?

KE: Well, the whole idea of a comic with a record was my way of showcasing Bob's talents... Of which he has so many. The comic book illustration thing is actually something that Bob is returning to after a long hiatus. He's been musician for a lot longer. It seemed natural to come up with a project that exploits all of his abilities.

The music is done entirely by Bob and his band mate in Whoa Nellie and the Sovines, Pete English. They've been working on all of the parts and the mixing feverishly in Pete's studio. The Ennio Morricone meets Link Wray style that they've cooked up is stripped down and yet can fill the room. It's perfect!

IH: Now I agree that creating a soundtrack to your comic is an awesome feature. It goes one step further than a mix-tape even. If people pledge a donation to your kickstarter effort what types of goodies are y'all offering?

KE: Y'know... I'm not a gimmick kinda guy.

(Hunter says, "I am!")

I've kept the kickstarter awards pretty focused on the comic and the record. $15 for the comic and record set. That's inclusive of shipping. They set will come with a custom 45 adapter shared like a sheriff's badge. (That's about as gimmicky as I get) I do realize that a lot of folks don't have turntables anymore, so for $7 folks can pick up the comic only version of the book. For $30, people can get a copy of all of the comics released under the Nix aegis to date and I'm still offering a life time subscription to all Nix titles for $150. (They'll have to trust me that that'll be a good deal in the long run.)

There's also an offer that involves the set of two promo posters we're working on. Unfortunately, that's one of those classic kickstarter putting the cart before the horse type mistakes.... we're still working on 'em.....

IH: How many issues of Nix Western Comics would you like to do in a year? Remember act as if the Mayan Calendar deadline isn't breathing down our hairy necks!

KE: Well, let's get one out and see who gets excited about it. Ideally I'd like to have the western as a quarterly in addition to the flagship Rock N Horror quarterly. There's no set schedule yet. I'd be surprised if I got more than 2 westerns out this year, but it wouldn't have to take off much to persuade me to fight for more.

IH: Are there other genres you plan on dipping your toes into after your Western effort here?

KE: There's a kids book pending. I'm pretty excited about that, if only because I won't have to chase kids with inattentive parents away from my table at fairs and cons anymore. Nix Comics for Kids is going to star a Dennis-the-Menace type scamp named Boy Howdie who is constantly trying to understand his doofus hipster parents and their esoteric tastes. I'm working on that one with a local children's book author named Brian Kraft.

I want to explore all of the pulp genres! A true crime book would be fun. I had talked with Ryan Brinkerhoff about doing a Sci-Fi Book. That'll happen one way or another at some point. Tom Spurgeon was practically daring his readership to do a food themed comic a week or so back.... so a cookbook maybe pending. I want to do everything!

On the more for sure front, there'll also be a collected Pander Bear book for his one year anniversary.

Well Ken thanks for your time once again. I hope this happens for you guys. I've already made my pledge and am looking forward to it!

Written or Contributed by: J.M. Hunter

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The Red Stands for Irony

Postby BlueStreak » Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:03 am


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