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Toy Shed: The Avengers Earbuds

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:47 pm

Zechs takes a look at the official earbuds from the motion picture smash!

I've looked at the official figures that Hasbro made and hated them for the cheap production design but there has not been much else to gauge my interest. However, that urge to find some Avengers merchandise had made take a look at these pair from Sakar International.

The first things I noticed while looking at the product in the packaging are the little details on the earbuds. The Hulk lunging on each side of the buds is a nice visual and the actual details that you can see are nice. I was expecting when I first heard of these to buds to just have a simple giant "A" on them and that's it. Nope, there's some craft that's been applied to the device to make them look sweet.

Now I'm an owner of an MP3 player and CD player (though the earbuds can work on just about any device) and the one thing that annoys me to no end is the default ear phones provided. What always annoys the heck out of me is that they fall out of my ear too easily no matter how hard I wedge them in there and that the only way they work is by having to put them in the left and right side. Then they somewhat stick, until they eventually fall out of my ear and annoy me some more. I also get annoyed by the wires getting tangled so easily. No matter what I do, they always find a way to get themselves in a knot given how small the wiring is. It's such an annoying task to untangle them at times.

These ear buds have none of those issues. I listened to my music on both players and had no issues with them. When I inserted them in my ears, they didn't fall out at any time. They didn't even fall out when I switched them from one to the other. Once I put them in they stayed in. The only way they are removed from my ears is by my own choosing, which was great. Then there's the fact that no matter what I do the wires don't bunch up and tangle badly. They're freaking perfect given the nice thick tone. So two of my big complains of my previous wear are satisfied.

The best thing I love about these earbuds is the sound quality. I slept with these things on and not once did they fall out of my ears. They remained snug in there and were perfect. They didn't once fall out of my ears and remained there until I had to take them out myself. The sound quality also feels richer and you can hear the musical beats better (ironically, it was the track "Subjugation" from the actual Avengers score).

Likewise, all I had to do was put the volume on these suckers to ten on my MP3 or CD player and I was content with it. With my default pair of ear plugs, I have to put the darn setting close to maximum. So again it's a nice compare to show off the superior sound the Sakar ear plugs have over the actual default.


Along with the actual ear buds you get a pair of smaller ones for the younger user and a spare, I'm guessing for the larger. I'm kind surprised they only went with one instead of an extra set of large, but I like the "default" adult size so it'll do.

If there's anything that I didn't like of the product was the red backing on the back of the box. I couldn't quite make out what the heck these ear phones could work with because the mixture of blue and red didn't work for me. I had to get a magnifying glass to see what some of the product said. But I confess it is a small complaint when the actual product inside the packaging is so spectacular.

Still the actual product was just perfect. From the sound quality to the fact they don't bunch up, or fall out of my ears, this pair of earbuds has now become the "default" I'll be using whenever I want to listen to something with my headphones. If my glowing remarks weren't easy enough to see were my final verdict is coming I give Sakar International's Avengers Earbuds a MUST BUY! They're perfect for the geek fan and one of the best official Avengers products out there.

Avengers Earbuds
by: Sakar International
Retail Price: $9.99

Written or Contributed by: Zechs

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