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Toy Shed: Marvel Universe- Masters of Evil

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:32 pm

Toy Shed: Marvel Universe- Masters of Evil

Zechs takes a look at the SDCC exclusive MASTERS of Evil three-pack.


Ever since the Captain America figure line was introduced I hungered for a Baron Zemo figure. My logic was simple: they gave one to the Winter Soldier, Crossbones, HYDRA, and Red Skull so Hasbro HAS to make a Zemo right? WRONG! And it’s quite sad since I thought that the whole figure line was quite nice. Anyway, Hasbro instead decided to make Baron Zemo's introduction into action figures in this exclusive San Diego Comic Con Masters of Evil three-pack that also includes Radioactive Man and Tiger Shark. Before I start my review, I just want to add that unlike other SDCC exclusives, this three-pack is one of the few items fairly priced on eBay (compared to the original ninety dollars that this set went for originally on the website). So if you want it GET IT WHILE YOU CAN FOR A REASONABLE PRICE!!

First off, come on I have to talk about the reason I bought this set: Baron Zemo. First thought just looking at the figure is: DAAAMN what a mold! Seriously the detail on this figure is just ... PERFECT. Yeah, I know Hasbro reused parts for him but I think his hands (which are VERY articulate) come from the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary line. The reason I say this is because none of the current Marvel Universe figures have this little additional articulation on their hands. Feet-wise, he shares the same articulation as other current Marvel Universe figures have. The Zemo figure is super articulate and you can pose it various ways.

If there's anything negative with the figure is that his accessories, a hand gun and sword, don't really hold well in his hands. HOWEVER, I fixed this flaw by using a Doctor Doom's Mauser Pistol from the Doom/Absorbing Man two-pack or the FF Doom/Spider-Man two-pack that just hit stores) and an Iron Grenadier saber. Both accessories fit perfectly on Zemo and he looks a hundred times more awesome with them than the ones he came with. Obviously this figure is a MUST BUY! If you're a fan of Zemo, or love collecting Marvel villains in the Universe line, this figure is probably THE BEST out of all the villains in the Marvel Universe line. Hasbro paid a ton of attention to this figure.

Tiger Shark I wasn't too sure about. My first impression of the figure was that save for the new head, Hasbro was reusing the Sabretooth mold they used in the Wolverine Origins. That same Sabretooth mold then showed up later line in the line in another two-pack with the Blob and then a Toys R Us MU exclusive two-pack with Wolverine). However, on closer inspection I noticed how differently articulated he is from the Sabretooth mold. The actual mold on Tiger Shark is quite fine. The best detail of all is the razor sharp teeth on his mouth that are painted VERY nicely across his face.

Articulation wise, Tiger Shark has the standard Marvel Universe fare including the usual hands par for the line (unlike Zemo). The only flaw with the figure in general is his chest area which was very loose for me. Though the only time this flaw presented itself was when I articulated his chest up or sideways. Anytime he was in his normal stance, the first was rock solid. Honestly, he's a great figure that surprisingly I thought Hasbro would go cheap on with a cheap mold (ala reusing Gambit's pathetic Wolverine Origins mold for the recent two-pack he had with Mister Sinister). I was proven wrong. This is a real nice figure and a MUST BUY. Though he isn't on par with say Zemo, Doom, Ultron, or Juggernaut, but he's on their tier of renditions from the line.

Finally there's the Radioactive Man. Upon just looking at the mold, the figure just looks awesome! He is eerily lit with his translucent green color. The only thing missing to make this figure more awesome would be if he was glow-in-the-dark. I also love the little added white eyes that are the only solid paint on his body with his green outfit and boots being the only other parts of him that are fully painted.

Articulation wise, he's the most disappointing of the three. The reason why is because Hasbro decided to have his top be completely plastic and cover his chest and hip articulation. He can't turn a certain way on angle like Tiger Shark or Baron Zemo can. It's the only real issue that hampers the figure. Again though, this figure feels more like something you'd have on your desk that'll look awesome highlighted by the light of your computer screen or lamp. But the translucent green color just looks so awesome on him. I'm under the spell of it and giving it a MUST BUY.

Overall, this set just kicks ass. These figures are VERY nicely detailed and the three-pack is highlighted with having one of the best villain figures in the entire Marvel Universe line. To get a Baron Zemo figure of such fine quality was truly worth the wait. The two other great villain molds were icing on the cake for me. I definitely think the three SDCC: Masters of Evil figures are a MUST BUY. If you're a serious fan of this line go buy these figures. This truly has one of THE best villain figures out of the entire line.

Written or Contributed by Zechs


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